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Thursday, 26 May 2016

Are You Prepared For The Might Task?

The truth is, the more we embrace technology the more it weighs into our responsibilities. Should I say I'm glad been born in the 90s era and brought up by folks from way back in the 50s and 60s? Yes I'm not lucky but blessed!

It's an undenying fact that the rapid transformation of kids these days in this century is quite alarming. I know of a kid who was operating an Instagram account right before me and was asking me how do I do my Snapchat. Woah! I exclaimed and was just staring there and then. She further said I heard my friends say they are on Snapchat and I should add them.
Obviously, they are the rich kids and maybe less monitored. Always back from school and they are either with the gatekeeper, house keeper or maids. Parents now are so gulped with a lot of things and the promised time they want to have with their kids, they get occupied again.
We need to rent a space in these children's head to know what exactly they think and how they react to things.

There are two worlds and we need to understand that. The VIRTUAL WORLD and the THE REAL WORLD.

The VIRTUAL WORLD where they live a larger percent of their lives. And the REAL WORLD where once they don't get satisfied with what they want, they shift into the virtual.
Now the VIRTUAL WORLD there are filled with lots of discussions. Like sex, sexuality, pornography and all those you can imagine.

What's my point? It's hard to say parenting is really going to be hard in the nearest future. Believe me! You hear news everyday about abuse and assaults of different magnitudes. Some from parents and others closer than you think.

We all need the GRACE OF GOD.
After that we need the right institutions for parenting and guidance. May the Lord help us all.


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  1. Amen.

    Neglect of one's child is wrong and one ought to refrain from it. The family is to be second in one's life after God (but God should be over all). God will judge each parent on the basis of his/her involvement in the child's life.