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Saturday, 7 January 2017


I have uncountable times been told by people how I am the splitting image of my father and by my mum how much I am the splitting image of my dad's 'character'.

Neither of the two are wrong as I have reviewed and revised those of his I need to take with me and those I have but need to change overtime. You can say 'it is in the genes'. Well said.

And whenever I hear my mum 'abuse' my brother, I just laugh. She has also forgotten he's the splitting image of hers and character too. Often times I jest to her that she doesn't know she's seeing herself.

But have you wondered about a child raised by a single parent?

Hardly will you see them take after the counterpart's character which later would be a problem for them. That is because the person before them is a mirror placed everyday at anytime and anywhere. Even when they wish not to see them, they are there. You cannot take that away and you will also wonder why when you're being asked which you prefer amongst your parent. The reason you will opt for one and not the other is because you see that person more often than the other. That person is always there even when you're asleep to check you. You need a listening ear? You run to that person. You cannot do without going to that person.

If only we know the dangers we put our children into when such things like divorce and single parenting happen, I am sure we will fight to the last never for that to occur. These are things we wish not to happen but on what measure have we taken before such happen? Let's always remember we are not living for ourselves but for our children. They are the future God has placed in our hands to nurture. Why then is there so many chaos in the world?

THIS IS BECAUSE THE DEVIL HAS MANAGED TO DISINTEGRATE THE FAMILY BY ALL MEANS. To some extant he has succeeded and to another extent he hasn't. He has succeeded to those who don't know the impact of FAMILY.

If we want PEACE to REIGN in the LAND, then we need to teach every family member of ours LOVE. Our parents are who God has placed before us and we should take in their steps.


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