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Wednesday, 30 November 2016


Few months down and then I realized everyone here was totally different from the previous.

Though we clash sometimes but above all, there's a friendly atmosphere that always reigned and sincerely I felt like I was in a different clan. We were all one big family. Apparently, this who frowned at me being their boss all of a sudden began to see that life is sweeter if they take away all the seriousness and hatred. Most times, I would receive a call from a colleague and we would joke that she's not jumping bus or needing to take her car to the office. She would follow me home. It was all cool and we always saw each other as equal. There was no reason to be coveted of anything and that's how smoothly we rose from been the sorted agency to becoming the most sorted agency.

Life is such an irony. I have had two instances where the Staffs from my previous place of work would come to our agency to seek for professionals and expatriate for their company. Well they didn't know me so I needed not to cause any stir or familiarity whenever they were around.

One faithful day, Mr X as I fondly called him came into my office for an important signature that needed my attention. We don't see often because he's on the last but one floor while I was at the middle floor. Moreover, his department was totally different from mine. Even if we were the most important of all. He smelled nicely and he actually said he will be back for something else. I thought to myself what exactly he meant. After all, you've gotten what you needed and I'm done with you. I didn't doubt much because that was unusual of him. He was the serious type and I feel that.

Lo and behold, he returned to my office with a coffee. How does he know I love brown coffee? His was black coffee. His response "I know how tiring this work is so I decided not to be selfish and share something to soothe ourselves". This Mr X, your mother must have been literature inclined or Queen's English learned. I blushed a bit and said "thank you".

We got talking and I noticed something in all he said. He was religious. There was nothing he said without giving biblical references and at first I got a bit uncomfortable and wanted to ask him out of the office politely but his charms drowned me to my seat and I kept on listening with rapt attention. Maybe not his charms but the irresistible power of God.

He is the fun guy and he said "who says Jesus children can't be fun?".

In my mind I was like so this Mr X knows every bit of the fun. I chuckled thinking our thoughts were same. At least I have found a partner who claims he knows Jesus but still loves fun. So I asked him. "What's your type of drink?"

He replied saying "its water and nothing alcoholic".

I wanted to puke and rage asking if he thought I was a small child and I can be fooled. You just claimed you are the Jesus boy and you are the fun one. Yet I only fought those thoughts in my head before the land phone rang. There we parted to our destinations. He went back to his office and I went to the store manager's too. That conversation died there. And I prayed silently he doesn't bring that up again. I still wanted to know and ask him but I had this mightier force that kept forcing those questions back into my belly.

We got used to each other and became fond of ourselves year in year out. We soon became like we had known each other from our mother's womb. Though he would always laugh at my crazy lifestyle and would just say "when are you going to change"? I won't pick offense though. Reason, he was always saying that while he laughed. So I took that as no form of seriousness.

And I would reply him saying "it's whenever you want me to change". Meanwhile, all these years he still hasn't known my house. He was so close one day but I scattered everything before his very eyes. He trailed me down as I drove into my estate. My dream house. But because he was stopped at the gate for permit, I escaped his whip. I wouldn't have known because his car was different from the one I knew him with.

Few days after that he told me. Until when nature said it was hightime he knew my house.
He planned a surprise birthday party for me and connived with my colleagues.
I was in my living room with Lola who was running her usual check up on me. She was surprised to see my BP had dropped from the usual high rise. She was smiling and asked inquisitively how it came about that. I said "I've been laughing more than I ever thought". Told her I never stopped taking the fruits she administered to me. And boom I saw my door flung open. My colleagues.

They did their merriment and I begged to ask. "Who planned this?"

Then I saw Cherry opened the door and was beckoning on someone to follow her in. I fell to my knees on sighting this man. Why are you always in my picture? He smiled and greeted everyone like he didn't knew them before. You might ask me how Cherry came about knowing Mr X.

Childhood friends.

What a small world. But what baffled me was that knowing Cherry with her extravagant lifestyle that mine can't be compared to, he still calls himself the Christian dude. From then henceforth, I started calling him Jesus boy instead of his name; Debo. He would smile and say you too will soon be Jesus girl.

That following week, we talked about it all through. Knowing him was fun and he made me see another side to fun. He would never stop surprising me with gifts and everything that can sweep a woman off her feet. There was no way I wouldn't have fallen in love with him. At a time I saw it as obsession and tried to dismiss me loving him. But it never went away. Until one certain day he asked me what I thought of him.

"Oh! Girl. Did he just ask you that"? I asked myself.

I felt like to bring out a pen and foolscap sheet and write them out. The list is long and countless. He would never hurt a fly. He would never despise my little corrections. He would never feel my opinions; as foolish as it may be doesn't matter or is less important. He would never cease to make my head swell. He was good at making me drool. He made me know this life is worth living without complicating it more. He made me understand who I was. He made me see a lot of potentials I never dreamt I had. He was ready to push me to my success and beyond. He never saw a great deal in my past and was ready to move on. As a matter of fact, he made me know those pasts were blunders and should be learnt from. And they should never be brought into the future. Even if I would always refer to his past some other times, he would get angry and then I would realize I shouldn't have said that. I was still used to that lifestyle of blaming others and judging on their pasts.

Then and there he defined our relationship and few months down, he proposed. I cried till my eyes were swollen before I could say the dramatic yes. I saw the fear in him thinking I might say otherwise. Giving the reply, I saw Cherry crying too. Was I worth all these? Was I good enough for him? I was nowhere near being a little good let alone the best for him and yet he still showed me love. He never forgot to make me know my worth.

We have our arguments but yet we always had it in my Hearts that we agree to disagree and disagree to agree. And we had the heart that was ready and willing to forgive even before apologies were tendered. That way, it was easier and with the strength and grace of God almighty.

Meanwhile I had become born again. That doesn't stop me from having fun. All these while I was in the world, I didn't know about the truth. And the truth came to me at its own will.

He made me know my DESIRES all these while were just child's play. All my DESIRES was to live large and enjoy the whole world at my finger snap. And in the quest of doing that, I fell deeply into the pit of more damages. And kept on wallowing till I couldn't scream of help anymore. My DESIRES of owning my dream house was nothing compared to the one we moved into after our wedding. Only if I had known ANXIETY was the root cause, I would have not bothered and worried so much about the future. It was later I knew he was from a well to do family. He only disguised with all his average lifestyle.

We never stopped traveling every vacation. Lets just say the world was at my feet. We explored together and many things we accomplished together. I have always seen and wanted a house and not a home.

I am so glad he did. We are married with five lovely children. Three boys and two Adorable.


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  1. This is extraordinary awesome. Nice story

  2. What''s the fuss about, man? You almost got me in tears.😒😔
    This indeed spoke to me.

    (wait on God, friends, & trust in Him)

  3. This is really amazing.... You are going places