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Friday, 26 February 2016

I Am Not Odejimi - My Evolution series 6

I was so overwhelmed seeing my Mother. As God would have it, she has become very strong. Stronger than I left her. She does the farming alongside with baa mi. This time, there was plenty to harvest and sales were better. I was so happy for them. Finally they can do what they've ever wished in their little way.
And most of it, give me my pocket money.

"Old man! You won't get up right?" That was what I heard
That voice sounded more masculine.
It was not long I knew all was just a dream. I managed to ask for the time from the figure standing before me and he said past 8.
I didn't know how suddenly my eyes were wide open.
I tried to help myself off from the bed and I couldn't. My legs were heavy. Obviously, due to the lengthy walk we had the previous day.

Alas! I managed to get up and within 5 minutes I was done. I needed no perfume or any other preservatives. I just wore my usual uniform and headed straight to the class.

Mr. Push as he is well known shifted his glasses frame from his nose and gazed at me as I tried to enter the class through the back door. Luckily, the class was a multitude and I immediately freeze.
Did he see me? Well, I was guilty so why wouldn't I feel such way. He was asking Rachael a question. And it happened she was sitting opposite to where I managed to hide myself from.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Not too long, the class was over, Rachael strolled down to where I sat jotting a friend's note.

"Did you attend class today?" She asked like an infuriated mother.
"Well yes! I was in class but.."
"Then why wasn't your name in the register file today?" She cut me.

I had no choice but to explain everything and how I overslept and with the intervention of a brother like roomie. Probably I would still have been sleeping.
But how's is like that? That's the question I asked myself silently. At least, I do more work and trek far distances when I'm in the village. How many distances have I covered that I was so weak yesterday?

"Well I wrote your name in the register for you. When I looked round and couldn't see the tip of you not to talk about your village clothe" she said trying to balance herself on the table before me.

I just focused on the note I was jotting and said "thank you" shabbily.

Just in time, I finished jotting, was using the corner of my eye to search for the guy I copped the note from. Didn't want to raise my head to look at her. The shy part of me was at full charge and didn't even want to give a sly time.

"Hey dude. You done with the note yet?"
That accent was so on point?
Didn't know how to reply so I just nodded in affirmation and returned the note.
All these while she was reading my actions and already knew why I did that.

"And when will you go over to the store and get a good cloth as a good citizen?"

Was he insulting my personality? So I thought. I was definitely proud of my outfit and culture. And just that made the fire of confidence fall on me intensively.

But back to the moment, how could I in anyway ignore the damsel sitting accross me? It was just an arm stretch before I can touch her.

I decided to break the silence between us. I apologised to her why I came late. But why would I? It wasn't like I owe her any explanation but then it came so easy as anything.
She smiled after my explanation and suggested we go out. To where?