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Saturday, 22 April 2017


Months later, her dreams realized in the physical before her. It wasn't a wish anymore but something she could feel and see. It was no longer that she got her new apartment fully paid with the help of her manager, Jack. But before leaving her former abode, she made sure every debt was paid to the last penny and even to supervise that the pumping machine was repaired and also offered to renovate the building as a form of appreciation to their landlord for his patience and understanding.

Work has deprived her from seeing her mother unlike her frequent visits before. Her sudden absence and busy schedule never went down well with John but he sure was an understanding boy and he proved that a lot as she was never worried that he was home alone judging from his age. She knew he was capable of making things right and taking good care of himself.

Her free entry to the UK was like she moved from her living room to the kitchen. She became everyone's favourite and sensation and never failed to deliver beyond their expectations. A certain time she was booked for three different occasions in a day.

Jack her manager, proved to her he doesn't indulged only in talent scouts but in businesses as well. He had on several occasions asked her to make solid investments and was certain her returns would be double the amount she received from her shows. “I will think about it wasn't far from her lips" as she always said to him to end that discussion. Soon she featured artistes to add a feather to her cap of achievements and also became a household name to reckon. She lit up the hopes of the young that would like to pursue their dreams and be like her through her life story that's she shared at an interview she granted.
Nevertheless, scandals never ceased to skyrocket as the media always had something to say about her. No matter how careful she was, there would always be an exaggerated headline and edited videos to nail her career down. Soon she stopped paying attention to the news and her silence didn't help matters at all as she stopped granting interviews. She was the. labelled as the arrogant woman who's ready to nosedive her career like others had done.

In the midst of all, her father never stopped persisting to see her and unite with his family but she wasn't having any of that at all.
On a particular day while performing, she saw her manager close to the stage and that was so unusual and so she sensed there was something amiss. Immediately she finished her performance, he informed her that John called and said their mother has been revived. She's opened her eyes and can feel her surroundings.

“Take me there now" she said to him and he immediately ordered their team to go home as he drove to the hospital. Desola's appearance was shocking to her mum as she said if not for a birth mark on her chin, she would have not known her daughter anymore.

“What happened to you? Why are you dressed this way?" She said in curiosity.

The doctor asked her to have enough rest before she delved into matters so as not to aggravate what's just been abated. She agreed as he had said and asked when she would be discharged. That was the last time she saw her daughter, Desola. She saw more of John and never failed to ask to know what has really happened all the while. John on instructions by his sister didn't say anything. Intelligently, he waived her off whenever she asked and would reply her to exercise more patience till she gets home. He jokingly asked her to respond well to treatments so she could leave the hospital on time.

Something Jack wasn't sure about but he was bothered greatly by her sudden drift from her real self. She's exhibited haracters he never knew she possessed. He could beat his chest and vouch for her on major accusations but he's not too sure he could do that anymore. Whenever reports gets out on the media and he asked her to confirm the authenticity, she always rebelled him and rebuked him never to be in her business anymore. To buttress his suspicions, she sacked him and paid him off as her manager. She announced she would be her own manager and further inquiries should be sent directly to her. That didn't stop Jack from always been around her. Although not in her face but always defended her in the little way he could. He would send her several messages which appeared as read but without any response. His message always came as a motivational speech telling to retrace her steps or else she would head for hard rock.

What the African man will call voodoo, he instantly knew she had caught the same fire and fallen in the same trend as the others. The typical behavior exhibited by youthful exuberance. She felt she's old enough to handle her own business and no one knew her better. The wealth and fame had gotten into her and she saw everyone as of little and no use. If you aren't talking mouth watering deals, then you are out. What he felt, was beyond helping and preventing her from falling too deeply in the mess. He had actually gotten attracted to her and he knew not in any best way to tell her because she at several times made it clear she was never ready for any relationship. She was too blind to see it. All he did and the deals he secured for her was done from the bottom of his heart as he never did anything benefitting to her on his selfishness. He remained true and loyal to her. But she despised him and sent him off at arms length.

She's engaged in some extra activities which were deadly to her. Her mother's call wasn't important anymore. As long as she sounded fine on the phone, that was all she needed to know. She wasn't moved by her family's presence as well.
It was time the club she's worked for to lay her off but because of her strong personality, it wasn't going to come off easy like that. They wanted to breach their contract with her but to be done outside the walls of a court or legal actions. They issued her a letter of representative in their sister branch in a European country. She gladly took the offer and off she went.

On the security check at the airport, the officials were alerted that she was in possession of hard drugs and should be checked. They did and carried out their duty based on the tip off.

"“Ma'am we will like to ask you follow us for questioning". The female officer said to her.

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