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Saturday, 22 April 2017


It had never happened in the history of her traveling. Never has she been stopped by road warders let alone airport officials. She kept her cool and followed them to a small room in it was just a table and a chair. She was asked to identify her bag which she did as they began thorough searching. She had two red bags and a smaller blue bag. In polite manner, they asked her to remove where she kept the hard drugs and go with little charges on her. It sounded so foreign to her as she knew nothing they said.

It took her no time to know something was fishy but she wasn't too sure. Fear gripped her and she knew she had been setup. Rigorous questions from the officers asking to say exactly where she had hidden the prohibited substances. She pleaded her course as been innocent but they dragged and threatened her she will spend the rest of her life behind bars if she doesn't comply.

Alas they found the white substance in packages and laughed amongst themselves. She fell on her knees and cried her eyes out. She still insisted on her innocence but the proof was enough to nail her down. She was in handcuffs as she was heavily guarded to their van and was whisked away. Unintentionally, she became a drama queen in the van which led to several stop over and threats to be careful with her words and actions as they can serve as grievous offences added to the former.

It was all over the news and media that the most popular female DJ was caught red handed with hard drugs and will be charged to court in no time. Jack tried in his capacity to prevent her family from getting wind of the sad news. It would cause more harm than good especially to ailing her mother. His frequent visit to her family's house wouldn't have been suspicious enough because he had turn to a son and was no stranger there. But John definitely knew something was up with his visits. On his way out during his usual visits, John pulled him aside and asked Jack to be sincere with his actions. For few seconds, he stared into John's eyes and explained everything to him. John immediately had a disappearing nervous remark and in return promised he would make sure his mum was left out of the drama. In the mean time, he turned his mum to a busy introvert. She too was curious why the doctor always came home to conduct her check up rather than she go to the hospital. John and Jack became great accomplice as they figured out what to do.

Out of love, he hired the best lawyer he had ever come across on her behalf without her request. He paid a visit to her while in prison and she could only sober herself on his shoulders. Still pleading her innocence, Jack surprised her by telling her he knew she was innocent. She withdrew herself from his shoulders and looked at him for a second.

“You believe me?" She asked curiously.

“Come on, I know if there's anything on this earth you should be accused of, it can never be drugs." He invited the lawyer and they assured her everything will be fine. All they needed from her was her maximum cooperation. Desola begged them on her knees to find the culprit but before he left, she asked him in whispers that she was broke and her accounts were placed on hold by the officials. Surprised, he asked if there was more to this that had to led to the seizure of her accounts. He vowed to fight on her behalf and make sure she soon became a free woman.

The managements of the HDO club where she worked and was on assignment for before her arrests cheered in their small basement somewhere far town. They had always wanted to terminate her contract but that would be off because it was backed by legal terms. It wouldn't help proceedings from their bar as she would definitely leak out that her contract hadn't expired before the sudden sack. In merriments, what they needed was just promotions using her personality and once that was done, they would employ another person of their choice. They knew the sentence was not going to be taken lightly and by the time she's out of jail, her fame would have weaned.

A loud megaphone popped and for a minute everyone in the room paused. The voice behind the megaphone was repeated asking each member to come out with their hands on their head as the basement was surrounded by law enforcements.
Jack, the floor manager for HDO club walked in with supports from the police and arrested everyone in the room. They showed them their search warrant and what they found was shocking. Not only white substances, but hard currencies and firearms. Everyone was taken away and Jack returned to the cantonment where Desola was been held. He asked the officials to have tested the white substance before arresting her and not just act childishly on tip offs. In the presence of the lawyer, they asked him to prove what he knows.

In his statement, he revealed he got wind of their plans when he was supervising a project. He immediately changed their hard drugs to a camouflage and less harmful white substance and kept it in Desola's bag. He couldn't have taken it away because he knew they would recheck to be sure they hadn't made any mistake. Those guys were smart. They apologized and released Desola on bail even when it wasn't necessary. She was asked by the lawyer if she was interested in suing them but she negatively affirmed. All she wanted was her freedom and not get herself in any mess but her name and fame had been tainted. How would she face her family and everyone who once believed in her?

Jack assured her everything had been fine and was settled. He reassured her he was ready to help her at any length and at no cost if only she's ready to. She couldn't thank him enough and cried profusely on him. She knelt before her mother and received her blessings. She's learnt her lessons and promised not to be overwhelmed by the fame anymore if given the chance to prove herself again.

Desola couldn't handle the fame and Jack knew definitely something close to this would happen as he was not new in the business. They always pry on the innocence of the newly gamed.
Her hefty father came from the inside and she was shocked by his presence. Her mother asked her to be calm as he had rights his wrongs. She glanced at John and she still saw his ever remarkable smile. She knew with all sense that everything was fine and went ahead to hug him but still demanded explanations which she was now ready to hear word for word.
He explained to her that he was forced to serve his master after he was unable to pay the loan he got from him which led to his sudden disappearance. He didn't mean to abscond just like that but it was very unfortunate that he had to at the time his wife was due labour for John. He went on and on and she was convinced painfully. Desola was comforted by Jack and her mother.

The reunion of the family wouldn't have been better as Jack declared his love for her at the garden. Although he wasn't sure if she was ready still, but he was certain that his mind would be cleared and freed from hoarding the feelings for too long. She didn't give him any answer to all he said and he felt disappointed as her silence meant to him; rejection. Instead she planted a kiss on his lips. His usual smile broadened in rhythm to the kiss.

Rising back to fame wasn't easy but she was ready to take the long road and go by whatever it would cost her. All thanks to Jack, her husband.



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Months later, her dreams realized in the physical before her. It wasn't a wish anymore but something she could feel and see. It was no longer that she got her new apartment fully paid with the help of her manager, Jack. But before leaving her former abode, she made sure every debt was paid to the last penny and even to supervise that the pumping machine was repaired and also offered to renovate the building as a form of appreciation to their landlord for his patience and understanding.

Work has deprived her from seeing her mother unlike her frequent visits before. Her sudden absence and busy schedule never went down well with John but he sure was an understanding boy and he proved that a lot as she was never worried that he was home alone judging from his age. She knew he was capable of making things right and taking good care of himself.

Her free entry to the UK was like she moved from her living room to the kitchen. She became everyone's favourite and sensation and never failed to deliver beyond their expectations. A certain time she was booked for three different occasions in a day.

Jack her manager, proved to her he doesn't indulged only in talent scouts but in businesses as well. He had on several occasions asked her to make solid investments and was certain her returns would be double the amount she received from her shows. “I will think about it wasn't far from her lips" as she always said to him to end that discussion. Soon she featured artistes to add a feather to her cap of achievements and also became a household name to reckon. She lit up the hopes of the young that would like to pursue their dreams and be like her through her life story that's she shared at an interview she granted.
Nevertheless, scandals never ceased to skyrocket as the media always had something to say about her. No matter how careful she was, there would always be an exaggerated headline and edited videos to nail her career down. Soon she stopped paying attention to the news and her silence didn't help matters at all as she stopped granting interviews. She was the. labelled as the arrogant woman who's ready to nosedive her career like others had done.

In the midst of all, her father never stopped persisting to see her and unite with his family but she wasn't having any of that at all.
On a particular day while performing, she saw her manager close to the stage and that was so unusual and so she sensed there was something amiss. Immediately she finished her performance, he informed her that John called and said their mother has been revived. She's opened her eyes and can feel her surroundings.

“Take me there now" she said to him and he immediately ordered their team to go home as he drove to the hospital. Desola's appearance was shocking to her mum as she said if not for a birth mark on her chin, she would have not known her daughter anymore.

“What happened to you? Why are you dressed this way?" She said in curiosity.

The doctor asked her to have enough rest before she delved into matters so as not to aggravate what's just been abated. She agreed as he had said and asked when she would be discharged. That was the last time she saw her daughter, Desola. She saw more of John and never failed to ask to know what has really happened all the while. John on instructions by his sister didn't say anything. Intelligently, he waived her off whenever she asked and would reply her to exercise more patience till she gets home. He jokingly asked her to respond well to treatments so she could leave the hospital on time.

Something Jack wasn't sure about but he was bothered greatly by her sudden drift from her real self. She's exhibited haracters he never knew she possessed. He could beat his chest and vouch for her on major accusations but he's not too sure he could do that anymore. Whenever reports gets out on the media and he asked her to confirm the authenticity, she always rebelled him and rebuked him never to be in her business anymore. To buttress his suspicions, she sacked him and paid him off as her manager. She announced she would be her own manager and further inquiries should be sent directly to her. That didn't stop Jack from always been around her. Although not in her face but always defended her in the little way he could. He would send her several messages which appeared as read but without any response. His message always came as a motivational speech telling to retrace her steps or else she would head for hard rock.

What the African man will call voodoo, he instantly knew she had caught the same fire and fallen in the same trend as the others. The typical behavior exhibited by youthful exuberance. She felt she's old enough to handle her own business and no one knew her better. The wealth and fame had gotten into her and she saw everyone as of little and no use. If you aren't talking mouth watering deals, then you are out. What he felt, was beyond helping and preventing her from falling too deeply in the mess. He had actually gotten attracted to her and he knew not in any best way to tell her because she at several times made it clear she was never ready for any relationship. She was too blind to see it. All he did and the deals he secured for her was done from the bottom of his heart as he never did anything benefitting to her on his selfishness. He remained true and loyal to her. But she despised him and sent him off at arms length.

She's engaged in some extra activities which were deadly to her. Her mother's call wasn't important anymore. As long as she sounded fine on the phone, that was all she needed to know. She wasn't moved by her family's presence as well.
It was time the club she's worked for to lay her off but because of her strong personality, it wasn't going to come off easy like that. They wanted to breach their contract with her but to be done outside the walls of a court or legal actions. They issued her a letter of representative in their sister branch in a European country. She gladly took the offer and off she went.

On the security check at the airport, the officials were alerted that she was in possession of hard drugs and should be checked. They did and carried out their duty based on the tip off.

"“Ma'am we will like to ask you follow us for questioning". The female officer said to her.

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Tuesday, 18 April 2017


As Desola pleaded and true to Jack's words, in no time they were at her usual venue. As if she wasn't welcomed enough, the loud roar from the people inside was enough to make her squabble her feet. She headed straight to the left corner and made her setup as she was ready in full armour to display what she knows how to do best. The charge from the audience didn't stop and got louder at every move she made. One last plug and the lights went off. In less than half a minute, the lights were back and she was seen in a different attire. To reassure the audience that she was still in game, she made a screech sound as she blasted through the speakers the biggest song on the street. That was definitely a club banger.

“She is one of the best DJs I've ever seen in the female category". An argument was about to take place with that statement from a fan of hers.

With many in support, others still had a reason for criticism. Not everyone can love you and not everyone you can please. The club was full till someone was choked and was taken out immediately to receive fresh air. Desola's aura was so incredible and unmatchable. She definitely knew how best to read the minds of the people.

This was her second major gig after her unimaginable success recorded in a small club for the first time. That was where she got to meet Jack who was interested in her.
Although she wasn't too sure of what he wanted when he made his approach but one thing was certain to her that she wasn't ready for anything called relationship.

Her application online got her squeezed to the club and was placed on probation before she could get her pay. She agreed to the deal stating that if the audience weren't pleased with her performance, she was to forfeit her pay. As stupid and risky as it seemed, she agreed not because she wasn't aware of the gravity of that deal but because she needed to survive her family. Her self confidence was on the high as she performed that night.

Jack confessed to her that for the whole years he's been attending the club, he hadn't seen any better DJ like her. She considered that a flatter and still had the normal impression that guys pull at ladies. He further introduced himself as a talent manager and was willing to work with her if she would. He dropped his card and that was the end of the conversation.

She partly smiled which graduated into laughter as she silently picked her bags and went away. This was business beckoning at her and she was ready to delve in.

“Welcome to the real world. Where life happens" she said to herself as she couldn't believe still.

Her brother wasn't pleased with her decision but what could he do as long as he doesn't have any other means of survival, he had to nod his head in the affirmative. “Good boy" she said with a little pat as she danced her way to her room. That night she slept very soundly and woke up the next morning with a bright smile.

The club hours ended and sooner, the place was empty with only the cleaners on duty. Bouncers were changed as the shifting goes by. She got home but later than her usual time. Definitely, John was curious of what could have delayed her return. But he was made to understand the nature of her new job was much more demanding than the usual office hours job. She was done with that life and had moved on. A situation led her to be rejected and another accepted her. She was fully focused on making a big name in the entertainment industry. A name to reckon with always. She needed to rest as she looked like a doctor on night duties.

At about half past three in the afternoon and convinced she's had enough rest, she went to have her bathe and the first yawn she let out set her aback.

“Girl, that's enough to wake the dead." She jested at the odour from her mouth. With a mouth washer, she squirmed herself and rinsed her mouth. Dressed in her small and casual wear, she sluggishly went to the living room and was amazed at the figure she saw. She stood, startled and furiated. The anger boiled in her as she didn't know which word to let out first. It was a surprise.

“Sister, you're awake. He's been here for almost an hour and I asked if he could wait till you're awake which he agreed" innocent John said.

“John, can you please go to your room. Thank you" she said to clear off any suspicions. She watched him as he left and made sure the sound from the door was loud before she began any move.

“I hope you weren't served anything. If you were, I hope you didn't take it because if you did, I will force them out of you" she said in a belted voice with anger written all over her to the aged man standing before her.

He could only give a sorry look as he let her have all she could say out of her belly.

“Oh! So you wouldn't answer me right? Don't give me that sorry look and expect me to gullibly fall for that. You think you can just disappear and appear like you're some flash voltron right? Or you were on time travel?" She still allowed her anger take a part of her and this time her words were almost loud. The silence he let out didn't make the atmosphere any better. She ordered him out and pleaded not to return. With a misty eyes, she watched her father walk out of the compound.

As soon as he was nowhere near her sight, she rushed into her room and let out all the tears she's been holding in. With no restraint, her brother knocked to gain entrance. She played smart as she wiped her face but the sniffing of her nose was enough for him to know she's been in tears. The twist of the key at the hole ushered John in as he stood like a soldier.

“For how long has he been a family friend?" He asked.

Her heart skipped a bit as she never knew how and where to start describing to him the whole incidence of their father's disappearance. Moreover, she wasn't in the best position to explain in details what happened. Their mother was still in coma.

“Was that what he told you?" She asked as she made a movement with her upper body.

“I could only have said that because he asked after the rickety car and looked around the house." John replied with a bounce on her bed.

“I must have slept so deep not to have heard footsteps" she smirked.

“Not really. His eyes wandered at every picture on the wall and at each, he smiled. He wanted to move around but I stopped him. I said “sir, I don't know you and you cannot walk in Here like you owned us. So please maintain your position". He stood still and smiled though I saw the shock on his face."

Desola smiled at his bravery and words. “I am proud of you. I'm really proud of you".

“He could only compare me to my father". He finished his words.

Only if he knew he was staring at his father. Her phone rang and it was her manager. John asked what he could do for their missed lunch and she responded with noodles. His face was lit as he made his way out of her room dancing. He hates having to prepare other foods as he always saw that as stress.

“Hi. Wassup with you?" She joyfully said.

“Only if you know the deal I just secured for you. You will jump right now and your head would touch the roof" he sarcastically said.

“This had better be something to wipe my misery away or else you would be the one doing what you just said" she replied in her own wits.

“There is a new club and lounge owned by a top notch and well groomed man in the country. It's the biggest I've seen here in the state. I applied and sent your demos and they just got back to me saying they are pleased to welcome us on board. You know what that means?"

She screamed out her lungs as she ran from one corner to another in her room. She asked several questions to be sure he wasn't pulling a fast prank on her.

“If you aren't sure, I will send you the contract via your mail. See for yourself and get back to me". She gladly ended the call and couldn't believe her eyes with the loads of benefits stated in the contract.

“This is my life!" She kept screaming out everywhere in the house.

“We are rich. We are in money. I am living my dying dreams!" She said with a loud scream to her brother as she shook him tremendously. She further asked him to increase the quantity of the noodles, he now had a better understanding of what she meant by "they are now rich."

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Friday, 14 April 2017


To the HR's surprise, Desola stormed out of the office and boarded the standby cab outside the office waiting for a passenger. She promised to double his pay. On hearing that, he zoomed off without asking the destination. Time is money as the say and that was a perfect proof.

He pulled over at the hospital and she handed to him almost more than double the price she promised. He called her attention to the over paid balance but she wasn't having any of that. At the front desk, she asked to be directed to her mothers ward after giving details of whom she was.

“I am sorry ma. You cannot be allowed in right now. She's currently at the theater". She politely said.

“Was it that bad? What really happened?" She curiously asked. It wasn't in the Nurse's capacity to answer that question and she wished she could help. Just when she was almost going to yell at the nurse for answers, she saw John come out from what seemed like a ward. She rushed to him and asked “Is she there? How's she feeling now?"

“Errrr... First, I haven't seen her myself. She's being operated on and so we are in the same river of unpolished thoughts".

“So where was that you came out from?" She said with stuttered words as she glances at the entrance.

The single part of a double door opened from their far right. A man in his white lab dress, taking away his nose mask approached them.

“Thats the doctor." John said to his sister.

“The operation was successful as we had to remove almost five bullets from her. The most dangerous one was the stray bullet on her spine. She's lost blood but we've asked for support from the blood bank. She will be wheeled to her ward and then you can see her." He encouraged them with a smile.

They followed him to his office on the upper floor for further details on their mother's condition. The bill was laid before them and they suddenly bursted into laughter. Doctor wondering if there was any hidden joke on the bill he presented.

Obviously, they don't run a bank that they could suddenly go and withdraw from neither do they own any hidden investments. The doctor made it known to them that he wouldn't have attended to her without any upfront but because her situation was very critical and also on his oath, he had to do his best. She was on life support and also in a coma. Her little brother comforted her as they returned home after checking on their mother.

Days into weeks as they slowly rolled into months. With continuous and constant check up on their mother, she was yet to open her eyes to the real world and feel her surroundings. Indeed, the break from the outside world filled with stress was needed by her only with the scare guaranty that she would live and walk back on her feet. The results from the doctor kept getting scarier.

With a hard knock at the doctor's door, Desola walked in joyfully and sat like a boss lady that she truly is. One cannot be glittering and sparkling when their beloved is in an unappealing state with little or no hope. There could be an exception to the rule and that's exactly what the doctor was curious to know as he relaxed suspiciously in his chair. Still smiling, she brought out a cheque and signed right in front of him paying off all their hospital debts. Not forgetting to tell the doctor if there was any need for extra cash, he shouldn't hesitate to give her a call.

Everything happened like a flash before him. He couldn't get the opportunity to ask her where she got the money from before she bade him bye and in her words “I have to be somewhere very urgently. See you later".

Her story when narrated to him shook him to his heart and he had been merciful to her by doing all his best to survive her mother.

“I hope she isn't doing what exactly is on my mind." He smirked his lips. But that wasn't his business as long as there is cash inflow. Her appearance didn't make his conviction solid but he silently prayed she hadn't fallen into such wagons.

It was night as she prepared herself in her room. Dressed in an orange jersey and a tight blue jean to match, she took her backpack and shoes in the other hand. Eyes rolling round the room, she double checked if everything was perfect before she left. That's her trademark. The switch made a sound and suddenly the room went dark. Turning towards the hallway, she saw her brother standing before her. Like one who missed her stepping, admitted to him that she was frightened by his appearance.

“He is out there waiting." He said and turned his back at her and made his way to his room.

“I am so sorry I kept you waiting. I hope you aren't offended" she said with a chubby smile on getting to the living room.

“Not at all. Can we go now?" He asked.

“With all pleasure, Yes. We can and please don't take that long route we had the last time. It's too stretchy and tiring" she pleaded with Jack.

“On my honor!" He smiled.

One last yelling at her brother to remain indoors as always as she made her way out to his car with her hands interlocked in his.

With the silent ignition of the car, headlamp on, they zoomed off.

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Wednesday, 12 April 2017


Slowly he dragged himself to the door and he saw the men in their overall outfit. An immediate tap from his sleep if asked who they were needed no introduction as the logo on their overall did the talking. He slammed the door and went searching for the receipt as proof of payment in his mother's room. Minutes gone and still didn't return to the visitors who were on duty. He went back begging for more time to be sure of where it was as he searched in the unimaginable places. Efforts seeming to be futile, he resulted to his last lifeline; calling his mum on the phone.

One habit the children have always complained of is her inability to answer her phone on first and second attempt of immediate ring. Frustrated after trying over seven times, he begged the gentle men who actually were gentle and patient with him. Finally he dialed again but a male's voice was the receiver. Confused, he immediately aborted the call and checked if he dialed a wrong number. On his treat of confirmation, his phone rang bearing his mother's contact name. He answered and still heard the man's voice. If the phone was stolen, the thief wouldn't bother to call. Rather, the culprit would have done what's needful by doing away with the Sim card a long time ago.

“Hello, please am I on to the son of a woman who wore a blue native blouse and a mixed color wrapper today? He said in a familiar accent.

“Yes you are. I'm John by name." He responded calmly even if his countenance behind the phone was otherwise. Eager to know what was wrong, the caller broke a very sad news.

“I am sorry to inform you that she's just been rushed to the nearest hospital due to a fatal accident by some group of boys who had a clash. Unfortunately, she was the only victim who seem to have a very urgent attention. I called to inform you. Please take heart and I will forward you the address of the hospital as soon as I abort the call"

This could only happen perfectly in his imaginations. His mum had promised to return after she launched a hunt on one of her debtors. Biggest debtor at that. For years, she's been calm and patient enough to have only allowed her debtor pay not up to ten percent which had been exhausted a long time. Nevertheless, he had a situation at hand to settle.

The familiar men were power holding officials and were at the point of duty to disconnect their source of electricity. His inability to bring forth their last payment receipt left them no other choice than to do what they have to do. At his sight, he rushed outside and asked them not to disconnect their wires from the electric pole. It would only result to as false actions. He was sure they paid but all his words seemed like lies before them. He begged and his pleas fell on deaf ears.

He urged them to consider their previous and loyal payments as a chance to believing him. Still, they were adamant. Suddenly, he charged at them and what seemed like threat became serious. Soon, a scene was created. The neighbors pleaded but it only escalated when John proffered as an obstruction to the ladder of height. The men got angered and threatened to throw him out of their way. Considering he was of young age.

John yelled and told them to ask from the landlord if they weren't faithful to their obligations. If for this one you cannot forgive then what makes the officials convinced that they would be interested in paying their dues regularly anymore. He bluntly argued.
The noise woke the landlord's pregnant wife as she was irritated and headed to the source of argument. John narrated to her what the problem was and she immediately asked her youngest daughter to bring their own copy of receipt. The matter got settled at that instance.

With various but mild jubilations, he was encouraged by many and envied by some. Misjudged by others, they could only take that as lack of manners.

“You don't argue with your elders no matter the circumstance." A much older boy said.

“Yoi fight for the truth. Then leave it to take its course. He couldn't have put up such bravery if he wasn't sure of his deeds. So he's justified if you ask me". Another woman said.

On his way to the hospital as described by the text, he put a call through to his sister. Her phone was on silent. His eagerness and worry tripled. His sister would never take such message lightly. She could do worse things. Probably she's heard from the same man and have arrived there before him.

“So madam Roseline, can we discuss your salary now?" Just then she reached for her handbag and saw she's missed numerous calls from her brother. It has never happened. “It must be urgent" she said to herself. Then a text popped and she couldn't believe her eyes.

The HR noticed the sudden countenance and asked if she was okay. Roseline immediately pointed out her mother was in dire need of possible assistance. She further pushed if she could return for the interview if she goes to see her mum.

“Sure you can." The HR manager granted her to leave.

“Please do what you have to do. But I cannot guarantee your welcome when everything calms down". This was a confused state for her.

What she needed to take care of her mum is in her hands; her work. If she skips this, there's no guaranty she would be accepted when she returns. If she accepts to go ahead with the salary discussion, it would make her farther from her mum as she has to work thirty more days before she could get any money whatsoever for treatment.

“This is my life here" she said with a sorry face.

“I am fully aware. But your mother needs you now." The HR manager relied.

With teary eyes and red face, she could only comfort herself by staring closely at the HR manager. This was the decision she had to make.

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Tuesday, 11 April 2017


Caught in the air, glaring and in full surprise, she imagined if she was having a day dream. She felt what she heard could have only sounded right in her play field of weird imaginations. With an utmost polite manner, she asked the young gentleman to repeat what he said which he gladly did in a clear and resounding manner.

Should she jump and give him a big tight hug or just rush in her signature. She could only figure out what to do in less than a second as the young man kept staring at her.

“She only said she would be back in a jiffy and never mentioned to me that I had become the new financial manager here, right now" she emphasized.

It was obvious through her stutter that she needed to gain her balance. Different thoughts raced through her mind. What she would do immediately she received her first salary. How she would take her mum for the best medical treatment she's long overdue. Her little brother's fees needed to be paid and their small cubicle of shelter needed to be renovated. Their only source of water also required an urgent attention as their pumping machine had been damaged for only God knows how long resulting to all of them having to fetch water with big bowls placed on their heads.
Could she have declined such an automatic response even with a part of her still uncertain. Her sweats glands did the best they could as they emitted gallons of sweats with the ever ready pores not withholding any.

“Would you mind I glance through before I append on them?" That was the best she could say after different battles of decisions have been conquered in her head.

“Of course ma'am. But in a limited time". He aptly said with a touch of widened smile. Shortly, the telephone rang and both parties in the room stared at each other simultaneously.

“Oh! Do you suggest I answer that?" After seconds of stolen glances at each other.

The door once again flung open as she was about appending her signature on the documents.

“Thank goodness" she whispered out softly.

“I apologize to have kept you waiting". With a sincere and humble heart, the HR manager rendered her words as she took her seat.

For a while she pretended to be staring at her laptop screen which only aided her to take an advantage of Desola's innocence. Exchanging a mimed glance between Mike and herself; the young gentleman, she eventually let out a big chunk of laughter. In sheer curiosity, Desola stared at her and wondered what could have caused the laughter. Soon Mike joined and it almost seemed like she was going to be left out if she doesn't follow suit. The physically calm but inward nervous Desola helped in painting her cool as the HR manager's voice could only say “it is my pleasure to inform you that you've been pranked."

Desola trying to assimilate and sink in those words, Mike left the two ladies and smiled as be made for the door. She was just about to jeopardize her dreams if she hadn't arrived on time. Despite the pressures mounted on her by Mike while she ran through the documents to clear her doubt that she was safe at all cost, something kept holding her back from picking up that pen.

“Although something keeps me worried here and I'm afraid it might be a clause on your golden chance here. Not too many people are privileged to have this opportunity especially for the fact that you don't have up to six months experience."

Those destabilizing words pierced Desola.

“I would like to know which you prefer doing. What you find profound pleasure at most. Would that be you giving up on your passion to be a DJ or save yourself the stress the mess of having to be boxed in a room with everything given to you at your finger tips? Help my curiosity please" she said again.

“Where on earth did she get to know I love to be a DJ? Could it be she knows someone that knows someone that knows me?" Desola thought out loud.

With a broad smile which appeared to be out of uncertainty, she replied saying “Being a DJ was something I had to learn to do even when I had the passion. It was something I did with great joy and what fended my pockets when there was nothing while in school. I lived on that for a while"

“Oh! Whoa!! I like your drive for survival" she replied back.

Meanwhile, little John left at home was been celebrated as the man of the moment. Many wondered how a ten year old will be so fearless and brave. He declared the true stand of a man's identity by defending what's was right and stood by his words firmly. He was ready not to compromise his minute amount of integrity, not for anything. One could sum up two and two together and arrive at the conclusion that he only did what he had to do because that was the family's only hope.

A loud bang at the door woke him from his slumber. He waited to hear the second knock to be sure if what he heard was right. There the knock came again and his baritone voice in its small form of mightiness spoke asking who was at the door.

“We are the one. If you don't mind please we want to see you" one of them said.

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Sunday, 9 April 2017


With the best sound she could get while blending songs into another, she got carried away. A sweet offer could have passed away if she didn't drift her eyes towards her phone. An unknown caller had been ringing her phone for the last time after a couple of missed calls.

"Hello" she said in panic.

"Hello Miss Roseline. We are sorry to have disturbed your busy schedule. I am Roby calling from Basic Cleft. We are only curious to know if you could make it for a personal interview in the next three hours" the manly voice replied behind the phone.

"Why not? Of course I can. I could be there in the next two hours if you don't mind." She struggled placing her words.

"That will be no problem. We will be expectant then" he said and hung up.

Her loud scream attracted her younger brother to her room asking if he was called. He couldn't have heard right because his headphones were loud enough to for the next person seated to hear word for word the music he was listening to.

"Oh yes! I didn't call you but now that you're here, you can be of good help. You will help me edit my CV and add this to it." She directed him on what to do with a stern warning.

"No mistakes! Please I beg of you. This is my life here" she said and hurried to the bathroom.
Few minutes later, he shouted with a question at his bathing sister "How many years of experience big sis?"

"Six months, I think. Just put in there eight months. I know it wasn't up to a year though." The running shower didn't let her hear the rest of his words.

To be called and requested to put up an appearance for a private interview was something close to the best feeling ever for her. This is an organization she's always dreamt of and a very reputable one at that with loads of competition everyday. On her successful return back from the UK after several years of sponsorship and scholarship grants, she's applied to several organizations. Some responded back while others just shelved her application. To those that responded, she never got to the final stage of the interview leaving her to wonder if having a first class degree was ever useful in a time where things are to get better. As a matter of fact, if her mother hadn't insisted on her return, she would have landed herself a very good job in the UK. The beckons were loud with mouth watering offers. But the greatest tool implied by her mother was never to cause a brain drain in her home country. If everyone decided to work outside the country, who then is to develop the country with his own quota of efforts. Well, that worked on her and in no time she booked her ticket back to the country.

So, it was not a new thing to impress and cause whoever was in charge of the interview to have an instant feeling for her through the qualifications stated on her CV. Half an hour gone and she's yet to be on the busy Lagos road. She overheard her brother singing while washing the car outside so she assumed he would be through with his washing before her. She was going to call her mum who was on an occasion somewhere but changed her mind remembering the countless times her phone would ring before getting an answer. Sending a text was the best option.

Fifteen minutes gone by and she's yet to be through with her make up. Letting out a long hiss when she found out she's applied too much foundation on her face. She rubbed off and applied another immediately. Still, she could see through her window that her brother was still washing. She assumed he would be through soonest as she didn't pay close attention to his actions. There she came to the hardest of everything. Her lashes. She could remember the first time she tried that on, she felt an extra weight but soon enough she got accustomed with it.

"Why wear the lashes to the interview?" She said to no one in particular.

"You could give the wrong impression." Her spirit mind answered her.

“I need to give a convincing look and show how capable I am for this position." She replied herself.

Her brother's sudden shout syncing the chorus to his favorite song jeered her and she saw she had spent exactly an hour in her room. She picked her CV and looked round in her room for perfection. Satisfactory remarks she gave herself as she slid her feet into her shoes; flat shoes for comfortability as she preferred them always. On getting outside, she could only let out her frustration and anger through a long stare at her brother who wasn't through with washing the car. Desola gave an innocent look as she hissed and headed out.
She could only have thought with all her hastiness would still be delayed for another hour at the waiting room.

Reminiscing how she had to jump from one bus to another and even pay for an extra seat so they could leave the park after waiting almost thirty minutes with no passenger in sight. Desperation could have only made her do that.
With a typical Nigerian driver with his loud mouth ready to be triggered if pushed by anyone. They don't waste time to hurl unpleasant words at their offender. No one is right in their own perspective except them. No one dare drive in their way except he or she is ready to waste his day on a spot claiming rights.

Gbam! It has happened. The bus driver had just bashed an expensive new model car while having a hearty discussion with his conductor; copilot.

“Pilot, what are we to do now?" He said fidgeting.

In his response, he said in his typical Yoruba dialect “With all your years in Lagos, have I never told you it won't work? Speak the language I hear".

Obviously, the conductor still had his home training and manners intact. One could perceive something led to his current state as copilot. After another forty five minutes gone with the offended and the offender yet to reach an agreement. On another hand was a faction ready to drag the poor copilot into a deep mess if he doesn't refund their money as everyone was in a haste. Desola confused, could only walk away from the scene and eventually walk a while before getting to the state owned commercial bus station.

The double glass door flung open as she alighted at her final destination. She could see the company far ahead as she sighed and said “I wonder why I didn't board this in the first instance" she hissed at her statements conclusion.

“Ma'am you can go in now. The HR is ready to meet you" the front desk staff said with a bright smile. Tired Desola walked majestically with her hearts racing faster than a rotor into what seemed to be compared to as her own living room.

In a small house she lived, she would have thought their living room was the biggest in the world not until she saw this.

“Please have a seat." The HR manager said with a sip from her coffee and Desola responding with a kind gesture. As rigorous as the interview seemed to her, it only took the HR manager nothing less than five minutes assessment.

“I am impressed with what I've seen so far and I must say you're the right person for this position with such a huge qualification. I do hope you know that this position is such a humongous one. The shoes left behind aren't small to wear so you must be on the alert anytime and any day to work your bones for the company" she said without lifting her eyes from the CV before her.

“Please, I will be back in a jiffy" she rolled herself away from the chair. Only if Desola knew what that meant. Thirty minutes gone and she wasn't back. Fifteen minutes added and she was still not near her sight. What seemed like forever, she was becoming bored as her anxiety was almost weaning off.

The door flung open and a gentle man walked in with series of blue files containing audited accounts waiting for a signature to be appended. Blessed with a nicely built physique, Desola could only begin to imagine the number of male workers she would meet, number of friends she would have to keep up with when she resumes work.

“You're the new financial manager I suppose? Please do me the favour of appending your signature on these documents" he said with a very broad smile as he proceeded in laying the documents before her. She could only open her mouth wide in full blasts of amazement.

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Saturday, 7 January 2017


I have uncountable times been told by people how I am the splitting image of my father and by my mum how much I am the splitting image of my dad's 'character'.

Neither of the two are wrong as I have reviewed and revised those of his I need to take with me and those I have but need to change overtime. You can say 'it is in the genes'. Well said.

And whenever I hear my mum 'abuse' my brother, I just laugh. She has also forgotten he's the splitting image of hers and character too. Often times I jest to her that she doesn't know she's seeing herself.

But have you wondered about a child raised by a single parent?

Hardly will you see them take after the counterpart's character which later would be a problem for them. That is because the person before them is a mirror placed everyday at anytime and anywhere. Even when they wish not to see them, they are there. You cannot take that away and you will also wonder why when you're being asked which you prefer amongst your parent. The reason you will opt for one and not the other is because you see that person more often than the other. That person is always there even when you're asleep to check you. You need a listening ear? You run to that person. You cannot do without going to that person.

If only we know the dangers we put our children into when such things like divorce and single parenting happen, I am sure we will fight to the last never for that to occur. These are things we wish not to happen but on what measure have we taken before such happen? Let's always remember we are not living for ourselves but for our children. They are the future God has placed in our hands to nurture. Why then is there so many chaos in the world?

THIS IS BECAUSE THE DEVIL HAS MANAGED TO DISINTEGRATE THE FAMILY BY ALL MEANS. To some extant he has succeeded and to another extent he hasn't. He has succeeded to those who don't know the impact of FAMILY.

If we want PEACE to REIGN in the LAND, then we need to teach every family member of ours LOVE. Our parents are who God has placed before us and we should take in their steps.


Monday, 19 December 2016


My inner most me couldn't hide the joy I had knowing I was finally through with a seven year course. It has been rough, smooth and many hard times. Let me just say many waters have passed under the bridge. Though my first year in school was the best and the worst. I wouldn't have been called out for a first class award amongst many other accolades. I quickly tamed myself after I knew the university is totally different from secondary school. Thinking by raising hands to show you are brilliant was the best way to go. Not until I was invited and accosted on several occasions by some big guys on campus. Well, that's story for another moment.

I heard my name called out by a colleague. He beckoned on me to come be a part of a group photograph as I was the head of my department, there was literally no picture I didn't appear in. Extended to other departments.

"Mom meet Ayodele" Sarah tapped me from behind and introduced me to my mom. Well just to say that was my first gig on gaining admission into the university. From her manner of introduction, I could sense she was still over me. On countless basis we've argued and ironed out I was no longer interested in our relationship. Just platonic friendship will be okay. That was then. Maybe now that I am through, I could reconsider.

"Good afternoon ma" I feigned to prostrate when her mum quickly shoved her hand to me for a handshake. Well, that I could say; I was highly welcome. I could hear Sarah saying he's the boy I have always mentioned about to you. He is kind, caring. She rolled out all adjectives and even dished out some characters I wasn't sure I had. Maybe in the future days to come. Maybe. And in response, her mom said "whoa!". Not to sabotage the atmosphere, I played along like I was acting a script. And then the usual "she has said a whole lot about you and I can see she never told a lie". Literally I died and woke up and died again. So Sarah had been doing offline advertisement for long without charges.

"Do you mind I invite you for dinner? I must say. As a form of appreciation for taking care of my daughter". What did I just hear? I looked at Sarah and she was thirty two teeth out smiling for Africa. "It's God ma. I wouldn't have done that if she too didn't show a trait of a good girl from a good home." I emphasized on the good home and concluded with "it's in the blood ma"

I skipped giving a reply accepting the humble proposal. As a sharp dude that I am, I launched my missile of escape by saying I needed to join another group photograph and organize my department for that. Group photograph that I had partaken. I hissed in my mind.

"Okay dear. No problem about that. But don't forget about the dinner. I will pass any information concerning that through Sarah". BOOM! My missile hit perfectly.

Soon we headed home and I slept all through the journey. The loud sound crack from our gate woke me up. I turned my hand like it was a rotor just to check my wristwatch. Obviously I wasn't awoken fully. Did our dog Harpo also knew that day was my convocation? He welcome us very differently. He kept on wagging its tail and insisted he followed us in. Good things are contagious.

"Congratulations brother". I received a warm hug from my sister who couldn't come because she had an exam. I thanked her and staggered myself to the bedroom. My head was very heavy and all I wanted was to sleep. Talk about food; I care less. Shower; that will be tomorrow. I would bathe everything tomorrow. I was so lazy because of the pint of alcohol I had. I am allergic to alcohol but I kept on deceiving myself saying the capacity of my head can withstand any gigabyte of alcohol. Well, there I was.
The following day was a Saturday. I got up from bed past eleven and I was shocked at the gory sight of my bed. I had thrown up everywhere. Not that alone, I even rolled myself in that piece of rubbish. What a total shame on me. I knew the next line of action and any second later, my mum been the usual visitor to my room can show up anytime coupled with the fact that I hadn't gone downstairs and it's late in the morning. True to that, I heard her stamping towards my room. She paused and would walk again. That phone call must have been either important or very interesting. I dashed in and out of my bathroom, searched my wardrobe and in less than thirty seconds, I was done. I am left with one thing. The smell on my body. But by then she was close to my doorstep.
She heard the rush from the tap in the bathroom and said "Ayo you're still bathing? Be fast about it and breakfast is ready". It worked. If I didn't open the tap, she would have barged into my room. After confirming her steps were withdrawn. I eventually went to bathe and would do justice to the bed spreadings later.

"Ayodele, I just spoke with Mr. Hassan and he said your call up letter will be ready in three weeks time". I was still transiting down the stairs when he said that.

"Morning dad"

"Hmmm... Good morning" his mouth full of food he struggled to reply.

"I hope you didn't forget our agreement dad". I smiled and adjusted the chair. He looked at me like he was induced. I winked at him and tried all gestures to keep my mum in the dark but to no avail. This time, my mum was already aware of our gestures and asked why she's been kept in the dark.

"Nothing mum. I already asked him for a favor which he promised and it's nothing too serious".

"Ayo, you know me well oo. By the time I pounce on your dad, he will vomit that secret appointment you both have". The drama queen we have in our house; I begged her not to pounce on him. Before she will pounce on him, he should have fulfilled his promise then she can go ahead.

"You see my wife, when men decide to talk it means you women are excluded. Which is why me and my son would discuss later on that". She laughed and said "have you forgotten I birth both of you? Including Tope. So I am your mother and I demand to know something if not everything".

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Friday, 16 December 2016



"But you know Dad, God has ever been faithful and he has never stopped showering his grace on us" I said with a cruel face mixed with chuckles as I stared at my Dad. I needed the right time to burst out and just get clarity of the whole thing. I was actually wounded and bitter at his insolence to us his family. You don't expect me to go through that letter and remain calm. All these while, balls of sweat never stopped forming on my face and streamed down to my chin. My Mom kept asking if I was okay and stressed. She asked me to have enough rest and need be to excuse myself from the table I should do so. I feigned I needed not all that. And then I quickly thought. Maybe I would ask him privately about it. That would be better and save him the embarrassment especially before his grandchild.

But you know, sometimes you can't cheat time travel. No matter how smart you are. If indeed you're as clever as a tortoise, nature can't be cheated.
But there and then was nature ready to pull out a game. It was about to outclass us. It was right there my Mom asked me about Regina whom she saw me with about three or four years ago and asked if I was really into her. I gave her the affirmative and she asked further why I haven't done the needful. I smiled and looked at Dad.

"Well, that's because I don't think I am ready to manage two families".
My dad was staring at me like what's going on.

Everyone wondered too by what I meant. And they asked me to elaborate more. Then I looked at David. Felt sorry in me for him and never planned it. But the truth needed to be told and heard. Assumptions is the lowest form of knowledge. So in other to be cleared I asked Dad

"How does it feel managing two families? Knowing that your attention will be divided and your heart is split?". At that moment I asked the question, I felt cold. Maybe a sign of sudden hatred or regret. I wouldn't have known.

"Dear what is he talking about?" Mom asked with a squeezed face. Almost depleting.

"You're stressed my son. You need enough rest and that will be..." I cut him off with tears in my eyes.

"Well, things are about to get serious now". Joe said with rapt attention and gaze fixed on me.
"Come on Dad! You know exactly what I am taking about" he denied knowing anything and I brought out the brown envelope. Slipped it across the table to him and he got shocked. He looked me straight in my eyes before steadily giving everyone a gaze in his usual slow motion that stopped on my mom's.

"Beatrice" he started slowly with sweats formed on him like he was drowned in a pool.

"But how did you find out about this? And this has nothing to do with you. So you have been going everywhere searching for what's not lost?" He summoned the dutch courage and talked back at me. Fear gripped me at his utterance and I was guilty.

"Jay" as she fondly called him. "You were about saying something. Yeah! I am all ears". She balanced her chin on her palms. There was silence as he shoved his glasses at interval from his nose back to his eyes which was sliding away due to the sweats. He kept reading what was in his hands. That scene wasn't funny. I saw a different side of my father. The brave one and the feeble one. I didn't understand which one I needed to settle for.

"I was going to talk about this at the right time" he folded the envelope with his head bowed. Everyone had lost appetite obviously but our miniature man at the table was still fiddling with plates and cutleries. I kept on giving him gaze and thankfully he got hold of his dad's phone and he remembered there used to be a bicycle by the waterside. That was how he ran off. I think that was enough for my father to have summoned courage as he exposed everything.

"I have a child and a woman outside, Beatrice". The laughter that bursted out of my mom's mouth was contagious. It caught Joe immediately and I could tell it was infested.

Really? I thought. Laughing at a big confession was the right thing to do? "Look I am serious here. But that was a long time ago" he stammered.

"A long time ago doesn't mean it has been erased off history or from the book of memories. Well, you better start talking now and I will appreciate you don't miss a thing out of it" Now those were enough subtle threats from the drama queen herself.

Dad explained in his words it happened when he was transferred to Ghana. He met with a lady who was his chaperon in his first few days there. She happened to work there also and he being the tall and handsome guy, he was everyone's choice. He recalled how she would come to his house to cook and teach him some Ghanian dance steps. He became fond of her a lot and he would never go a day without calling her. No matter how hectic the day was, he would put a call through. On several occasions they would go to the beach and have some time to themselves. It appeared as though, she was God sent. He finally made up his mind after years of been together with her and stepped up his game. He defined their relationship on one of those days she came around to lay his bed. He couldn't resist and flee.
Months later she came back to tell him she was a month and three weeks pregnant and they quickly fixed a date for their wedding. At first, the sensation and feelings everyday felt like a new beginning. Not until few months into their marriage she tendered her resignation letter. He was shocked and surprised and asked her why she didn't tell him before doing that. At least they've been living together as man and wife and for such an enormous decision, she should have respected that he's still her husband. He told her she can't go just like that. Her response was she's not only leaving the company but also leaving him for good. No back up and solid reason for that. He had never maltreated her not for a second. Then she came back after few months with a divorce litigation. He lost the case and he filed to have custody of his child. He failed too. And that has been bitter in his heart for a very long time.

He begged and asked we forgive him. Not that he wouldn't tell us, but it wasn't something to be proud of. He has no joy in telling it. He felt maybe by his bed side; on his journey out of the world, he would reveal but I guess the dining was actually the bed side he referred to. He was still begging when my mom stood up angrily with tears. Where she went to, I don't know. Joe followed her. I remained at the table with him and we kept on stealing glances at ourselves.

"So I have an older brother" I said out finally. As unbelievable as it sounds, it was the bitter pill I would swallow effortlessly. I still couldn't imagine I emanated from a polygamous family. This has been the pains he's inflicted on himself. He never knew she was really not after the marriage or his love.

But as our Lord forgives us, so we should forgive ourselves and brethren that have erred us. It's complicated.

"I am sorry Dad. I shouldn't have said it out at all. Or brought it open at the table". He nodded at me.

"Anytime is the right time. I am sorry too". We hugged each other and went on the search hunt for my mum. The pains he had to face to have a gathered and put family. Then I knew it isn't easy to be a man. And it's not a day Job.


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