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Wednesday, 23 November 2016



I woke up obviously tired with pans and tonnes of headache. And it all looked like I was been nailed on as I still didn't get full control of myself as a human. Resonances about the previous day has failed completely. I sluggishly pulled the duvet over from me and sat upright looking into thin air like I was induced by some kind of persons. I was there for minutes before scratching my head and there I broke my fixed nails.

"Oh! Gosh" I shouted and stared at the broken nails lying helplessly on the bed. Then I pushed myself away from the bed and right before me was a half clean mirror which gladly portrayed the person whom I was at the moment. Peeking at my scattered hair and plunged face I realized I had just recovered from my state of thundered drunkenness. I sniffed my nose and pushed with my index finger but that was none of my business at the moment so I thought. It wasn't the first time I would be drunk but this was actually the first time I would be excessively drunk beyond corrections and measures.

In a Sheepish way, I sluggered away from the mirror not because I needed to do anything important but I hated the fact that it had to remind me of whom I was actually. Closed minded as I was and heeded to nothing I was been told. The freedom I have always wanted is here and I got it beyond more than I thought I would need it. It smiled at me and said "Yes Meriah, you have been accolade with your utmost dream of freedom. Here is your chance to prove to the world who you are and to what extent you can make things happen". As I walked away to nowhere in particular, I was just roaming about the room with no specific intention of actions to carry out. I noticed a bottle of half placed under the bed with few contents still in it. I moved closer to it so as to get a closer picture of the strange object. And there it was. A bottle of Henessy. "But I don't drink henessy" I said loudly to myself. So how the hell did it get itself into my room? It was there and then it dawned on me I was at a party the day before on sighting my shoe.

It happened so suddenly. I was dressed in a full fucial pink transparent dress. This dress I ordered which I got a wrong item at first and returned before actually getting what I really ordered. Few hours before the event, it was though as if it would be my last. Anyways that's how I lived my life. I lived it without conscience and posterity. I needed no one to tell me what is wrong and what's not wrong.

"I must dress to kill today. After all I am here to mingle and do a little show of the natural." Those were the exact words I said to myself after applying the last touch of make up on my face.

My friends and colleagues have always admired my face being the round one that fits for a good bespoke of specs. Not to mention about my smokey eyes, I have had a guy who just staring at my eyes as he spoke and for every second he spoke, he always complimented them. I closed my purse which had only my gadgets and earpiece with some light make up kits for emergencies. I looked around the room and smiled at myself satisfactorily. "Gbam" the door closed behind me and I could hear the sounds of my stilettos and I was well pleased. Six inches stilettos aren't my thing always but I needed a higher grade of confidence to boost my alter ego.

Stepping out of the compound I removed my shoe and wore my flip flipflop which is the tradition for us women, I heard a bang on my passenger's side window. I wouldn't have noticed any one was there due to my enormous concentration by replacing my new shoe to a lower form. I peeped from my side eye and saw my old time friend same as my bestie who we had planned to go out together. I thought she had changed her mind when I didn’t hear anything from her again as I called only to hear the regular voice in from the other end. I wasn’t in total astonishment to see her but what got me scared was the way she acted like a stranger. I wound down the window and unlocked the door. The simultaneous sound made from the door she shut also resonated with my final loose of strand of my shoe. She immediately said her battery was flat and was just hoping I wouldn't have gone before she arrived here as planned. We drove amidst my fuel gauge giving a yellow sign before the red sign. On countless times I ignored the alert and kept assuming the gas would serve us before we get to a fuelling station. I decelerated on sighting the first gas station but the queue in there would make us just lay our bed there and forget we were headed to an event. I kept on saying silent prayers alongside my best friend as we gisted. The last time I said a prayer, I can't recollect at all. Alas we got to a gas station with lesser queue but the hike was almost like double the previous price. We had no choice as my best friend had made enough justice to the atmosphere with her sweet talk of plans we will execute at the event. The event which was organized by our then head boy as a get together of our set back in high school. I immediately fueled with a well served number of litres and it just looked like it was an endless refueling.

Finally the sound of the pump ended and I brought out my debit card to pay. As I did my seatbelt, I spied at my friend who was watching an hilarious short clip. From the sound track, I knew I had watched it so I bothered not to interrupt her at all. In no time, we were at the venue and we were ordered by a very tall, dark guy. He was fully kitted in black apparently appeared to either be a bouncer or a well trained protocol officer. I wouldn't have seen his face due to the dark side beyond my view. I just followed his hand features and "thank you" was what I said as he nodded back in affirmative. Immediately I saw him through my mirror he had other duties to perform. He directed a huge SUV beside us. My bestie would have caused a scene because as she opened her door, it collided with the opening from the SUV too. Which made a loud sound. Thankfully, no dent whatsoever feasibly appeared and that was how we walked in to the red carpet with anxiety and gracefully cat walked till all eyes were on us. There were screams here and there as we kept seeing old faces. Some who were married and others like our single status.

Immediately, we were accosted by a very bright and charming chap who obviously was a presenter doing his job dutifully. Answering one of his questions, I remembered he said "what would require damsels like you choose to be hotter than the event itself?".

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