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Monday, 28 November 2016


As I walked down to the HR manager's office, I could feel my heartbeat thumping loudly from my chest through my mouth and the waves it connived with my ears. Each steps I took was like ice water was shoved down to my spine. I wouldn't have thought it was a begin again.

Back to the time I was on leave, fighting and struggling with the doctor's prescriptions and manner of way to go with my health scare and challenges, I was least expecting where I bake my bread will just vanish into thin air. "With my years of service here and commitment? Just like that you ask me to go?". I was so angry with everything. I became more frustrated and vented my anger on anything and anyone. His manner of approach was even disgusting to tell I was not needed anymore. I was hoping to be received and warmly welcomed into my office and get full gists of what I've missed. Only for me to return to the office and meet new faces. Yes new faces all over the company. At first I thought finally our company had started recruiting IT students and internees.

But then I became furious and try to understand what was happening when I didn't see my name on the call. I went immediately into the manager's office and there I saw him with another man seated on his chair. He would never ever allow such to happen. I begged to be explained and made known to the foul smell in the air. And there he stood firmly like a footballer whom was ready to take a free kick. With his hands placed firmly on his waist, I heard from the figure sat on the chair saying "we were just about sending you a mail and to put a call through".

"Yes there have been some changes demanded by from the top and you know with the challenges in the company, we just had to lay everyone off".
"Including you? So the sin of one man should affect everyone? Including the innocent?" I said back.

I now know what my mother always told me was true. Each time she will make us understand that whenever my younger ones are at fault on something, I won't be left out of scolding too. And now it's happening in the real life.

"Yes. I am putting him through and working with him for a while till I am out." He sighed.

"I will be out completely in a few days. I know it's been hard and will be tougher in the latter days".

"Who does that? Just like that you lay off every worker who had spent nights building this company and making it what it is now? You forget their years of stewardship and steadfastness?" I was very angry.

He pulled me out of the office and explained further to bugert that point I was no longer interested in anything. I needed to go home and just think. But before I left, he handed me the sack letter and there the tears began to flow endlessly. He pulled me closer and for the first time I felt warmth from a man's embrace.

"I will always keep in touch with you" he said slighlty above his pitch as I walked out hurriedly.
And here I am seated before a fierce looking man. Waiting for his first words as I knew I had lost confidence in whatever question he would ask me. I was furious and agitated at busy man who won't spare a minute away from his laptop and take a glance at me the poor lady. I made sure I formed the pity face well enough.

"You are exactly what we need and according to your years of working experience, you are qualified". Finally he spoke out. I was amazed at him saying I was qualified. He didn't even ask me what I thought he would because the answers were already sucked up in my head.
I was earth shaken when I heard the range at which he began the salary negotiation. My head swirled and I just kept opening my mouth agape. Could it be as a result of the urgency in the company? If it was then there's no supernatural power creates or yet to be created that would halt me from jumping at that offer.

As a girl child, that had always been my dream. I soon began thinking of better cubicle and moving out from my carton I called a house. With such amount I knew what I could achieve within a month and would still remain. As I drove home, I made sure my eyes were glued to every billboard and other mediums of advertisement. Then I remembered there was a particular house I saw at the G.R.A not far from my estate of residence.
I trafficated to take the next exit, I landed into trouble.

That was how I saw an old figure smiling from a red car. I didnt recognise at first sight. She had changed her car already. Her voice calling my name made me know who it was.
I have a very troublesome aunt who wouldn't give me any breathing space. I have told her countless times when I feel or need her to be around I will give her a call. She was just returning from a mart and she said she was free for the day. That was how she drove behind me. I forgot my mission for that moment as I pulled over. We both got down from the car and we talk for hours straight up. When I couldn't bare the pains felt by my small legs, I begged to take my leave giving the excuse that I needed to see a mason whom I had arranged for earlier.
I drove back home and knew right at first action is to spoil myself. After all I have recuperated well and I can take alcohol. Offloading the ingredients from the store into the kitchen I was set for a good dish of coconut rice garnished with everything and anything you can think of. I put into practice my culinary gotten from my mother.

I only have three days left to resume my new place of work. At every gap rest from the kitchen, I was with a bottle beside me and on my phone was my curiousity checking out latest building designs in the posh areas of my dreams. I got my eye stucked on one and I immediately saved it. Still checking for other designs, I was called to the attention of my pot by the ticking sound made. I immediately opened the pot and got my finger burnt. I forgot to wear the glove.
Fast forward to my first day at work, I was still being introduced to the system and I hates the fact that they needed to handle me like I was a kind of novice. I got a call from the Head manager to be summoned in his office immediately. Soon I was there and he asked how it has been so far. I smiled and answered him with great measure of positivity. He nodded satisfactorily and said there was a mistake in my call up letter. I began to increase my heartbeat beyond normal. Under the fully blown air conditioning system, I was sweating profusely.

"What could have possibly gone wrong in that letter?" I thought as I read every expression on him.

"Please don't let all my saved plans crumble and please do me a favor. Be lenient when you want to utter your first word of sorry speech". I begged in my head.

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