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Tuesday, 18 April 2017


As Desola pleaded and true to Jack's words, in no time they were at her usual venue. As if she wasn't welcomed enough, the loud roar from the people inside was enough to make her squabble her feet. She headed straight to the left corner and made her setup as she was ready in full armour to display what she knows how to do best. The charge from the audience didn't stop and got louder at every move she made. One last plug and the lights went off. In less than half a minute, the lights were back and she was seen in a different attire. To reassure the audience that she was still in game, she made a screech sound as she blasted through the speakers the biggest song on the street. That was definitely a club banger.

“She is one of the best DJs I've ever seen in the female category". An argument was about to take place with that statement from a fan of hers.

With many in support, others still had a reason for criticism. Not everyone can love you and not everyone you can please. The club was full till someone was choked and was taken out immediately to receive fresh air. Desola's aura was so incredible and unmatchable. She definitely knew how best to read the minds of the people.

This was her second major gig after her unimaginable success recorded in a small club for the first time. That was where she got to meet Jack who was interested in her.
Although she wasn't too sure of what he wanted when he made his approach but one thing was certain to her that she wasn't ready for anything called relationship.

Her application online got her squeezed to the club and was placed on probation before she could get her pay. She agreed to the deal stating that if the audience weren't pleased with her performance, she was to forfeit her pay. As stupid and risky as it seemed, she agreed not because she wasn't aware of the gravity of that deal but because she needed to survive her family. Her self confidence was on the high as she performed that night.

Jack confessed to her that for the whole years he's been attending the club, he hadn't seen any better DJ like her. She considered that a flatter and still had the normal impression that guys pull at ladies. He further introduced himself as a talent manager and was willing to work with her if she would. He dropped his card and that was the end of the conversation.

She partly smiled which graduated into laughter as she silently picked her bags and went away. This was business beckoning at her and she was ready to delve in.

“Welcome to the real world. Where life happens" she said to herself as she couldn't believe still.

Her brother wasn't pleased with her decision but what could he do as long as he doesn't have any other means of survival, he had to nod his head in the affirmative. “Good boy" she said with a little pat as she danced her way to her room. That night she slept very soundly and woke up the next morning with a bright smile.

The club hours ended and sooner, the place was empty with only the cleaners on duty. Bouncers were changed as the shifting goes by. She got home but later than her usual time. Definitely, John was curious of what could have delayed her return. But he was made to understand the nature of her new job was much more demanding than the usual office hours job. She was done with that life and had moved on. A situation led her to be rejected and another accepted her. She was fully focused on making a big name in the entertainment industry. A name to reckon with always. She needed to rest as she looked like a doctor on night duties.

At about half past three in the afternoon and convinced she's had enough rest, she went to have her bathe and the first yawn she let out set her aback.

“Girl, that's enough to wake the dead." She jested at the odour from her mouth. With a mouth washer, she squirmed herself and rinsed her mouth. Dressed in her small and casual wear, she sluggishly went to the living room and was amazed at the figure she saw. She stood, startled and furiated. The anger boiled in her as she didn't know which word to let out first. It was a surprise.

“Sister, you're awake. He's been here for almost an hour and I asked if he could wait till you're awake which he agreed" innocent John said.

“John, can you please go to your room. Thank you" she said to clear off any suspicions. She watched him as he left and made sure the sound from the door was loud before she began any move.

“I hope you weren't served anything. If you were, I hope you didn't take it because if you did, I will force them out of you" she said in a belted voice with anger written all over her to the aged man standing before her.

He could only give a sorry look as he let her have all she could say out of her belly.

“Oh! So you wouldn't answer me right? Don't give me that sorry look and expect me to gullibly fall for that. You think you can just disappear and appear like you're some flash voltron right? Or you were on time travel?" She still allowed her anger take a part of her and this time her words were almost loud. The silence he let out didn't make the atmosphere any better. She ordered him out and pleaded not to return. With a misty eyes, she watched her father walk out of the compound.

As soon as he was nowhere near her sight, she rushed into her room and let out all the tears she's been holding in. With no restraint, her brother knocked to gain entrance. She played smart as she wiped her face but the sniffing of her nose was enough for him to know she's been in tears. The twist of the key at the hole ushered John in as he stood like a soldier.

“For how long has he been a family friend?" He asked.

Her heart skipped a bit as she never knew how and where to start describing to him the whole incidence of their father's disappearance. Moreover, she wasn't in the best position to explain in details what happened. Their mother was still in coma.

“Was that what he told you?" She asked as she made a movement with her upper body.

“I could only have said that because he asked after the rickety car and looked around the house." John replied with a bounce on her bed.

“I must have slept so deep not to have heard footsteps" she smirked.

“Not really. His eyes wandered at every picture on the wall and at each, he smiled. He wanted to move around but I stopped him. I said “sir, I don't know you and you cannot walk in Here like you owned us. So please maintain your position". He stood still and smiled though I saw the shock on his face."

Desola smiled at his bravery and words. “I am proud of you. I'm really proud of you".

“He could only compare me to my father". He finished his words.

Only if he knew he was staring at his father. Her phone rang and it was her manager. John asked what he could do for their missed lunch and she responded with noodles. His face was lit as he made his way out of her room dancing. He hates having to prepare other foods as he always saw that as stress.

“Hi. Wassup with you?" She joyfully said.

“Only if you know the deal I just secured for you. You will jump right now and your head would touch the roof" he sarcastically said.

“This had better be something to wipe my misery away or else you would be the one doing what you just said" she replied in her own wits.

“There is a new club and lounge owned by a top notch and well groomed man in the country. It's the biggest I've seen here in the state. I applied and sent your demos and they just got back to me saying they are pleased to welcome us on board. You know what that means?"

She screamed out her lungs as she ran from one corner to another in her room. She asked several questions to be sure he wasn't pulling a fast prank on her.

“If you aren't sure, I will send you the contract via your mail. See for yourself and get back to me". She gladly ended the call and couldn't believe her eyes with the loads of benefits stated in the contract.

“This is my life!" She kept screaming out everywhere in the house.

“We are rich. We are in money. I am living my dying dreams!" She said with a loud scream to her brother as she shook him tremendously. She further asked him to increase the quantity of the noodles, he now had a better understanding of what she meant by "they are now rich."

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