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Saturday, 26 November 2016


“Yes tattoo or isn’t that one? Just by your right upper arm there”. I pointed in reference. She quipped and said it’s not a tattoo. I wouldn’t back down on my inquisitive behavior and when she finally opened up, I got the shock of my life.

This young girl or better still a lady has been in total devastation and nowhere to run to or turn to. She’s been in total downcast. She narrates that she’s always been maltreated by her step father. Step father? I began to imagine how deep that would be. I have heard stories of maltreatment from step mothers. But which is step father? As strange as it was to me, it was absolutely true to the core. Amidst tears she narrated how her father died simply because of her mum’s negligence.

Lola was at work usually but this time on night duty. She was just like the bread winner of the family because her mum cared less about anyone. She would always go out at night and return in the morning. Where she goes, no one was aware of. But by the time she’s back, she’s trenched with alcohol smell. Neither did anyone knew she was having an extra marital affair and engaging in adultery. That was so sad to hear.
Her mum taking advantage of her father’s meekness and gentleness, would always talk back at him and practiced all manners of disrespect to him. All these accumulated and resulted to him having high blood pressure. On that fateful day, her mum had gone out usually. But before she left, she had locked the door forgetting the poor man who had high blood pressure accompanied with asthma would need his inhaler. He had suffered enough I guess. Immediately after observing her forty days of mourning, she moved in her man friend who obviously according to her explanation was nothing to write home about as being a man. His habits were total zero. His attitude is on a negative scale. His respect for women and younger women was out of this planet. Lola wondered how her mum coped daily with this monstrous creature. Having heard her story, I prayed in me never to come across such men. Why would I even come across them when I knew what I wanted. That definitely is a no go area for me. I didn’t know when I joined in her tears as she narrated how the step father abused her and claimed if she didn’t sleep with him, he would rape her. Ever since that statement, she would always sneak out of the house. Being the drunk type of person, he would be asleep and before he wakes from his slumber, she would have been far from anywhere near the house. Sometimes hanging around but most times always in the hospital despite when not on duty.

Her scream woke her tired mum and found out her supposed husband wasn’t by her side on the bed. This made her to jump up with great force and follow the scream to see what was happening. Lola was ironing getting prepared for work when he moved closer to her and started whispering unpleasant words in her ears. He stood firmly behind her despite her threats of using the iron on him if he moved any closer than she can handle. Already she was in no place to out match him but she thought with her hot iron she was a bit safe. On getting to the scene, she looked at her daughter and also at her man friend. “Whoa” she said in total dismay. With shock she asked what happened and before Lola could open her mouth to narrate her grief, her oppressor had said Lola was always asking him for money and in his rejection she offered him her body which he forcefully rejected by having no option than to use the iron in his defense. Whoever she believed was left to her as Lola was left alone to carry the scar all around for all she cared.

I was by her side talking to her and also listening to what she had bottled up not until midnight hour. Only the sound from the TV was audibly heard. I told her to stay till later in the afternoon when she had duty the following day. I really don’t know her so I cannot have guaranteed her to spend few days or more with me. And doing that, I could be sued for harboring or maybe trying to traffic her. That's to what extent her mother can take issues to. However, I made sure I gave her my contact and assured her to making sure she calls me whenever she is in dire need of anything. Even if it’s an advice when she’s at a crossed road.

I am the type of person who have total trust in someone too easily and no matter how hurt I get or number of times my trust gets betrayed, I still have some little soft spot for the person. Despite her deep and touching stories, I was still on the look out for her. I must have slept deeply for me not to know when she removed my drip and replaced it with another. This was past nine in the morning. I woke up suddenly and noticed my hand was a bit different. I asked her what happened and she said it was time for another drip seeing the one there was finished. I thanked her well and dragged my feet up stairs and when I peeped through my window, I saw the little blanket I gave her to shield herself from the AC was spread out with drops of water touching the floor in sequence.

I called her when I got downstairs and I asked her if she had washed it and replied yes. She claimed she asked from my gatekeeper if he could spare her soap to wash it. I was a little confident in her as a person and she gained a hem of my trust that moment.
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