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Saturday, 22 April 2017


It had never happened in the history of her traveling. Never has she been stopped by road warders let alone airport officials. She kept her cool and followed them to a small room in it was just a table and a chair. She was asked to identify her bag which she did as they began thorough searching. She had two red bags and a smaller blue bag. In polite manner, they asked her to remove where she kept the hard drugs and go with little charges on her. It sounded so foreign to her as she knew nothing they said.

It took her no time to know something was fishy but she wasn't too sure. Fear gripped her and she knew she had been setup. Rigorous questions from the officers asking to say exactly where she had hidden the prohibited substances. She pleaded her course as been innocent but they dragged and threatened her she will spend the rest of her life behind bars if she doesn't comply.

Alas they found the white substance in packages and laughed amongst themselves. She fell on her knees and cried her eyes out. She still insisted on her innocence but the proof was enough to nail her down. She was in handcuffs as she was heavily guarded to their van and was whisked away. Unintentionally, she became a drama queen in the van which led to several stop over and threats to be careful with her words and actions as they can serve as grievous offences added to the former.

It was all over the news and media that the most popular female DJ was caught red handed with hard drugs and will be charged to court in no time. Jack tried in his capacity to prevent her family from getting wind of the sad news. It would cause more harm than good especially to ailing her mother. His frequent visit to her family's house wouldn't have been suspicious enough because he had turn to a son and was no stranger there. But John definitely knew something was up with his visits. On his way out during his usual visits, John pulled him aside and asked Jack to be sincere with his actions. For few seconds, he stared into John's eyes and explained everything to him. John immediately had a disappearing nervous remark and in return promised he would make sure his mum was left out of the drama. In the mean time, he turned his mum to a busy introvert. She too was curious why the doctor always came home to conduct her check up rather than she go to the hospital. John and Jack became great accomplice as they figured out what to do.

Out of love, he hired the best lawyer he had ever come across on her behalf without her request. He paid a visit to her while in prison and she could only sober herself on his shoulders. Still pleading her innocence, Jack surprised her by telling her he knew she was innocent. She withdrew herself from his shoulders and looked at him for a second.

“You believe me?" She asked curiously.

“Come on, I know if there's anything on this earth you should be accused of, it can never be drugs." He invited the lawyer and they assured her everything will be fine. All they needed from her was her maximum cooperation. Desola begged them on her knees to find the culprit but before he left, she asked him in whispers that she was broke and her accounts were placed on hold by the officials. Surprised, he asked if there was more to this that had to led to the seizure of her accounts. He vowed to fight on her behalf and make sure she soon became a free woman.

The managements of the HDO club where she worked and was on assignment for before her arrests cheered in their small basement somewhere far town. They had always wanted to terminate her contract but that would be off because it was backed by legal terms. It wouldn't help proceedings from their bar as she would definitely leak out that her contract hadn't expired before the sudden sack. In merriments, what they needed was just promotions using her personality and once that was done, they would employ another person of their choice. They knew the sentence was not going to be taken lightly and by the time she's out of jail, her fame would have weaned.

A loud megaphone popped and for a minute everyone in the room paused. The voice behind the megaphone was repeated asking each member to come out with their hands on their head as the basement was surrounded by law enforcements.
Jack, the floor manager for HDO club walked in with supports from the police and arrested everyone in the room. They showed them their search warrant and what they found was shocking. Not only white substances, but hard currencies and firearms. Everyone was taken away and Jack returned to the cantonment where Desola was been held. He asked the officials to have tested the white substance before arresting her and not just act childishly on tip offs. In the presence of the lawyer, they asked him to prove what he knows.

In his statement, he revealed he got wind of their plans when he was supervising a project. He immediately changed their hard drugs to a camouflage and less harmful white substance and kept it in Desola's bag. He couldn't have taken it away because he knew they would recheck to be sure they hadn't made any mistake. Those guys were smart. They apologized and released Desola on bail even when it wasn't necessary. She was asked by the lawyer if she was interested in suing them but she negatively affirmed. All she wanted was her freedom and not get herself in any mess but her name and fame had been tainted. How would she face her family and everyone who once believed in her?

Jack assured her everything had been fine and was settled. He reassured her he was ready to help her at any length and at no cost if only she's ready to. She couldn't thank him enough and cried profusely on him. She knelt before her mother and received her blessings. She's learnt her lessons and promised not to be overwhelmed by the fame anymore if given the chance to prove herself again.

Desola couldn't handle the fame and Jack knew definitely something close to this would happen as he was not new in the business. They always pry on the innocence of the newly gamed.
Her hefty father came from the inside and she was shocked by his presence. Her mother asked her to be calm as he had rights his wrongs. She glanced at John and she still saw his ever remarkable smile. She knew with all sense that everything was fine and went ahead to hug him but still demanded explanations which she was now ready to hear word for word.
He explained to her that he was forced to serve his master after he was unable to pay the loan he got from him which led to his sudden disappearance. He didn't mean to abscond just like that but it was very unfortunate that he had to at the time his wife was due labour for John. He went on and on and she was convinced painfully. Desola was comforted by Jack and her mother.

The reunion of the family wouldn't have been better as Jack declared his love for her at the garden. Although he wasn't sure if she was ready still, but he was certain that his mind would be cleared and freed from hoarding the feelings for too long. She didn't give him any answer to all he said and he felt disappointed as her silence meant to him; rejection. Instead she planted a kiss on his lips. His usual smile broadened in rhythm to the kiss.

Rising back to fame wasn't easy but she was ready to take the long road and go by whatever it would cost her. All thanks to Jack, her husband.



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