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Friday, 20 May 2016

Why Steal From What's Yours?

What I'm about to say: doesn't mean I support or disagree with anything. It's just my opinions being aired.

I must admit I am a big time food lover. Can't get to quit eating in volumes because of exercises. At least, if I have to have a fat belly it means I am rich. LOL! Just as my favorite part of my father's house is the kitchen and I'm actually thinking when my house is to be designed, well... You know the rest.

You might have heard of this statement one way or the other. "HOW DO YOU STEAL FROM WHAT'S YOURS?"
Yeah! That's right. There's no misappropriated word there.

I made egg sauce this morning without me having my bathe yet. I did that so once I'm done cleaning myself, I will have that wonderful breakfast without delay. Joyfully, I diced and sliced all the neccesities and BOOM! It was done in few minutes.
Meanwhile, I had to run errands for my Dad and serve his breakfast too. Waiting for the kettle's whistle, I noticed the egg staring at me and I couldn't get my supposed glance off. It was so attractive.

Then an idea halted into me. Eat litle out of it. It's yours. So why waste your time? I didn't even give it half a second thought before I started picking from the edges.

You're getting bored right?

To cut everything short, it dawned on me that since the egg was mine and I had made it in a nice way I shouldn't have done that! Why? That's the question I asked out aloud like I had another partner there.

What's mine will be mine right? No doubt because no thief whatsoever, whosoever and from whereever will have permission to what's mine. I wanted to satisfy my immediate urge of hunger which literally I wasn't hungry that much. But suddenly, with the sight of the egg sauce it looked like I was an ulcer patient. Eventually, when I was set and done to devour the breakfast, I wasn't fulfilled. I mean I wasn't satisfied. I had to look for another support.

That's how SEX is. SEX is like an everlasting magnet which sometimes doesn't have a repel force. It's always attracting no matter the pole. Some says being a celibate works. Cool! With the help of God. And can I add that if you don't decide deep down in your heart to be a celibate, you won't achieve it.

Some says SEX before marriage is not bad. As a matter of fact, it's appropriate. To some cultures and beliefs, it's to know If your man is strong enough in bed or impotent and to some is to know if your woman to be is really a virgin.
I want to believe that what God created is beautiful. All his creations have reasons and that's why he gave us dominion over all. He said we are the apple of his eye so I see no reason why God will give you something which is bad.

You don't need to have SEX before you know the woman or man you really want to be. The problem is once your SEX mode has been activated, your sex urge(s) are not going to stop coming. Infact they will embark on full rage of armies displaced all around you left with no option than to surrender. You seriously don't need SEX as a determinant of whom you will marry. SEX is more spiritual than physical. It is beyond just the opening of the female organs for the grand entry of the male organs.

You might want to ask me. What if you find out your partner or yourself is having SEX problems?

I will give details in my next post.


  1. Akin God bless you, some people even say some couples in the Bible weren't married, that civilization brought about marriage, and I am like how can civilization bring about marriage abi civilization brought about sex before marriage, most people don't understand sex as being more spiritual than physical, they do not see beyond the sweetness of sex...... true that!

  2. I don't know why people keep nursing this mentality of "SEX before marriage isn't bad". True! It might not be bad before you but it a big sin before God.
    Apparently, people say sex is sweet. Yes, sex is sweet and delicious for the legible couples...married couples.
    See, if you don't know, SEX is SPIRITUAL.
    SEX is a COVENANT between two people only (A married man and his wife).
    However, people need to start seeing, believing and understanding sex as being more SPIRITUAL than PHYSICAL (Thanks, Tope for that).
    You don't have to steal sex, I see having sex before marriage as a theft from God, you are stealing God's GIFT because SEX is a gift from God for the MARRIED.
    Get it now or never!
    Understand it now or never!

    God bless this blogger for this post.
    I love it!