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Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Be Careful With Our Hearts.

It's such a very beautiful thing having parents that were born in the '60s era. You can imagine the priceless memories and lessons you will have imparted on you. They will always have many stories to tell that will always make you eager o come back for more. The companionship is forever.

But then, every good thing has its own defect and bad side. If you have parents in such eras and you have the utmost freedom, then you're blessed. Having such as parents, can be frustrating and tiring. Every of your movements is watched. For instance, there's an online comedian who goes by the name AphricanApe. Even at his age, he says his mother still monitors his movements closely. His activities and all of that.

You just can't peacefully have a friend that's the opposite sex visit you without them sighing or even coughing. After the visit, just be ready for Jamb questions. Questions that you will not even know how to answer in simple terms.
Every of your phone call is monitored. The funny thing about this one is; they can easily detect when you're talking to your male friend and female friend. No matter how you try to hide it.

Most times, it makes me want to say that all such parents should be employed in the police force. Their rate of secret detection and appearance can't be measured.

All these happens because they believe those times were the best times ever. They've seen too many things including war. They also believe that through these things, whatever they do is right. So so right and there's nothing you can do about it.

Some parents don't even believe in the jet age as at now. I don't blame them though. Even the jet age has done more harm than good. If you ask me. Everything you see on TV now is preaching nudity and something outside the plans of God. Everywhere is parties and wasteful lives. Spending and living lavishly. Besides, what do I know? Who am I to sit here and judge.

I was watching a movie this morning Be careful with my heart.
I'm a very very emotional person and I was watching the end of the movie. Obviously, that's always the best part of every movie and even to life itself.

Sir chief as he's fondly called by his maid who has three beautiful grown up children, unnoticeably fell in love with his maid. She always makes his coffee and sometimes gets into trouble with him due to his temperament.
With time, he just couldn't help himself as he fell in love with her and each time he wants to wave it off and pretend like he doesn't love her, he just kept wallowing into the ocean of love.
Maya the maid has always wanted to be a flight attendant. Along the process of serving as his maid, she was able to balance studies and work together. Through thick and thin, she made it.
And countless times, he surprised her without her consent. Eventually he married her and that's where the emotions was just so so so...
While my Dad was watching with me, he was just like what's wrong with these people. He tried to make a joke out of the characters while the film ended.

I told him, it's because he's too old to see it. Their time is gone and they should leave us with ours. When you're in love and you just can't explain what and how you're in love, everything you do with your spouse or partner will look so stupid and meaningless to the outsiders. As a matter of fact, they will throw shades at you and criticise you to the point of you asking yourself and even doubting your love.
Remember, if you embark on a journey and you begin to pay attention to every dog that barks at you, there are two things involved.
It's either you don't arrive at your destination or you even have to abort your journey.

Just focus on the things that you do and what makes you happy. There's nothing as self love and being happy with ypurself. By this, you will become contagious and everyone will be awed.
If you don't know your self worth, and you aint always happy with yourself, even if you do the best thing ever, you will have no reason to be happy. You can't help but to be the best in the blame game.

As for our parents, they just need to believe in us and believe in the knowledge they've imparted in us. Yes we can't do all ourselves without needing their advice and directions. But they also need to allow us to explore and see things for ourselves. One major reason why they do this is for the fear of the unknown.
They aren't so sure of what will happen when we do crazy things. So they decide to protect us from that unknown fear. And if care isn't taken, there will be lots of damages than good.


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