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Monday, 23 May 2016

What Age For Sex Education?

My Mum came back from work and as she will always do, narrate how she spent her day. And I over heard her conversation with my Dad how a grade 3/4 (not too sure) boy made some exceptional statement(s).

She narrated that the boy being an autistic patient, said some things no one ever thought he could have. Obviously, he hardly talks or doesn't even talk at all. And she recalled that she always mentioned to the junior teachers that the boy shouldn't be ever downgraded.
This boy in question said to his female classmate "I want to do love". His class teacher was surprised and she reported him to my Mum. Unsure and she asked the boy to repeat and counter the allegations. Surprisingly, he attested to the allegations.
She asked him if he knew what he was saying and he affirmed. She asked him how do you want to achieve that? He then moved slowly to her ears and whispered "through the penis and vagina".

When asked to show what he knows as penis and buttocks, he tried pulling down his pant.
down. What she did next was to call his grandma and narrate everything to her.

What caught my attention was when she said her grandma was surprised and disappointed at what her grandchild had done. SERIOUSLY?

I'm not even baffled at what happened. But of how surprised the granny was. I was forced to ask doesn't she do sex education for the child? Where are his parents? Does he have free access to phones? What are his reactions whenever he's with the opposite sex? Maybe she gives him sex education but doesn't inquire into his privacy.
I'm thinking first, this boy has free access to mobile phones and even a pro on the internet. You know what I mean. I might be wrong but something somewhere must have instigated him say i want to do love.
I'm so glad he knows the different organs; male and female and not replacing it with some words that can't be comprehended. Referring the penis as "dick", "cucumber" and hwat have you. Saying the vagina as "pussy", "cunt". JEEZ!

At what age do you give you start sex education for your child(ren)?

If you ask me, I will say the moment your child knows the right hand is used to eat and and left hand..well! I think Quality sex education should start in kindergarten. Early elementary school students need to learn the proper names for their body parts, the difference between good touch and bad touch, and ways in which they can be a good friend (the foundation for healthy intimate
relationships later in life). Fourth- and fifth-graders need information about puberty and their changing bodies,
Internet safety, and the harmful impact of bullying. And seventh-, eighth- and ninth-graders are ready for
information about body image, reproduction, abstinence, contraception, H.I.V. and disease prevention,
communication, and the topic they most want to learn about healthy relationships.

Think first about the seemingly insignificant things: How do you handle children’s jokes about going to the bathroom? What’s your reaction to your toddler seeing you naked? How do you respond when other adults bring up sex in the presence of your child? Such early parent-child interactions start your child’s understanding of what is appropriate with regard to sex, even before you know they are interested. The way that you relate to your child’s body through both body language and word shows your level of comfort with your child and with the private topic
of sex. This sets the foundation for your child’s
sex education. Both direct and indirect communications have an impact. So kids learn about our feelings toward sexuality through all of our words, actions, and interactions.

You must have heard or even asked this question at a certain age. And probably you weren't satisfied with the answers. Soon you will become a father and a mother. What reply do you give when asked "where does a baby come from?.
When a young child asks where babies come from, you might simply say, “A baby comes from a mommy and a daddy. When a mommy and a daddy want a baby, they get together and have one.” If your child is 4 or 5, that
may be enough. If she’s 7 or 8, however, she’ll need more information. You might say something like, “Both mom and dad help make a new baby. The dad’s sperm goes
inside to meet the mom’s egg, and they make a tiny baby that begins to grow in a special baby-room inside the mommy.”
We all might not have been privileged to have been given sex education but with "civilization" and things we read and hear we should be willing to make a change and do what's right. Cos doing what's right is different from doing the right thing.



  1. Lmao....akin o, you are very right seriously, if we don't teach them the right way, someone else will teach them the wrong way

  2. "we don't teach them the right way, someone else will teach them the wrong way"; and she's said it.

    You have spoken truth in what you've written; it is not right that parents/guardians undress before a child.
    God bless you again, man