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Friday, 17 June 2016


That's avery common shocking statement ever used. Or should I say the statement we can't do without in less than 3 hours?

You can actually say WHAT?!! In different facial expressions. Either with your mouth closed, widely opened, hands on mouth, hands twilred together, hands shoved in pockets. So many countless ways to express.

Why would you say WHAT?!!
It can be as a result of how happy you are or dissapointed. It is used interrogatively to inquire or request for a specific information. The moment you say WHAT?!! The other party knows you're interested in that conversation. What's is its twin?

The next words jumping outside your mouth is HOW? WHEN? WHERE? WHY?

I'm not teaching you grammar but relaying something here. Let me get to the topic before the discussion. That simple four letter words can coast you a lot. And it can also earn you a lot. The most important thing is be careful of what you do after that.

Your action says a whole lot. Even if you don't say a word, your body speaks too.


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