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Friday, 23 September 2016

The Ditch "I" - Part 1

I was on the internet yesterday and I saw a post of a very rich and classy handsome Nigerian guy. Igbo to be prรฉcised. He is the younger brother to an elder brother. By now you should know who I am I am talking about and whoever comes to your mind is who I am referring to. LOL!!! The picture showcased him, his elder brother and their mum by the pool side. And when I looked closely, I saw lots of advanced gadgets on the table. And stretching my eye, behind them was a black Mercedes bus parked amongst other exotic cars beside a very big mansion. I decided to continue reading and then I got to the comments section. I couldn’t but see how much rages were fired from people either out of enviousness or hate with lots of anger. I just wouldn’t know why. But one comment caught my eye which was “we aren’t taking any of all these to heaven. It is vanity upon vanity.” A reply to that comment said “even the phone you used to post this comment, you aren’t taking it to heaven. So enjoy your life”.

To me, that was E.O.D (end of discussion). I mean, we are all entitled to OURSELVES and whatever CHOICES we decide to make. It either for our benefits or not. And we alone will bear the consequences.

Nothing good comes so easy. And if you want to confirm, ask the gold. The gold surely has gone through lots of beatings and shaping and carvings before looking so bright and glaring at sight. When the end product is out, we stare so much we are always in awe. But we forget who carved it out. It sure didn’t carve itself and out itself into that fire and came out despite those harsh conditions it went through. Someone definitely did that.

We are definitely like the gold. We were born into this world with raw talents and skills and acquisition by our master and creator, God. Just like the parable Jesus gave in the bible, the multiple talents. Everything good must have gone through something before it’s so beautiful at sight. Everything God created is beautiful and marvelous in His sight.

While we are now on earth, we are now compelled to succeed and even without being told, with everyone and with the influence of society and community, we also desire good things by the sight of things we see. And then we pray so hard we neglect things and begin to bargain with God. Hannah needed a child and she became desperate for the child she bargained with God; if she has a child, he automatically becomes His.

We never forget to fast and pray all for our breakthrough not also leaving out our supposed “enemies” as we push more energy on them believing we are not where we ought to be because of them. Well, if you ask me it mostly because we are not living by God’s principles. We also run from pillar to post and our ears are so straight to hear God speak. We always want that and that’s the very time we become humble. Mountains upon mountains to the extent we are even recognized by those mountains. Mind you, I am not against all these. If you will follow me, you will understand what I am about to point out soon to our own understanding and knowledge.

When the children of Israel were in the wilderness, they always cried lout to God and in His infinite mercies he heard them and always spoke to them through His servant, Moses. When the Children of Israel were in the land of Egypt, the Lord remembered his covenant he had with their forefathers. To those who followed and worshipped Baal of Peshor, they were destroyed. That’s the same with us. When we are waiting and seeking God’s face, we feel it is too long and not necessary. We begin to feel that we are much wiser and better than God who instructed us to wait. Then we go for other options by worshipping smaller gods. We all want riches and wealth but in our impatience, we do all sort of uncalled things out of wrong desperation.

In Deuteronomy, from the beginning of the chapter 4, we see how Moses was instructing the children of Israel on whites ahead of them. The Promised Land which they are about to cross into and possess. He also made mention that those commandments must be taught and passed on to their children and off springs to come. I see teenagers become so rebellious that they think the wrong is the good. They’ve taken the abnormal as the norm. We are being corrected and molded by our parents. Although they might look harsh and stern to us but we have no choice than to do them because it’s of more benefits to us. This is the commandment if God to us and permit me to say that’s what some Americans are actually missing out. They’ve kicked out Christianity among themselves and so why would they know the commandment which God has asked us to keep?

If we read on to Deuteronomy 8 Moses gave some stern warnings to the children of Israel. The stern warnings is the DITCH “I”. You are wondering what that is. I will break it down to you.

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  1. Great read, man.๐Ÿ™Œ Thank you. God bless you ๐Ÿ™