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Saturday, 18 June 2016

What Legacy Do You Want For Yourself?

My Dad and I have so much striking resemblance. Of the same height, his voice, humor and reasoning. I could remember when I was much younger, he sent me to a micro finance bank to collect something on his behalf. He gave me this small starcoms mobile as a way of reaching me and assurance that I met the right woman. On getting there, I asked for the name on the paper which I held and in few minutes, she was brought forward to attend to me. Immediately she saw me, she asked "Are you baba's son?".
That's what he's fondly called. I affirmed her and while she was saying she needed no person to tell her who I was, he called me. Asking if I had gotten there and seen the person.

There are several instances of how people excite about my striking resemblance. And I know it's not just in look. His character also I photocopied.

However, there's something that demeans us. Find out below.

My mum was talking to myself and my sibling. She wondered why we didn't study Electrical engineering and why we didn't even do anything like geography. He also joined her and said he wished we did that because he wanted to be a pilot. But due to his parent's financial status, he couldn't so he settled for that course as a profession. That's what I call LEGACY. He wanted us to keep that as a legacy and why? So he can be proud of us and we can also keep the family's name soaring high.
You ever wonder why your father as a Doctor wants you to study Medicine and become a famous surgeon? You wonder why your Mother as a lawyer wants you to study and become the CJN of the country? Every parent want his/her child to supersede them in every way but at the same want them to do what they've done.
If you don't do sciences, you must work in a bank. And if you don't do any of those three, you become a lawyer. Anything asides those, is just a waste of time.

It's not that our parents are just trying to be flexible. The thing is go to school and be educated so you can rise amongst your peers. Right now; it's talents that's selling fast like hot cakes. You see lot's of people venturing into media and entertainment. Both gospel and circular.

What's totally different between my Dad and I is our ZEAL. Yeah our zeal and drive for things is just almost opposite. My dad is into a particular type of farming in large scale. And to be honest, I'm not really into that. Me that I don't like stress at all. I just love to do my own thing. Of recent, my Mum sat me down and asked why don't you be like your father? I was shocked to stupor when she said that.
I asked her why she had that question thrown at me. She said she doesn't see my zeal towards that at all. She expects me to be up and down with that. My dad can do anything. Absolutely anything. He does the plumbing, wiring, carpentry works, mechanical duties, gardening. Name them.

If there's any wiring fault at home and he isn't around, my mum would just be murmuring cos she knows I won't even near it at all. Since the day I got two wires sparked before me and got flung by them, I've sworn that anything wiring is not my thing. Even if I'm in an over all.

The question now is WHAT LEGACY DO YOU WANT TO KEEP? I see Teenagers and Youths' into ungodly activities. Even families into the wrong things. You may think the children ain't seeing and watching you. The day they would try or say any darn thing before you, you would be surprised. You know, every wife beater watches his dad do same thing. A man just doesn't wake up one day and lay his hands on a woman. It's something he has lived with and watched and feels it's just the right thing. A man shouts on his wife right in front of the children. A man comes home late and give the silliest excuse ever. Even add drinking to it. A lady grows up tomorrow and wants to dress to slay. Why? Cos it's something she sees her mother do too. She wants to buy every aso ebi and attend every party not even minding whether she's gate crashing or not. She's lived with it over the years.

Tomorrow, I would want to venture into that particular farming my Dad is into. Why? Because it's something good. It's yielding good profits. Regardless of the stress whatsoever, I am venturing into it.

My take on this is; look before you leap. Think of not now but of tomorrow. Your kids and children are your future whether you like it or not. Be careful what you decide to do and what not to do.

Be wise!!!

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