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Friday, 24 June 2016

Immortality- What Way To Go?

Nigeria has lost two important and great icons in the football aspect of the country's affairs. Few weeks, I heard of the late Stephen Keshi's death and less than a week, late Amodu Shuaibu also followed. News had it that late Amodu Shuaibu was planning a grand and befitting burial arrangement ceremony for late Stephen Keshi. I'm sure he never knew it was his time also. Reading excerpts and tremendous works these two have done for Nigeria, no doubt they will be missed not just in their home county but also in the world governing of football.
Now NFF has stated out publicly that they will be IMMORTALIZING Stephen Keshi. And also giving him a 3 day burial ceremony. Tributes have rolled in from everywhere and even from footballers I've never heard of. IT JUST PAYS TO BE GOOD.

I am not bringing this to you like I'm the best carrier of news. Just look for a good sofa; make sure it's soft padded and grab an ice coke with snacks.

Speaking on football still, the families of the late Rasheed Yekini have finally come out with plans stating they want the Federal Government of Nigeria and the Football Federation to IMMORTALIZE him. Just like they did for Okwaraji. It just clearly shows that he's the first player to score in an international football for Nigeria.
IMMORTALIZING him can either be; naming a stadium after him. Or even building a good stadium with his name. It can also be erecting a tall and good sculpture and placing it in the finest place. Also, the date of his death as a public holiday. There are good number of ways to have that accomplished.

Why would they want to IMMORTALIZE him with all those? All those features are just a symbol. They are done so he can be remembered till forever. It will go down in history his works and life as a whole. He's never to be forgotten. It becomes like a "stigma" and even a permanent stain. Each time you IMMORTALIZE something or someone with an object, it shows whenever you set your eyes on that object, memories will linger.

What's is IMMORTALity?

Immortality is just the condition of being immortal. That's just the noun. To be immortal which is the adjective simply means not susceptible to death. To live forever; never dying. Never to be forgotten; that merits being always remembered.
To make famous forever.

Now out of all these definitions, I will like to point out the one which says "to live forever; never dying"
That particular definition says it all.

As adults who were once a Youth and Teenager, there are or have been many events played out that you can never ever for once forget in your lifetime. Some might have to yield into unforgiveness. Some times you just wished they never happened and you just want a second chance immediately. You want a hand clock which can tick into the pasts and then you correct those mistakes. I call them mistakes because it happened and then, you never resulted into them again. The irony of life is, those painful and perilous arrows are shot at you by closest friends. Even families. Sometimes when I see guys having difficulties wooing a lady, I just wish they would understand. It's a different case when a lad who is been wooed has a boo or boyfriend. That's disturbance(s).

But when a lady is wooed and it's crystal clear she's built a defensive wall which is so high and thick in breadth, it means something is wrong. When you see guys that just result into other forms of activities, it means the same thing. There must have been a vandalization of pipeline in themselves.

What are these *vandalization?

Self esteem.
Rigorous sights from parents.
Upbringing, friends; peer pressure, trust and so on.

This brings me to the question
"can you forgive and totally forget?". You can easily say Yes and even nod your head in the opposite. The truth is the brain tends to remember what it should forget. That's why whenever you're in a situation, sometimes you will be told; use your head and not your brain. What's the difference? The mind!
Parents have a great influence in the immortality of many teenagers today. Sometimes your mind is free and sometimes it's in chains. You want to voice out but then you remember the consequences. Your daughter gets raped and she's so afraid to even let it out to you. Why? Cos of your stern reaction. It will suddenly become her fault. That's a stigma. It's there. Never to be forgotten.

On the flip side, you meet this cute and handsome guy. He's accompanied with a first class job and also styled with an attitude of hard work. That's your ideal man right? Then you get talking and BOOM! You've fallen in love with him. You're way too deep in the love reaction that you forget there isn't any easy access to any ladder to help you out. And then the nuptials. Do you know the way he makes you feel, controls your heartbeat and even sends cold down your spine at any moment you look into his eyes can never be forgotten? Yes! It can't. That's immortality.

Peer pressure is another defect(s) in teenagers. It's almost like it's a constant and friend and enemy right from ages.
PEER and PRESSURE. Two different words combined together can make you swerve totally from being good to the opposite.

You take your son to the doctor and he says he will administer injections for him. The moment the syringe is plunged into his thick skin, he shouts and cries out. The next thing you say is
"peem! I don't want to hear you cry. You're a man! Don't cry". Do you've caused more havoc? The more he wants to let out those tears, you remind him he's a man and then he shuts his mouth. You're teaching such a boy to be a fearless man. Good! But you're indirectly teaching the boy to a bitter man. There will be some situations he just want to cry and he just can't find the tears. He's been living with that statement; you are a man! Brace up yourself.

There are many indirect immortals in teenagers who are on the fastest train link transiting into being an adult.

What's your immortality? What's that undying event you want to take off and you can't? It keeps debarring you from progressing spiritually and physically. What's that arrogant attitude? You weren't that way. But something made you that way. What's that exceptional pride you've gotten that even your parents; you see them as nothing. What's the reason for that defensive wall you've built and makes men keep backing away from you? What's that reason you've suddenly hated women? What's that reason you think you're less of as a woman or a man? What's that reason you want to commit suicide? What's that reason you can't forgive especially yourself?

Search within you and please let me know. Speak up! Voice out!! The beginning of right confessions is the right path to seeing its dead end. You need someone you want to talk to, lean on? Jesus is the only true friend who will always be there. But earthly, he has destined people with divine wisdom to help you with your cross. Everyone can't be a prophet. But you can actually be the prophet of yourself. Go down on those knees and talk to your creator. I'm sure he didn't create you with this pauses, clauses and scars. Find your true self and most importantly, be happy.

You have a friend you can always talk to? Good one! Go ahead and let out those bottled hatred, guilt and unforgiveness. That's what causes depression in many.

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  1. Bruv, I feel this was penned from the very depth of your soul. Powerful beyond measure! Brilliant. 👍👍