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Friday, 13 May 2016

Who Am I?

Sometimes I wonder why I have to exist. And why I even still exist. What has my existence ever done to the planet earth? Does it even look like I'm here to make any difference at all?

This and many more question has one way or the other found creepy legs in our thoughts. There's virtually no human that can detest that. There's a new trend outside that goes "who you epp?". And if you will ask yourself. Who has existence "epp"?
Even Judas who betrayed Jesus; the betrayal wouldn't have taken place if he had no existence So you see, one way or the other our existence means something. For good or for bad.

Often times we decide to choose lucre which are absolutely bad. We chase after what's not and what isn't for us. You just can't run another man's race. It's so impossible. And when you're down on your knees, it almost seem like God is taking a nap or the transportation of your prayers are having technical issues. Don't you worry for long. They will move at a faster pace once you you do what's right. We pray sometimes for what God never said we should. And we ask sometimes for the right things at the wrong time. And most of all, we ask for the wrong things and the wrong time.
Only if God can take a cite a day as excursion for we humans to see what store room each and every one has. The beauty and riches we have in Christ. We can't accomplish anything without him. And that brings me to the question


Until you can answer that question, we will keep wandering in circles without any way out. He problem with humans is impatience. We are so impatient that often times we tend to duplicate what others have done. And believe since it worked for them, definitely it can work for you. Yes! The most consistent saying is "keep believing. Just because someone has succeeded in that field doesn't mean you too can't".

That's right. But is that actually your field of success? That's the question that should be on our lips.

Scientist have it that whenever sperm is released through the man's ejaculation, and it hits the woman's egg(s), there's a function of light spark. Now it takes the fastest sperm to cause such reaction and to fertilize the woman's egg. Isn't that more than a race? Millions of sperm are released in an ejaculation and just one needs to do the fertilization.

What does this mean to you?

It means at the man's ejaculation, there's a release of gun shot which serves as the beginning of the race for million of sperm. And at the spark of light on the woman's egg signifies a sign of victory.

Jeremiah 1 vs 5 says "Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations".

So before the man even ejaculated, there has been a designated sperm that will win the race. For that sperm to fertilize the egg which brings about you and I, God has a better plan for you and I.
So you see why you can't afford to covet? You see why you need to stay in your own lane? Why you need not to make life hard?
I do say to people. Life isn't hard. It's we humans in it that choose to make life hard and complicated.

Knowing who you can take a long process and vice versa. Whichever, depends on you. Asking God for directions and to make his purpose in your life known is one way to go about it.

Know what you want and what you need. This way, it helps you know the rubbish from the trash. And the sense in every nonsense.

Knowing who you are, absolutely makes you be at ease when setting your goals. And not just setting them, accomplishing them. If Nigeria as a nation doesn't know it's worth, probably it would have copied China's budget or even the great America.

Knowing who you are depends on your inner self. It doesn't just happen at the split of seconds. You won't confuse your existence with anybody's.

Dig deep and go out to reach people who can help you define yourself. Who can see every good in every wrongs you make. No two wrongs can make a right. Be careful who you roll with. Be careful who you share your self with because there are many wolf in sheep clothing.

Be rest assured that the assignment God has ordained for you will surely come to pass irrespective of any bad plans. Also know God hasn't called us out to pray out our plans; but to pray out his purpose.



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  1. "Also know God hasn't called us out to pray out our plans; but to pray out his purpose."
    You hit the nail on the head with that 🙄