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Friday, 14 April 2017


To the HR's surprise, Desola stormed out of the office and boarded the standby cab outside the office waiting for a passenger. She promised to double his pay. On hearing that, he zoomed off without asking the destination. Time is money as the say and that was a perfect proof.

He pulled over at the hospital and she handed to him almost more than double the price she promised. He called her attention to the over paid balance but she wasn't having any of that. At the front desk, she asked to be directed to her mothers ward after giving details of whom she was.

“I am sorry ma. You cannot be allowed in right now. She's currently at the theater". She politely said.

“Was it that bad? What really happened?" She curiously asked. It wasn't in the Nurse's capacity to answer that question and she wished she could help. Just when she was almost going to yell at the nurse for answers, she saw John come out from what seemed like a ward. She rushed to him and asked “Is she there? How's she feeling now?"

“Errrr... First, I haven't seen her myself. She's being operated on and so we are in the same river of unpolished thoughts".

“So where was that you came out from?" She said with stuttered words as she glances at the entrance.

The single part of a double door opened from their far right. A man in his white lab dress, taking away his nose mask approached them.

“Thats the doctor." John said to his sister.

“The operation was successful as we had to remove almost five bullets from her. The most dangerous one was the stray bullet on her spine. She's lost blood but we've asked for support from the blood bank. She will be wheeled to her ward and then you can see her." He encouraged them with a smile.

They followed him to his office on the upper floor for further details on their mother's condition. The bill was laid before them and they suddenly bursted into laughter. Doctor wondering if there was any hidden joke on the bill he presented.

Obviously, they don't run a bank that they could suddenly go and withdraw from neither do they own any hidden investments. The doctor made it known to them that he wouldn't have attended to her without any upfront but because her situation was very critical and also on his oath, he had to do his best. She was on life support and also in a coma. Her little brother comforted her as they returned home after checking on their mother.

Days into weeks as they slowly rolled into months. With continuous and constant check up on their mother, she was yet to open her eyes to the real world and feel her surroundings. Indeed, the break from the outside world filled with stress was needed by her only with the scare guaranty that she would live and walk back on her feet. The results from the doctor kept getting scarier.

With a hard knock at the doctor's door, Desola walked in joyfully and sat like a boss lady that she truly is. One cannot be glittering and sparkling when their beloved is in an unappealing state with little or no hope. There could be an exception to the rule and that's exactly what the doctor was curious to know as he relaxed suspiciously in his chair. Still smiling, she brought out a cheque and signed right in front of him paying off all their hospital debts. Not forgetting to tell the doctor if there was any need for extra cash, he shouldn't hesitate to give her a call.

Everything happened like a flash before him. He couldn't get the opportunity to ask her where she got the money from before she bade him bye and in her words “I have to be somewhere very urgently. See you later".

Her story when narrated to him shook him to his heart and he had been merciful to her by doing all his best to survive her mother.

“I hope she isn't doing what exactly is on my mind." He smirked his lips. But that wasn't his business as long as there is cash inflow. Her appearance didn't make his conviction solid but he silently prayed she hadn't fallen into such wagons.

It was night as she prepared herself in her room. Dressed in an orange jersey and a tight blue jean to match, she took her backpack and shoes in the other hand. Eyes rolling round the room, she double checked if everything was perfect before she left. That's her trademark. The switch made a sound and suddenly the room went dark. Turning towards the hallway, she saw her brother standing before her. Like one who missed her stepping, admitted to him that she was frightened by his appearance.

“He is out there waiting." He said and turned his back at her and made his way to his room.

“I am so sorry I kept you waiting. I hope you aren't offended" she said with a chubby smile on getting to the living room.

“Not at all. Can we go now?" He asked.

“With all pleasure, Yes. We can and please don't take that long route we had the last time. It's too stretchy and tiring" she pleaded with Jack.

“On my honor!" He smiled.

One last yelling at her brother to remain indoors as always as she made her way out to his car with her hands interlocked in his.

With the silent ignition of the car, headlamp on, they zoomed off.

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