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Saturday, 12 March 2016

Some Wrongs Before The Rights

"I can't continue any longer with you. I can no longer keep up with your infidelity. It's not what I thought it would be after all." Those were the words that were uttered from a wife and mother of 5 children.

She thought getting married to him will make everything better and even having children for him.
There's no morning she doesn't wake to shout. Due to her ignorance. Living in a rented and indecent apartment. This weren't her hopes and the brighter future she wanted.
"Things will get better were all the things he said to her".
Asides from quarrelling over little things which ordinarily shouldn't, he once said "Maybe you weren't just meant to be mine".

P.S: This is an excerpt from one of my underground project.

The best things of life are so free. Take a good look at life! Life; you don't need to pay for it. Likewise you're breathe. Isn't God too wonderful?
When your hopes are high towards something, it's very possible you don't get what you want. This is so because your level of anxiety is aroused and you might mistake the wrong one for the right.

The woman I question here has always wished for a beautiful and bright future. A learned and well educated woman who went for her "dreams" and fell into the wrong hands of monsters in sheep clothing. She took this ambition too far by getting pregnant for her lover. Of course she was so sure he was the right one for her.

And after all said and done, she thought everything will be so good in marriage. His attitudes will change when they are together under the same roof.

No matter how bad or good a partner is, once you notice some bad characters while courting and you've talked it out with them, and yet no sign of pisitive change(s) instead, it's derailing; then you need to go for counselling or do what's right. No two wrongs can make a right and no high negetavity slide can make the positive make good impact.

You just have to be wise when choosing and selecting. It's cool to play the "hard-to-get" game. But when it becomes way too much, do something about it. Most dudes are not willing to be the reason for their predicament but they just need a listening ear and someone who will believe in them.

Guys cry! I hope you know that! As fragile as the woman's heart looks, so it the man. We just tend to have a bold face and that's why we are men.

Ladies, when choosing, make sure you pray fervently and be spiritually alert. It shouldn't even take a long time before you know he's the one or she's the one. That peace sign will be so imminent and you will know they are the right one.


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  1. God's time is the best
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