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Wednesday, 23 November 2016



I couldn't hide the gush of smile which afterwards turned into loud burst of laughter. A loud hailing revived me back that I was actually standing before a man waiting for an answer.

"Well, just to have fun basically is what would have brought a rare beauty like us out". He asked few other questions simultaneously between my best friend and me.

Soon, we were in and we waited in eager for the main event. Couple of minutes into the whole function, there started to be a difficulty in the technicalities of the instruments used. In no time the whole anxiety in the air began to diminish and some of us had no option than to leave the event. Some stormed out angrily while others expressed their anger ferociously. In order to quench the anxiety because I knew for sure I couldn't return back home with all the practicalities displayed in my mind. To us, that was no definition of fun and we immediately came up with an idea of settling in a club. Thankfully it was on a Friday which means anything goes.

I could feel right from the entrance the energy of the people in there. Obviously the people in there were having fun like it was their last. The serene was so conducive and I concluded in my mind this was the best club I've ever attended so far. Cheekily my friend smiled as if she knew what I said to myself. I wondered why it had been men attending to us all the while. Here before us taking down our orders was a cute fair in complexion dude dressed in a very neatly ironed shirt with a well gatored trouser to match. His hair made him look like he was from the Arab states. Let me not mention about his smiles. It looked imported. My friend had ordered and it was my turn to. I ordered a Chapman as starter and in few minutes, I ordered for intensive alcoholic drink. The name I can't remember now. I remember I danced and grooved to every song played out of the exhibited loud speakers by the DJ. I sang along without missing any lyrics to the popular songs played. Almost like ninety percent of the songs played I knew them off heart. As I sang to a very danceable song, I was politely requested by another guy to accompany him to the dance floor. "Oh! Lord" I said out loudly to myself. I looked round in three sixty degrees and didn't see my friend anymore. The next I would turn to see, she was in full position taking charge of the dance floor with some guys. I laughed and didn't want to be deterred so I danced till I was out of energy. That was the last thing I remembered.

I was brought back to life by the rev engine of a neighbor. I hit my head slightly and I stared at the messy bottle again. "Whoa!" I said. "Could it be me who then ordered for this drink? Drank till I was unconscious and drove myself home?" I thought with a heavy heart as I stood up from the floor. Nose diving into the bottle slowly, I smelt the drink and immediately I knew it was mixed.

Another “Whoa” slipped out of my mouth. I went into the bathroom and poured the remaining contents into the bath tub. There and then I was satisfied and I started figuring out what to do. I went downstairs to the living room and I got the shock of my life.

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