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Monday, 19 December 2016


My inner most me couldn't hide the joy I had knowing I was finally through with a seven year course. It has been rough, smooth and many hard times. Let me just say many waters have passed under the bridge. Though my first year in school was the best and the worst. I wouldn't have been called out for a first class award amongst many other accolades. I quickly tamed myself after I knew the university is totally different from secondary school. Thinking by raising hands to show you are brilliant was the best way to go. Not until I was invited and accosted on several occasions by some big guys on campus. Well, that's story for another moment.

I heard my name called out by a colleague. He beckoned on me to come be a part of a group photograph as I was the head of my department, there was literally no picture I didn't appear in. Extended to other departments.

"Mom meet Ayodele" Sarah tapped me from behind and introduced me to my mom. Well just to say that was my first gig on gaining admission into the university. From her manner of introduction, I could sense she was still over me. On countless basis we've argued and ironed out I was no longer interested in our relationship. Just platonic friendship will be okay. That was then. Maybe now that I am through, I could reconsider.

"Good afternoon ma" I feigned to prostrate when her mum quickly shoved her hand to me for a handshake. Well, that I could say; I was highly welcome. I could hear Sarah saying he's the boy I have always mentioned about to you. He is kind, caring. She rolled out all adjectives and even dished out some characters I wasn't sure I had. Maybe in the future days to come. Maybe. And in response, her mom said "whoa!". Not to sabotage the atmosphere, I played along like I was acting a script. And then the usual "she has said a whole lot about you and I can see she never told a lie". Literally I died and woke up and died again. So Sarah had been doing offline advertisement for long without charges.

"Do you mind I invite you for dinner? I must say. As a form of appreciation for taking care of my daughter". What did I just hear? I looked at Sarah and she was thirty two teeth out smiling for Africa. "It's God ma. I wouldn't have done that if she too didn't show a trait of a good girl from a good home." I emphasized on the good home and concluded with "it's in the blood ma"

I skipped giving a reply accepting the humble proposal. As a sharp dude that I am, I launched my missile of escape by saying I needed to join another group photograph and organize my department for that. Group photograph that I had partaken. I hissed in my mind.

"Okay dear. No problem about that. But don't forget about the dinner. I will pass any information concerning that through Sarah". BOOM! My missile hit perfectly.

Soon we headed home and I slept all through the journey. The loud sound crack from our gate woke me up. I turned my hand like it was a rotor just to check my wristwatch. Obviously I wasn't awoken fully. Did our dog Harpo also knew that day was my convocation? He welcome us very differently. He kept on wagging its tail and insisted he followed us in. Good things are contagious.

"Congratulations brother". I received a warm hug from my sister who couldn't come because she had an exam. I thanked her and staggered myself to the bedroom. My head was very heavy and all I wanted was to sleep. Talk about food; I care less. Shower; that will be tomorrow. I would bathe everything tomorrow. I was so lazy because of the pint of alcohol I had. I am allergic to alcohol but I kept on deceiving myself saying the capacity of my head can withstand any gigabyte of alcohol. Well, there I was.
The following day was a Saturday. I got up from bed past eleven and I was shocked at the gory sight of my bed. I had thrown up everywhere. Not that alone, I even rolled myself in that piece of rubbish. What a total shame on me. I knew the next line of action and any second later, my mum been the usual visitor to my room can show up anytime coupled with the fact that I hadn't gone downstairs and it's late in the morning. True to that, I heard her stamping towards my room. She paused and would walk again. That phone call must have been either important or very interesting. I dashed in and out of my bathroom, searched my wardrobe and in less than thirty seconds, I was done. I am left with one thing. The smell on my body. But by then she was close to my doorstep.
She heard the rush from the tap in the bathroom and said "Ayo you're still bathing? Be fast about it and breakfast is ready". It worked. If I didn't open the tap, she would have barged into my room. After confirming her steps were withdrawn. I eventually went to bathe and would do justice to the bed spreadings later.

"Ayodele, I just spoke with Mr. Hassan and he said your call up letter will be ready in three weeks time". I was still transiting down the stairs when he said that.

"Morning dad"

"Hmmm... Good morning" his mouth full of food he struggled to reply.

"I hope you didn't forget our agreement dad". I smiled and adjusted the chair. He looked at me like he was induced. I winked at him and tried all gestures to keep my mum in the dark but to no avail. This time, my mum was already aware of our gestures and asked why she's been kept in the dark.

"Nothing mum. I already asked him for a favor which he promised and it's nothing too serious".

"Ayo, you know me well oo. By the time I pounce on your dad, he will vomit that secret appointment you both have". The drama queen we have in our house; I begged her not to pounce on him. Before she will pounce on him, he should have fulfilled his promise then she can go ahead.

"You see my wife, when men decide to talk it means you women are excluded. Which is why me and my son would discuss later on that". She laughed and said "have you forgotten I birth both of you? Including Tope. So I am your mother and I demand to know something if not everything".

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