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Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Paracetamol For All HeadAches?

A step mum once abused a child beyond measures. She went as far as putting her hand into his eyes and amputated his legs. Just a 21 months old baby. What was the cause? Because he was crying profusely and his mother went across the street to buy his diaper. She disliked noise and she didn't know of any best way to calm the crying child other than going with what deadly thought came to her. She was too quick to have done that before she knew she was doomed!

They say the most quiet people are the deadliest. I don't doubt that. And do you also know empty barrels make the loudest noise? Right from Elementary you knew that.

What could they have meant by the empty barrels makes the loudest noise? You put an empty barrel close you and yet your volume 5 on your home theater is louder than that empty barrel. You just did the literal action.
But put your ears close to the barrel, and hit it from the outside. You don't need any body to tell you how the vibrations are so eminent. The empty barrel just doesn't stop making that "ho-ho-ho-ho-ho-ho" noise.

But breaking it down from the parable angle, it means those talkative; those who are everywhere, talk at anytime, anyhow and anywhere always have baseless and pointless things to say. You wake up today and then you set a goal. You keep telling yourself and boasting of how tremendous your goals are. You didn't make efforts anyway anyhow to achieve it into reality. But 5 years down the line, you keep pressing the reset button to that same goal which means you haven't been able to accomplish number 1 of that written goal. That's an empty barrel.

My brother came up to me one day and requested for a particular thing. He said he needed it so urgently. I asked him to find out how much it cost and give me feedback. He actually did and I was about giving him the exact amount for it. But then I felt a grip. I told him to come back for it. Days later, I saw him with a particularly devotional. He had bought 4 of that devotional which cost was above the amount of that need he asked me of. I was surprised and angry at the same time and I wanted to react immediately. I kept my cool and was contemplating if he had done the right thing. God's word yeah right? He wanted to share it with friends. But then again, this particular thing he needed didn't cost up to that.
At first I was convinced he had done the right thing. By buying it and wanting to share it. But you know, that was just a WANT. His NEED which he didn't attend to was laying there and he was expecting me to give him that amount.
I suddenly walked up to him and asked him why he did that. I told him those books, he could have gotten it later and gone for what he needed.

If I had reacted to the way I felt immediately I found out, I would have caused more damage with my words and even with my action most especially. I would have over reacted because his disturbances were too much concerning what he asked of me.

I'm saying always take precaution before any action. You might just realize that planned action wouldn't have been much needed. It could have burnt down and torn things apart. A little thought would go far other than your FIRST REACTION. True, humans are made to make mistakes that can even hurt you to your marrows. And you just suddenly want to kill the person. If you check out wife stabbers and those who beats child(ren) to stupor when arrested and statements withdrawn, it would just be over a very minute matter that wouldn't take 5 minutes to be resolved. You hear of how domestic staffs or workers gets punished. There was a case of a little girl who earned severe burns from her boss. She allegedly poured hot water on her because she wasn't quick to turn off the gas and the kettle was whistling away. When asked where she was, the domestic worker said she was attending to her boss's baby. Just that!!

A lawyer also taking her husband's life and making him go beyond with several stabbings. One who knew the gravity and weight of the law. It could have happened to anyone.

Result into thinking before carrying out your actions. Many times you want to make that quick action to the way the situation was. If you check it out, if that action was made you might just realize that it wasn't even necessary at all. I am a living witness to that. I don't jump into actions just like that. Those close to me can actually testify.

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