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Tuesday, 11 April 2017


Caught in the air, glaring and in full surprise, she imagined if she was having a day dream. She felt what she heard could have only sounded right in her play field of weird imaginations. With an utmost polite manner, she asked the young gentleman to repeat what he said which he gladly did in a clear and resounding manner.

Should she jump and give him a big tight hug or just rush in her signature. She could only figure out what to do in less than a second as the young man kept staring at her.

“She only said she would be back in a jiffy and never mentioned to me that I had become the new financial manager here, right now" she emphasized.

It was obvious through her stutter that she needed to gain her balance. Different thoughts raced through her mind. What she would do immediately she received her first salary. How she would take her mum for the best medical treatment she's long overdue. Her little brother's fees needed to be paid and their small cubicle of shelter needed to be renovated. Their only source of water also required an urgent attention as their pumping machine had been damaged for only God knows how long resulting to all of them having to fetch water with big bowls placed on their heads.
Could she have declined such an automatic response even with a part of her still uncertain. Her sweats glands did the best they could as they emitted gallons of sweats with the ever ready pores not withholding any.

“Would you mind I glance through before I append on them?" That was the best she could say after different battles of decisions have been conquered in her head.

“Of course ma'am. But in a limited time". He aptly said with a touch of widened smile. Shortly, the telephone rang and both parties in the room stared at each other simultaneously.

“Oh! Do you suggest I answer that?" After seconds of stolen glances at each other.

The door once again flung open as she was about appending her signature on the documents.

“Thank goodness" she whispered out softly.

“I apologize to have kept you waiting". With a sincere and humble heart, the HR manager rendered her words as she took her seat.

For a while she pretended to be staring at her laptop screen which only aided her to take an advantage of Desola's innocence. Exchanging a mimed glance between Mike and herself; the young gentleman, she eventually let out a big chunk of laughter. In sheer curiosity, Desola stared at her and wondered what could have caused the laughter. Soon Mike joined and it almost seemed like she was going to be left out if she doesn't follow suit. The physically calm but inward nervous Desola helped in painting her cool as the HR manager's voice could only say “it is my pleasure to inform you that you've been pranked."

Desola trying to assimilate and sink in those words, Mike left the two ladies and smiled as be made for the door. She was just about to jeopardize her dreams if she hadn't arrived on time. Despite the pressures mounted on her by Mike while she ran through the documents to clear her doubt that she was safe at all cost, something kept holding her back from picking up that pen.

“Although something keeps me worried here and I'm afraid it might be a clause on your golden chance here. Not too many people are privileged to have this opportunity especially for the fact that you don't have up to six months experience."

Those destabilizing words pierced Desola.

“I would like to know which you prefer doing. What you find profound pleasure at most. Would that be you giving up on your passion to be a DJ or save yourself the stress the mess of having to be boxed in a room with everything given to you at your finger tips? Help my curiosity please" she said again.

“Where on earth did she get to know I love to be a DJ? Could it be she knows someone that knows someone that knows me?" Desola thought out loud.

With a broad smile which appeared to be out of uncertainty, she replied saying “Being a DJ was something I had to learn to do even when I had the passion. It was something I did with great joy and what fended my pockets when there was nothing while in school. I lived on that for a while"

“Oh! Whoa!! I like your drive for survival" she replied back.

Meanwhile, little John left at home was been celebrated as the man of the moment. Many wondered how a ten year old will be so fearless and brave. He declared the true stand of a man's identity by defending what's was right and stood by his words firmly. He was ready not to compromise his minute amount of integrity, not for anything. One could sum up two and two together and arrive at the conclusion that he only did what he had to do because that was the family's only hope.

A loud bang at the door woke him from his slumber. He waited to hear the second knock to be sure if what he heard was right. There the knock came again and his baritone voice in its small form of mightiness spoke asking who was at the door.

“We are the one. If you don't mind please we want to see you" one of them said.

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