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Monday, 11 April 2016

I Am Not Odejimi -My Revolution Episode 8

"You remember Odejimi right? The big and famous guy that has almost everything right? Anyways why am I reminding you?" She said bent forward towards me.

"... You can never be like him. That's because your background is totally different from his. What do you know about him? And as a matter of fact, he sponsored me all through my education and he's still" snapping her fingers.

Darn! This girl has changed totally from the one I knew in the village. Little wonder I was surprised I saw her in this same school and flashing back vividly, I never for once saw her attend any of the schools in the community.

Now, I don't know neither do I have any idea what charm she has used on him. But I'm rest assured that charm is very potent. She has guts to even claim she is dating him?
Then what about the "bling bling" guy she's parading on campus? Just for a show off.

This I thought and I laughed out loud. Leaving her confused why I bloated out with such laughter. Probably, that made her so angry and she stumped out of my sight.
This laughter ushered me to where I left Rachael.
Her calmness all the while I was with Ajoke was priceless. Instead, she joined me in laughing.

"What was that?" She inquired

"Don't mind her"

I narrated everything to her and at the end, she sighed.

She offered we go to the restaurant cos she's famished. "You're always hungry" I said punching her lightly.

"Why are you always thinking?"

"I think because I need to"

Good! That's an inevitable something. She said laughing.

"So in other words you're a big time food muncho"
Smiling was the response she gave back.

I was just getting to know the sudden companion of mine that I never planned for. If there's anything she compelled me to do, that's will be my attire. She loves my Aso Oke more than anything. I remember her pay for the sew when I just got my hands on some fresh Aso Oke.

"I just love it. You are always superb whenever you are in it. And don't let anyone tell you you ain't good in it."

"Besides, has anyone ever told you how serious and matured looking you always look when you wear your attire?"

Not as anyone told me that. They only admire the style and give compliments. "You are actually the first to say so and I'm just hearing it right now. That's how intriguing it is"

School life has not been too easy. Just as life isn't one with bed of roses. You have tests, announced and unannouced. Students just unanimously decide to be naught. And then comes award nights and all other social activities that have been caved out by a special architecture just so they speed up your distraction rate.

You just have to "clenz your vocuz" in FalzTheBahdGuy's voice.

Yes, I know she has always taught me on self confidence but my course of study isn't giving me that ability to. I've always dreamt of a good life where my parents need not to struggle anymore. Then that's what I call "life is a bed of roses".

Mechanical engineering is a very fine course which I admit and a very good job to attain. No doubt.
But do I always have fun with it? It's a different thing to have passion and not have fun while serving your passion. I've thrived very hard and finally I graduated with a very good grade.

And after that comes the reality. Camp was fun or so I must say. I could remember while I was coming back from the parade, taking the narrow and lonely path, I was stumbled upon like a lion that catches its prey in an unprecedent move.

"The next time you have to say hi to my babe, it's that day you will..." The threats were like that. And I received them to the extent I was even the one threatning them.

I'm ladies guy. For what exactly and by what standard did I suddenly become ladies guy? I really don't know. But all I can deduce is that I've suddenly grown to be this refined man with beards and charisma. Yes! That's an attribute I can solely be proud of.

I can also dress to kill. This sudden rapid growth I can't explain. Never to forget my usual attire.
I've always been myself and that's what Racheal hammerred on me while in School.

We lost contact and I went on to the social media where I know I can reach her. No replies to my messages.

After my diligent service to my country, I began job hunting. And then while in the village, my father who was proud of me suggested I wait till the next Odejimi's visit.

All intended waits and visits to his father's was futile. Promises kept on rolling like drums of water and they kept failing like network test.
It's then and there I knew what pressure I just incurred on myself.

I heard life saying "Welcome my sir. You're just about to enter phase 2 of the usual challenge sir. What chapter will you like to play?"

I was so perplexed and disturbed. Not for any reason but for my dying mother. Her expectations were so high. Come to think of it, why have I not been called by any company even if it's just a missed call on my cell. I started giving up. It wasn't easy.

Two days later, I was at the farm as usual and I saw one who if I've met ordianrily by the roadside, I wouldn't by any chance recognise her.

Ajoke has suddenly become an oyimbo. She greeted from a very luxury car. I stood there amazed by the sudden transformation. After 2 minutes of interaction, I bade her bye. I couldn't stand the insult she was indirectly hurling at me.

"Was it my fault? Or was this a phase I needed to scale through?" Questions that needed rapt answers.

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