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Wednesday, 23 November 2016


I walked down slowly with the rail as support staring as I tried to gain balance. Should I shout or just join in the present action? It took me less than a mini second to decide on what to do.

Unfortunately what I planned in my head was totally different from the action I Carried out. I had initially planned that I would speak softly and exonerate my calmest attitude but the reverse was the case. I suppose it was due to the insolence and grudging noise that emanated from the sitting room. "In my own house? Under my roof?" I thought.

Before I could say jack all hell was let loose. There I saw my best friend with an unknown man from a mystery world all loved up in each other's arms smiling and drinking. Beside them was a cigarette pack halfway smoked out and a plate to put the ashes in.

"What the hell do you think you are doing?" I jeered them from their oblivion which made them shrivel for a second.

"And who's this in here Cherry?" I continued still raging in at the top of my voice.
"Will you get up and export yourself out of my house? Manners didn't drive good and very smoothly into your head that you are in a lady's house? And once you are done for the night you leave". I emphasized with deep concern.

He rushed himself and buttoned his shirt but before leaving he said "just for the record, it was nice staying in here with a lady and not a woman". Those words oozed out with puff of smoke from his mouth like a hurricane. After he shut the door I turned to my friend who was with half mixed emotions saying to me why I would drive her guest away. A guest? I asked my self in my head.

"You don't call a guest a guest in another person's house without their full consent or knowledge" I retorted out . Immediately she snapped back at me and I was shocked to the core. She said "well how do you think you got into your house slept on your bed and changed into your night gown, miss?"
I brushed my already rough hair and lowered my voice as I asked her "you mean you changed me into my night gown or he did?" She affirmed it was she who transformed me after the bad hangover like never before. "It just shows you are still young and fresh in the club. You don't take more than what your belly can contain because when you do, the head and body suffers it all". Those words were confirmation and same time site of relief.

She took the rest of the cigarettes alongside the ash bowl and went up stairs. There I looked at her helplessly as she ascended.
Stomach trouble began as the worms had started fighting for their rights. "I need to eat" I thought to myself. I headed to the kitchen to find it in a mess. Even my mother had never taught me such way of keeping the kitchen unclean and messy let alone the house. It was such in a detested position I would have thought we had a party filled with guests or it was deserted because I traveled for years. Looking at the plates, I automatically became lazy and just opted for cereal. I sipped every bit of the cereal with gladness in my heart. I was doing myself a favor and also the hungry Taliban in me. I have earlier been warned by my doctor to avoid skipping meals as I was at the verge of having chronic ulcer. And ever since, "I have put on weight" were the lyrics and anthem placed swiftly on the lips of colleagues and friends.

As soon as I was done feeding myself I concluded it was time I knew the latter part of the story. The ending which never played itself; I needed to know. I went to my room and met my best friend laid on the bed helplessly in a disfigured way. She must have been knocked out so badly from the remnants of yesterday's vigil which she observed with her so called guest. I shook my head and just covered her up with the duvet and went into the shower. In less than half an hour, I was out. Applying the pomade on myself, the blaring sound of snores pumping out from my best friend, I decided immediately she's awake she would leave the house. "Could that be enough reason? How harshly that is" I smiled to myself. I have somehow tolerated her snores even while we were roommates in school. Most times it would be so loud I would sleep with an earpiece on. And some other times she is quiet.

This occurs when we either have a test or exams. It was a two way thing which means she not snoring I could read and assimilate well. But whenever I choose to sleep, she activates into snoring. There were several occasions I confronted her and she claimed it's whenever she is stressed or tired she does that.

Luck shone as she turned her side, it decreased and later diminished. This time I was already feeling dizzy and needed to sleep too but certainly not in the room. I would rather take the guest room or lay in one of the sofas in the living room. I remember vividly my mum would always yell whenever my siblings and I choose to sleep in the sofas. She would say "don't you know this is the living room? A place for visitors and what do you expect when visitors come visiting?". So I knew definitely sleeping in the living room was ruled out. At least if I forget anything, I can not forget the manners of my mother. I was on my way to the guest room when I heard her sluggishly saying she needed to use the toilet. I turned back and laughed and saw my dear friend's eyes closed tightly and talking. She must have been sleep talking and if I didn't do anything to stop her, she will mess up the bed. I woke her with a very huge slap on her thighs. The way she jumped from the bed and went straight to the toilet was very funny. I wished I had a camcorder to have taken her actions. I know if I didn't leave the room immediately, that would be a huge disruption for me having my own nap too because by the time she would be done from the bathroom, she would have been finally awake. She could come out from there and start another round of gists. As much as I still was inclined to the happenings the previous day, I knew that moment wasn't the best time for me because I was half way dizzy while standing. I stepped out the room and off I zoomed into the guest room.

The other day something disrupted my afternoon nap, my actions towards the person was justified and that was to my youngest sister. I had informed her I needed to sleep and she should man my room and ensure no one not even my mother disturbs me. She affirmed only for her to barge into my room saying she heard sound of shower and thought I was awake. I was not responsible for what happened next.
The same thing happened after I was not more than five minutes into my nap. But this time, it was from a higher rank. My boss. He called me and the mistake which I made was to have left my phone not on vibration or better still, powered it off. I didn’t answer the phone until after I was satisfied lashing words at him. And grudgingly i answered the phone.

Judging from my sleepy voice, he knew he needed to make things snappy. But as snappy as it was to him, it wasn’t snappy enough to me. So I feigned a dozing voice and the last word I heard was "see you on Monday." I snapped out of my drama and kept repeating "hello".

"Why would he say see you on Monday?" That statement surely needed answer.

"Didn't he knew I was on leave and just spent a week off my leave?"

"That is the reward for being a diligent and remarkable staff in the company" another voice answered me. But what was it they couldn't handle or have taken care of without me there? I thought again. I tried calling him back but I was stopped by the petty voice saying I was out of airtime. Two things to do. Send him a mail stating I was out of town or something. Just needed to give him a perfect excuse why I would be absent for every reason. Moreover, I didn't want to use the leave as an excuse as I was not in charge of administering leave of office to workers. Then the bombshell dropped in me. Yes I had the perfect plan and I was sure it would would work out.

I immediately recharge my phone thanks to the almighty offline recharge done by banks. I called him and there was no response. Then i thought of the unexplainable alternative. For no reason will he say he won't see my text message. All the while I was typing the message I felt a strong urge to just call him and know the reason why he asked to see me back to work. Finally, the voice spoke after the ring and it turned out to a female voice. His Secretary who then transferred me to his phone.

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