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Tuesday, 29 November 2016


"You are not the supervisor anymore" he began.

"There was a misread in your CV. And right now we are very impressed with what's written in there. So we are saying you are the head of supervising unit."

My heartbeat bounced to normal and beyond cold before regaining stability. He expressed his apology thinking I was offended. I laughed in my head only if he knew what that meant. That's more money and more life to live. Who says I won't have this fun to the end?

He stood to stretch his hands of gratitude and I warmly received it with wholesome gladness. While on my way to the office, I saw mixed reactions written boldly on some staff's face and some others just continued with what they were paid to do. On getting to my door post, the tag on it had been changed. I smiled peacefully and said "welcome to my world". All I did that day was to tell my secretary to forward all documents to me via my email and not to forget to copy me to any email she needed to send to clients because I will not allow the former to repeat itself here. Not at all. I couldn't wait for the time to tick its long hands to the six 0' clock mark. It seemed pretty fast and slow at the same time. The most important thing; I was enjoying the moment.
It was time to sign out and as I appended my signature calmly, a male staff walked up to me. I noticed the view got darker while I was signing. And as I turned, I realized it was this handsome looking young man's shadow that had been raveling on the book.

He looked tall enough for every ambitious lady to notice and grab at first sight. His smile was heavenly. Oh my! I do find it difficult to guess people's age at first sight but this time the figure erected before me looked like he was in his mid twenties. Let me say a bit about his suit. His two piece Tom Ford suit was the best to have fit him. Whoever was his stylist, I doff my hat.

He gave a big grin and lowered his upper body to sign out too. Then I noticed his briefcase held firmly by his hand. The back palm veins were visible enough and I could imagine how that was. I watched him closely for few minutes before leaving. Few meters outside the compound, I saw his car pulled over before me. And a gentlemanly voice said "those legs can be stressed some other time. Why not save it now by hopping in and I become your chauffeur?" That was totally different from the usual pick up lines I've heard ever. I made him understand I have my own car but as a newbie in a giant company like that, I wouldn't think it's very appropriate to ride in my car for the first few months. He shook his head, smiled at me and concentrated on the road.

The first thing I notice in humans is their walking steps. As he came by to my door to open, his walk steps were like that of a popular Korean actor whom I have this heavenly crush on. I began seeing him in that image and it worked for me.
He bowed a bit and said "your majesty" as he shut the door. I felt a bit embarrassed and immediately waived it. A voice said "enjoy the moment while it lasted". He asked me why I decided to stop not at my house and instead take a cab back home.

I just said "I needed to catch up with someone before returning to the house". I'm glad he didn't push further to know why or offer to take me to that friend's house. Of course I have been wiser in the few years I have spent with men. I will never allow a man know my house because I have this grudge for men that they aren't always true to whatever they say. It's whenever they wanted something they become humble. Even though I have moved in from my brutal and mannerless relationship, it's still not easy never to think of it again. And each time, it reminds me of how single life is bundled with less stress and many other gravity to make you forget fun. At least if I needed to bond, I have my Cherry all day any time.
I didn't allow myself to be buried swiftly as I quickly reminded myself of the former.

He was as handsome but not too handsome and he was all I ever wanted. He seemed cool at first sight until few months down the ride I noticed many things in him. Things he did and would promise to change for the better and it would increase gravely instead of quenching. He was always insecure and to express his insecurity, he would batter me and immediately use the Love to cover up. I was blind and kept on assuming that was because of how much I loved him so I can endure. But the saying, "if you can't change them before marriage, don't expect a miracle to happen" was true after all. I would have allowed it to pass not until I received a cold shock that landed me into my new fun.


I got to start drinking because of him and got used to the club life because of him. There was no Friday that would pass without us in the heat of the club. We would party away and dance till no one even cares. I was enjoying every bit of it. It stayed in my head and he actually made me feel I was wrong about being the introvert. I was always jeered by him whenever I danced. He would say "look at my introverted girl teaching me some dance moves". I would laugh and increase the tempo even more. He never had a house of his own. So he squatted with me. We were so into each other that I even bequeathed all I have to him. That was where I saw the beast in him. Most times, when his insecurities played out, I see the sincerity in his apologies and just don't want to break up with this cool guy. Although, he had taught me many things in the negative way. Not until I came across a book where I read "if one doesn't touch or affect you positively, or doesn't make you see the best in yourself, then you need to find a new circle". That hit me like a stone from David. Fortunately, he was seated beside me and I looked straight into his eyes. He asked me what went wrong and I just stood up angrily to my room. I cried having known the truth but that wasn't enough to make do with him.

On a faithful Saturday morning. I was awoken by a loud thud banged at my main door.

Guess whom it was?

It was a woman with a baby boy standing beside her. I asked her what she wanted and she said her husband.
The nerves on my forehead began to be visible and swell. They were about to burst. I thought it was a dream. I asked her to come in and there she narrated everything. I thanked her and promised her as soon as she leaves, she will see her husband escort her behind.

And that was how I became devoured and devastated. I never trusted men anymore. I never saw any good reason to be in a relationship. I began to see all men as the same. Even though that was enough fact for me to have pushed him out, I was still safe a bit. He saved me the stress by not denying to the allegations. And I never heard of him again.

So I wouldn't want to fall prey of this heavenly down to earth handsome man again. Once beaten twice shy is the banner placed boldly on my forehead. For my reading only.

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  1. "...That hit me like a stone from David." Now that's good grammatical craftsmanship 😏

    "The nerves on my forehead began to be visible and swell. They were about to burst...". Bra! I had presumed the next scene would be her bashing the woman's skill. Lmao😂😅