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Sunday, 4 September 2016

Give me not what I WANT, LORD

Many times, we desire so much what we want. That's obvious right? We desire because we think we actually need it or because we feel others who aren't as privileged as we got it, so we have to. But we mostly fail to desire what God actually wants for us. When we desire or rather when our desire goes way beyond, it becomes desperation and it might surprise you to see God will actually grant our heart desire.

I know you are reading that first paragraph and wondering what I'm saying. Probably you're thinking I am contradicting myself. Well, be it unto you so you receive understanding and not just understanding alone; but to act according to his word. Let's go through some process(es).

We all know Samuel very well. I'm not talking about your neighbor or friend. Samuel the anointed in the Bible. His birth and his calling. But something happened. In 1Samuel8 we could read how Samuel was old and he made his sons judges over Israel. How his sons also didn't walk in his ways and then the elders of Israel came up to him to sought for them a king. They needed a King so they can be governed and ruled. Samuel did make inquiry on behalf of them to God and the instruction he received was to heed to their cry.
If you read in the subsequent chapters, you will read of how God already had a King for them. But he was preparing him because he was a man after God's heart.

God did warn them of their own choice of king through Samuel. From 1Samuel 8:11, Samuel gave the criteria of the king they were about to have. But would they listen? I guess not. And why wouldn't they? It was because out of their desperation, anything goes. And many times we've been in their position before. Out of desperation we seek God to give us what we think is the best and yes he would give us. And when we are stucked in the middle of the road, we cry out in all of our strength to God to take control. Little did we know that we didn't seek God's opinions first when we needed or went with our own instinct and decision.
Eventually Saul was presented to them and the worst of all happened to them ever since. Before David the one after God's heart was indeed delivered to them as restoration.

In 1Samuel 13 it was about the reign of King Saul. King Saul's dynasty. And when we read further, we see how Samuel instructed him and he failed to hearken.

There are some thoughts about King Saul and Israel

1. God knew Israel will demand for a king. He knew the type they needed. Saul was actually looking for his father's donkey when one of his servant mentioned to him about a prophet who would tell them where the donkey was. God indeed knew there wasn't any way he would bring Saul over to them unless what is dear to his Father, Kish gets lost.

2. The people of Israel were influenced by the bad behavior of Samuel's sons behaviors. So they asked him to get them a king not minding who he was. If he was God's chosen or not.

When we think we want something and God actually gives us, we obviously think it's the right thing. Remember, we know we want those things but did we ask God if it pleases him? If we read the 1st chapters of Samuel, we see all that the children of Israel did. He didn't hesitate to give them what they want because they weren't patient enough. Most times we feel there's a delay on what God has promised us or it's looking bleep at the front and we think maybe you misheard his promised wrongly. But no! He knows why those obstacles are there. In all we do, we can't put God out. Permit me to link this story with America right now. I pray the citizens of America will choose for themselves one after God's heart. One who will restore Christianity back to the foundation and root. One who will be patient to listen to God and all his will.

And I also pray out of desperation, we won't ask God for what's not ours. I pray also, He won't give us what we want. But He gives us what He wants for us!