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Sunday, 21 February 2016

I Am Not Odejimi - My Evolution series 5

Just as I was about popping the question out, I felt an automatic pause button in me. I just suddenly didn't ask. We kept on touring the campus till she self acclaimed she was tired. She needed to sit.

I suggested we sit under the big mango tree not far from the laboratories. This mango tree doesn't seem any different from the village one. Though it looked bigger in my sight. I remembered baba mi once said there's the male and female type. Well who cares at that moment?
I was still checking for a good place to sit when she had already retired herself into one of the molded chairs. The chairs appeared so real. Molded chairs? I asked myself. In sculptural forms. As I laid myself to sit, I could feel the coldness of the blocks. Smooth and well refined. Who could have thought of doing this? This human actually deserved an award.
You wouldn't blame me at that moment. I'm just coming from the village and I've never seen such before.

"Se e sun ni? Are you sleeping?" I asked her. She checked me through the corner of her eyes and even bolted up herself well. I just didn't get the reaction.
Having talked halfway and no response from her I was furiated.
"This girl is spoilt oo. She can even sleep anywhere at anytime" I said in my dialect.
She still didn't give any reply.
We were like that for 20 minutes and I was fed up.
In my head, I was drawing a map of how we came to that spot. So in case, I will know how to retrace my steps back to the hostel. I did this peacefully and the thought of Ajoke wouldn't just go like that. Not even her thought alone but the way I saw her the other time.
I hope that guy isn't planning to marry her already. It shouldn't be so. Didn't know when I said it out aloud.

Finally! She's awake! She adjust herself from the chair and was looking like one in a strange land.
"Welcome back" was what could spit out from my mouth.
"Did I go anywhere?" She retorted back
"Well maybe you didn't but you also did"

Now her eyes are wide open and I could see her clearly. She has this big and accurate eyeballs. Whitish and beautiful. I could see the sky from her eyes. The significance of the white iris was bloated out due to her black and well shaped pupil. I just love it at that moment.
She immediately waved her eyes off. I try oo. I even dare look at someone in the eye. This is so unusual of me. For I was taught looking at someone straight in the eye is a form of disrespect.
I couldn't have done less.

She apologised for snapping at me when I was talking to her which I accepted. Would I have not accepted? For such a beauty? Or maybe I should have done some little shakara. I was too quick to accept her apology and it's irreversible.
By that way she will learn how to respect me.
See me forming big man then.

"I'm sorry I was so tired of walking and I decided to have a nap" she repeated herself.
"A nap? You call that a nap?"
"What's wrong with it? And why are you so meticulous about that?"

Now I couldn't help but to hold myself not to argue.
For you respect a woman and her views even If they look stupid. My father will always tell me. And I've seen him display such attitude to my mother. Not just to my mother but to other women in the village. Little wonder that's why they respect him everywhere despite his predicaments. Older women will go down on one knee to greet him. His respect is so much in the village I wish to be like him. Well that will be in the city. Or so I thought.

We talked for another one hour or more. I didn't have a watch so I couldn't account for the exact time. I must say, I enjoyed every bit of my conversation with her. It was like I was talking to my mother. I immediately remembered my mother and everything back in the village.
Her conversation made me forget everything for a while.

It was getting dark and she was famished.
"Let's go over to London Bus"
I pretended like I didn't hear what she said. I didn't want to be embarrassed simultaneously, I needed to know what she meant by that.

It was just a 'buka'. A joint named by the campus students. That entails so many local food. Including rice and its varieties.
She ordered for rice and when it got to my turn, I was asked if I would love "knockout".
I was startled for a while. Before time, she went to make do of what she meant. And it was 'fufu'. That's what we called it in the village. Made of cassava. And I can remember whenever it was made in the village, the little kids will always gather around for the burnt part. They call it 'eepa'. It's not just collected alone from fufu. It's also from the 'amala' which is the yam flour and solid pap.

The food seller was able to quickly recognise what I needed due to my dressing. I couldn't believe I was comfortable in that outfit. It's just too early in school. And besides I was not too sure if I will like it anymore.
Soon after eating, I was the talk of the 'buka' that day. Of course you can't have everyone like you. Even if you're as plain as a paper.

I enjoyed my meal and I could tell that my eating manners were totally different from others that had my type of solid food. The way I licked and cleaned the plate was different from others.
Even iya ewe knew me instantly. She asked from her stand where I was from in my dialect and I responded her. She named a few places and people who I happened to know.
She also said whenever I will be going back to the village, I should let her know.

"Shall we go now?" Asking me with her head nodding like she wants to give an head kick.
We immediately left the 'buka' and while walking back home, I saw the bursar. This time, it was not too late but also late.
With his manner of approach, I could tell he was either coming from a war or heading towards one. What era of the war is what I am not sure of. Maybe world war V.

"Where have you been all day? Just to make him familiar with the campus and show him the important places will take you a whole year?" He almost lost his balance here.
She apologised and it was cool then.
"I need you to see me in my office tomorrow"
"Beeni sir" I had replied in my dialect

She choked up as she laughed. And we departed for our hostels. I must say, I was very tired after all the outings and it was indeed a good tour.
This time after my shower, I laid back on my bed and replayed every good event that happened during the day.
This was where I slept off.

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