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Friday, 1 July 2016

I Am Not Odejimi - Episode 12

My father strolling down the stairs. I've totally forgotten he was around. He came earlier during the noon hours and I remember my Mum telling me of such. But I was so preoccupied with many things.
I was startled at his deep voice and greeted him in a sorry manner. Before I said my verbal sorry words, he had approached me and patted me with his apple on the other hand.
He kept on admiring and couldn't hold his joy of how much pride he had in his son.

"When your mother brought me here, I thought I was in another paradise." That sofa he sat on made that noise which proved he just came from the village.
Thinking it was a cane chair.
He took another crunchy bit audible enough and continued what he was saying.

After giving me updates of the new developments the village had worn, the king's affairs and even leveled it down to Ajoke, I knew he was starting a fire that wouldn't be easy to quench. So I thought.
Stylishly, I bade him goodnight. It was past 12 and God knew what time I would be up to meet up with my new slotted time given to me by my boss.
I slugged into my big bed that could make comfortable for 3 people and zoomed into another world.

A spoon fell and made a loud noise. A sleeping baby would have heard that. I woke up to check my time. It was just 5am. I got out of the bed like one who had been sleeping on bees. Headed to the bathroom and in less than 15 minutes I was done. 5 minutes or less was enough to wear a native. That's why I love native wears. No need to be worried about rumples of shirts or even getting the tie knotted well. Tilting the head upwards like one who wants to be pierced a hot knife. I was downstairs only to see my Mum preparing breakfast for me. In fact, she was done. I was astounded with mixed reactions either to smile or to hug her or even cry. I was 2 steps away from the dining and was staring at her endless movements from the kitchen to the dining to and fro.

Should I go sit and have the breakfast or I tell her I wasn't hungry? The thoughts I couldn't settle with.
Finally I moved my heavy feet to the table and kept on showering praises on her. I wished I didn't have to disturb her for my breakfast. She just wouldn't allow me have anything outside the four walls of my house. The special moments with her during the breakfast was spectacular as it kept on banging in my head. I would have hit a truck coming towards the opposite direction if not for the full headlamp shown on my face. Didn't know I was on the wrong lane. "I need someone indeed".

Finally, I was at work and I met my hardworking boss. She actually apologized to myself and the remaining 6 members she had to put on tough and awkward resumption time. Reasons are we needed attendees and sole representatives for a huge contract for the company. Being the first time in a long while and existence. To make this transformed into the reality, we needed each Head Of Departments and magnification of files. While still addressing us, the office hone rang and I could hear "yes ma... We are on our way". That was the call from the Head Quarters questioning our preparations. That's the life we live in. Today rossy and not all time enjoyments.

All things went faded before my very eyes as I was lost into another world. I could only see blank walkers here and there and jubilations. Each and everyone jumping and taking turn for handshakes, others doing the hug. The ring from the phone had me jump from my chair. It was all a dream. I had slept off while finalizing the reports for the last quarter. "Woah!" Was what I could utter to the person on the other hand while cleaning my face.

I quickly put a call to mama I would be home late or rather won't be home at all. "Where to my son?"
"We are heading to Abuja. This is really a huge contract and we need to defend this amidst other competitors and rivals."
"My prayers are with you don't worry"

"That's my Iya for sure. I trust you for that" I could hear the shattering sounds of cutlery.

It was past 8 and the next available flight is less than a hour from that. I was tremendously nervous. It was my first time of working outside my usual box. Going through another procedure and even talking convincingly for proposal to be accepted. The last time I stood talking convincingly was when I was representing my department for a debate. Now this phase has a different look. All eyes will be on me and even as a team leader.
While the plane was taxiing, I was constantly reminded of how hard I needed to go on the rivals and how important it was to the company. I started getting sick of their commentaries.

We zoomed into the main building and was humbly welcome before directed to the conference room where we had booked our seats. We were distinctively different amongst the people seated in there. The companies and their representatives present all had a unique style of dressing. Same color of suits and even men's shoes. I kept on viewing and feeding my eyes while I saw the entrance door flung open again for another set of representatives. Now, the conference room was full and I could see the arranged seat were enough for each and everyone without any left.
Then the director as I supposed, walked in stylishly and elegant with pride all over him. I could detect that just as he was wearing a shoulder padded coat and not a suit. After less introduction, he sets the ball rolling.

I just couldn't stop at my glances and amazements the way presentations were rolling from left to right. Debate days flashed back and I can barely tell the difference. "This must worth billions of naira as a deal" so I thought to myself.

It was our turn and been the final presenter and defendant, I knew it must be a good one. It just have to be. One way or the other. That resounding clap, I want to hear it.
I mounted the pulpit with a hundred percent confidence and pride. With my heavy like file containing different design pictures and even accurate price quotation. Half way into the ball played by me, I could see heads just going like a pendulum. This shows in the affirmative and I was impressed with myself. "Was I the one handling this presentation?" Well, my mother's prayers are really working for me.

My disastrous fall dawned on me and I abruptly made a eye contact with a Queen. A beautiful princess. She was more than a damsel. After my mother, she's the next goddess. What made me lose control physically was the face seemed familiar somewhere. And that was how I ended my fantastic presentation with a salt at every one's mouth. I was too eager to un-mount myself and just question her identity and existence.

After on spot screening, we were reduced to 3 companies with good presentation and our company was spare headed. My mother's prayers still at work.
As I saw the branch manager walking towards me, I quickly acknowledged "yes ma'am! I know it wasn't to your expectation but I..." She cuts me off

I dislike when she gives that stern look. But this time that stern look meant something different entirely. Tilting my head to the right waiting for the next bombshell, all she could say was "congratulations.. That we made it through"
Seriously? Was that it? Why was she hard in the first instance? Guess she needed some happiness lessons. During the 15 minutes recess, I came across the stunning lady that caught me off guard as she left for the elevator.

"Errm... Excuse me please" I said running towards her as she was walking faster this time. Like she was about to be kidnapped.
My boss was dismayed as she waved her hand like "what's wrong with him?"

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