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Friday, 20 May 2016

Why Steal From What's Yours? II

Or maybe I need to rephrase that. WHY STEAL FROM WHAT'S MEANT TO BE YOURS?

Yes and right. That egg was meant to be mine. As a matter of fact it was mine. That represents your partner. Either you know or have met them. It has a simple logic. There's no human that doesn't get hungry. So in that, we eat to satisfy and grow ourselves. Likewise SEX. We have urges at different times and awkward times. But we can subdue that. Once you activate, you won't stop having urges.

SEX before marriage becomes more like an addiction especially to those who don't even have plans of settling down. You will ask some and they will say "please I just want to have my time while I'm still here". Another when asked will say "life is beautiful and the ladies in it. So I want to enjoy both". You hear funny overrated things which shouldn't be accepted no matter what.
In my previous post, I said I was going to talk about sex problems. Which may be premature ejaculation and all. I don't want to dwell too much in that. But God who brought you bot together knows definitely there's a solution somewhere. He won't bring you this far and leave you halfway so you deal with it all alone. Some are lessons to be learned and some others; to prove God is supreme.

SEX before marriage. You're sharing a whole lot of things with the other person. They might not manifest immediately but they sure are waiting for you until you seek genuine repentance from God. You've wondered why you aren't progressing spiritually? You wonder why you suddenly started acting strange?

Do you not know that your bodies
are members of Christ? Shall I then
take the members of Christ and
make them members of a harlot?
Certainly not! Or do you not know
that he who is joined to a harlot is
one body with her? For "the two,"
He says, "shall become one flesh."
But he who is joined to the Lord is
one spirit with Him. Flee sexual
immorality. Every sin that a man
does is outside the body, but he
who commits sexual immorality sins
against his own body. Or do you not
know that your body is the temple
of the Holy Spirit who is in you,
whom you have from God, and you
are not your own? For you were
bought at a price; therefore glorify
God in your body and in your spirit,
which are God's. - 1 Corinthians

Another one...
Yes, you read that scripture
correctly, he that has sex with a
harlot (prostitute) becomes one
body with her. And since she has
had multiple partners that became
one with her, you become one with
all of them. By committing
fornication you are taking what
belongs to Christ and giving it to
whoredom. This scripture does not
apply just to harlots. It applies to
everyone. This is why Apostle Paul
stated the following, "lest, when I
come again, my God will humble me
among you, and I shall mourn for
many who have sinned before and
have not repented of the
uncleanness, fornication, and
lewdness which they have
practiced". - 2 Corinthians 12:21.
He refers to this behavior as
uncleanness. God speaks strongly
against fornication throughout the
Bible. It is not a gray area that He
tip-toes around. There are
numerous passages that forbid
fornication. "But fornication and all
uncleanness or covetousness, let it
not even be named among you, as
is fitting for saints;" - Ephesians
5:3. God even refers to evil nations
as harlots, "For true and righteous
are His judgments, because He has
judged the great harlot who
corrupted the earth with her
fornication; and He has avenged on
her the blood of His servants shed
by her." - Revelation 19:2.

In my next and ending post, I will highlight the consequences and to those who think they've lost their virginity and all is lost. Hang on! There's still hope.

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  1. You're a tease; cutting the article short and all. Lol. ON TO THE NEXT POST!!