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Wednesday, 23 March 2016

I Am Not Odejimi - My Evolution series 7

She took my hands and held it firmly like one who was going to the principal's office for punishment and the veins could speak at that moment, it would be shut and mute.

While on our way out, I could notice myself jested by other colleagues. Most especially for the fact that Rachael of an elegant and splendid nature was with a villager. I was made to understand that lots of guys had approached her but she didn't consent in.

Many think she's bossy. That's because her physique is almost like a footballer. But she doesn't. After walking our way down to the bursar's office, I heard her greeting like one would greet her father.

She knelt down properly like the typical African girl child would do. And she called after in a daddy manner. It was later I realised she wasn't born here. She was forced back here to start her tertiary education out of her will for reasons I don't know.

Her father is the heir to a popular throne. I was amazed when I heard her tell me all these. Most amazingly, the way she behaves shows she didn't lose her values and traits as an African child despite her upbringing.
After her father's office, we left for another lecture which is the last for the day. We sat side by side and it looks like I've never had a fun and interesting lecture before. She made the boring and sleepy hour craving.

I was so exited I was looking forward to the end of the class. I suggested we sit under a tree on one of those concrete blocks. We stayed there for hours which didn't look like half a minute compiled together.
There and then I knew I was getting a better treatment and attention from someone who sees me not like the village boy. But beyond. But I was still in love with Ajoke. How would I do that?

"You're still young for that" my father's words retorted back in my head.
"You aren't ready for commitment. Love is beyond what you see my son. Once you're committed, it goes down to what you can and have to do. Love is time"

Somewhere, somehow, the conclusion of me enjoying the time while it last popped. Just then I saw Ajoke whose neck was all round wrapped like a village snake. I excused Racheal and went to pay homage.

"Good afternoon was what I was able to say".
Staring at the man or should I say boy's physique. He's way taller than I am. Had a nice hair cut and the clothes looked very very expensive. Let me not refer to his gold chain and watch.

Immediately I uttered those words, his fantastic smile was becoming weary and oh yes! He had this thing they call dimple. Heard it once when ladies in the faculty were discussing about how they want their lovers facials to be. And I remembered the particular girl expressing hers made hand gestures like one drilling a hole in the cheeks.

He immediately excused us and told Ajoke to call him. Or maybe I didn't hear well. Call him? When did Ajoke started using telephone? Or did she bring those round rings telephone with here?

"Oh dear! I will when I'm done" she answered.

"Yeah what's up brother?" Didn't hear her well or did she just put me in the brother zone? Who was I to her? No answers that's because I was asking myself. Comport yourself repeated thrice in my head and I headed in.

"I've been searching for you all this while but you know how big the school is, I don't know where exactly to find you"

"Right down there is my lecture hall and my faculty.." She paused.
"...well, what and why have you been searching for me?"
"Now you know where to find me."

She was about walking away. Damn! That looked like been blocked a mile away by LeBron.

Didn't know what solid food I swallowed that made me draw her back from two steps away from me.

"But you know I am in the same varsity with you. Atleast you should ask after me. Why are you doing like this? Why have you suddenly changed from the Ajoke I knew" didn't know what courage I summoned there.

This time she was surprised and calm at the same time.

"Just take a look at yourself. See how dressed you are in the campus. Has it ever come accross to you how odd you are? What would I be doing with a low villager like you?"
Wait did she just say all those? A villager like me?

"But we are from the same village you're classifying lowly. It's this same village you were raised and even schooled. This same village was where you would fetch water with your pot and even take a swerve at my father's farm just so you can see me." I shouted in a tush manner.

She stood her ground firmly and she said...

Stay tuned!!!


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    I knew that A joke girl was bad market from the start