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Thursday, 14 April 2016

I Am Not Odejimi - My Evolution Episode 10

I neglected my Christian faith like a useless trash can. I became someone who would give God conditions. If you do this, I will stop such habit. I've allowed myself to be tossed greatly by the devil and as it mattered, I've completely lost my faith. This wasn't the way I was taught and brought up. This I know. And even in this trying time, my father just mentioned a little of life examples. I wonder where he heard those from.

I had fallen asleep when I heard a bang on the door. I only had to tighten my seatbelt like one who was inclined when the plane is set for take off.
There came another bang and this time came louder propelled with a stronger force.
I struggled out of the bed like a child not wanting to go to school.
I headed straight to the door and it was my mother. She asked me what I would love to eat and get it prepared.
Still rubbing my eyes and getting myself stable I ordered for anything I couldn't even remember vividly.

Minutes later, it was done and there came another bang on the door. I reluctantly stood up but this time not delayed because I've been prepared for what's coming the next round.
As I stood up from my bed, I reached for both the door and the food. Got a basin and was set for the battle.
She knew I was famished as she prepared my favourite. I washed my hand thoroughly and dipped it into the iyan.

Just then I received a tap on my right arm.

"So it was a dream all through?"

As the usual African father would conclude, it's a spiritual attack. After I narrated what the dream was.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Days later, I set myself on some things I wouldn't do anymore. And with the help of my true self and commitment, I was able to meet up with my habit goals.

"My friend! What's his name sef?" A panting voice cried behind me.

I turned to see if it was me after all, I wasn't the only visible guy walking in that period.
As I looked back, it was my previous colleague at the palm wine joint. As usual, dressed in my aso oke.
He asked to know why I haven't been present at the joint as usual.

"Do you always mark register? Why must I be there always?" I answered in an irritating manner.

"Haba! If anyone amongst us has offended you let us know. And I personally..." I cut him off

"See Ige. Nobody offended me. Not at all. I just decided not to come over there. Been busy on the farm."

"Oh! I see" nodding his head.

"Yes! You see"

I told him I will be paying visits once a while. Just had to let him go cos he's the basketmouth type. If he isn't satisfied, he won't let go of me.

Where was I headed to? Nowhere. I was a wanderer at that time and taking a left turn, I saw the same car I saw the other day. I walked past it and I saw a lady, a guy and two elderly people all seated on a cane chair. I greeted the elderly people seated and was about taking two steps before I heard aso oke.

That was the name I was given in varsity obviously due to my attire. At first, I thought it was the elderly people because their farm isn't far from ours. I turned back and answered with a forceful smile while wondering how they came accross that name.

"Please come" this I heard clearly. This time it didn't sound like an elderly voice. At first I was reluctant.
I dragged my feet towards their direction before I was amazed by the fading remeberance of the face I saw.
I pretended while trying to remember where and when I saw that face.

"AgbaAkin right?"

"Yes ma! You are very correct."

I suddenly became the correspondent to a faded questionnaire.
Finally I was able to gather all event and recollect who it was.
But I was ashamed. Why was I? Was I meant to be ashamed?

Been the brilliant type in school, the modest and all sort of good qualities, I should have been the least of who will still be at home job hunting.

"Abi. Ki ni mo fe se? What will I do?"

Kemi Miss campus. She always go along with entourage. I mean her friends. That's because wherever and whenever she walked past, guys would always beckon her. And whenever she's beckoned, she will politely decline their request. So the entourage will also use that as an added advantage for themselves.

She reached for her card in her bag and I promised to call her.

We bade the final bye. That's not the final bye though.

" So Kemi will be getting married soon." I said to myself staring at the gold and shiny business card.

That position I met her doesn't look more or lesser than an introduction. They guy had brought her to his parents. And the ring on her middle finger said it all.

"Anyways" I shrugged and walked back taking the short route back home.

I called as promised the follwong morning. And her secretary answered the phone. I was then transferred to her.
We spoke for hours asking after everybody. Those contacts she has and I don't have and vice versa.
She even confessed that she once had a crush on me back then in school. But she's way passed that now. She made mention of I would only greet her as normal friend.
Well, we weren't more than that too. After all the introduction and remembrance, she asked

"Why haven't you tried Lagos here. Things are cheaper, affordable and even accomodating"

"Me? Lagos? Where would I even stay? I don't have anybody there at all." I answered back childishly.

"Well you're very correct. You have no one but now you have me"

I laughed at her slight joke which I didn't tak seriously and we talked for a few minutes as we ended the conversation.
Meanwhile, she had arranged for someone to come pick me up at the village. What for? I wouldn't know too.

She called me a day before I was to leave the village that someone will be in the village and she will need my address.

"That was a short period. How would I get my things done?" Was what I saidWhat do I actually need to get in my metallic box? How many clothes do I have?

I found my way one way into Lagos. Lagos ythey say is a no man's land. A place where everyone does what he feels works for him. I guess that's why she said very accomodating.
Hours later, we arrived Lagos. I can't say how but I know this driver did some magics with the steering.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I could remember when my lecturer will say "when you eventually become who you are, the first person you will remember is yourself. Before any other person"

I never believed him. Not at all. For what? I'm not selfish!

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  1. The time you took off waa surely worth it, bruv. I have to say, you e improved. Your use of tenses, punctuations, and right spellings are rather adequate now. Now, that is pleasing to me, the reader, and every other reader alike.

    Nice story. Waiting g on more