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Wednesday, 12 April 2017


Slowly he dragged himself to the door and he saw the men in their overall outfit. An immediate tap from his sleep if asked who they were needed no introduction as the logo on their overall did the talking. He slammed the door and went searching for the receipt as proof of payment in his mother's room. Minutes gone and still didn't return to the visitors who were on duty. He went back begging for more time to be sure of where it was as he searched in the unimaginable places. Efforts seeming to be futile, he resulted to his last lifeline; calling his mum on the phone.

One habit the children have always complained of is her inability to answer her phone on first and second attempt of immediate ring. Frustrated after trying over seven times, he begged the gentle men who actually were gentle and patient with him. Finally he dialed again but a male's voice was the receiver. Confused, he immediately aborted the call and checked if he dialed a wrong number. On his treat of confirmation, his phone rang bearing his mother's contact name. He answered and still heard the man's voice. If the phone was stolen, the thief wouldn't bother to call. Rather, the culprit would have done what's needful by doing away with the Sim card a long time ago.

“Hello, please am I on to the son of a woman who wore a blue native blouse and a mixed color wrapper today? He said in a familiar accent.

“Yes you are. I'm John by name." He responded calmly even if his countenance behind the phone was otherwise. Eager to know what was wrong, the caller broke a very sad news.

“I am sorry to inform you that she's just been rushed to the nearest hospital due to a fatal accident by some group of boys who had a clash. Unfortunately, she was the only victim who seem to have a very urgent attention. I called to inform you. Please take heart and I will forward you the address of the hospital as soon as I abort the call"

This could only happen perfectly in his imaginations. His mum had promised to return after she launched a hunt on one of her debtors. Biggest debtor at that. For years, she's been calm and patient enough to have only allowed her debtor pay not up to ten percent which had been exhausted a long time. Nevertheless, he had a situation at hand to settle.

The familiar men were power holding officials and were at the point of duty to disconnect their source of electricity. His inability to bring forth their last payment receipt left them no other choice than to do what they have to do. At his sight, he rushed outside and asked them not to disconnect their wires from the electric pole. It would only result to as false actions. He was sure they paid but all his words seemed like lies before them. He begged and his pleas fell on deaf ears.

He urged them to consider their previous and loyal payments as a chance to believing him. Still, they were adamant. Suddenly, he charged at them and what seemed like threat became serious. Soon, a scene was created. The neighbors pleaded but it only escalated when John proffered as an obstruction to the ladder of height. The men got angered and threatened to throw him out of their way. Considering he was of young age.

John yelled and told them to ask from the landlord if they weren't faithful to their obligations. If for this one you cannot forgive then what makes the officials convinced that they would be interested in paying their dues regularly anymore. He bluntly argued.
The noise woke the landlord's pregnant wife as she was irritated and headed to the source of argument. John narrated to her what the problem was and she immediately asked her youngest daughter to bring their own copy of receipt. The matter got settled at that instance.

With various but mild jubilations, he was encouraged by many and envied by some. Misjudged by others, they could only take that as lack of manners.

“You don't argue with your elders no matter the circumstance." A much older boy said.

“Yoi fight for the truth. Then leave it to take its course. He couldn't have put up such bravery if he wasn't sure of his deeds. So he's justified if you ask me". Another woman said.

On his way to the hospital as described by the text, he put a call through to his sister. Her phone was on silent. His eagerness and worry tripled. His sister would never take such message lightly. She could do worse things. Probably she's heard from the same man and have arrived there before him.

“So madam Roseline, can we discuss your salary now?" Just then she reached for her handbag and saw she's missed numerous calls from her brother. It has never happened. “It must be urgent" she said to herself. Then a text popped and she couldn't believe her eyes.

The HR noticed the sudden countenance and asked if she was okay. Roseline immediately pointed out her mother was in dire need of possible assistance. She further pushed if she could return for the interview if she goes to see her mum.

“Sure you can." The HR manager granted her to leave.

“Please do what you have to do. But I cannot guarantee your welcome when everything calms down". This was a confused state for her.

What she needed to take care of her mum is in her hands; her work. If she skips this, there's no guaranty she would be accepted when she returns. If she accepts to go ahead with the salary discussion, it would make her farther from her mum as she has to work thirty more days before she could get any money whatsoever for treatment.

“This is my life here" she said with a sorry face.

“I am fully aware. But your mother needs you now." The HR manager relied.

With teary eyes and red face, she could only comfort herself by staring closely at the HR manager. This was the decision she had to make.

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