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Thursday, 18 February 2016

Play The BasketBall In Its Court

There's nothing more that keeps people off my tail just because I don't tell them about my life. My secrets, my personalities and everything about me generally. Yes!
I do that because I have to do that. Perhaps it might be as a result of my zodiac horoscope. Find that yourself.

If I must trust you with my life, I must make sure your hands folded backwards isn't harmed with a knife. I must make sure you worth the trust!
Trust as it seems is a very big word that has destroyed some and conjoined many together.
I am a big partaker and witness of this.

But what do you do to someone who you've actually laid down your life to and even knows what your next pant will be in your next outing, goes ahead and stab you right before you.

You see, when you get to approach people and all along while chatting, they don't want to disclose anything to you, they are been careful with their words. It's not their fault. They've probably gone through too many heart breaks and malfunction of trust.
How I wish this life was taken as simple as it is.
I'm not by anyway giving marks and credits to anyone.

But you find out that such problems exists between teenagers. Yes! Teenagers!
The teenage life is the most essential part of ones growth. After your breast milk from your mother, remember as you slowly advance into the teenage age, you're going to be fed another breast milk from life itself. Teenagers believe this stage of their life is the best time to do many crazy things.

I want to believe that on a 50-50 percentage, teenagers confide in their parents. It may not be to both parties but teenagers should try to make it a habit in talking to their parents. Their first best friends forever should be their parents. No matter how harsh and strict they might be, there must be some space for father and son/daughter talk.

No two "hot" parents can raise a child. Believe it or not. It's either the mother is cool and accommodating or vice versa. This is because when teenagers are bullied outside, it's the parents they will tell and when this contact and mutual communication isn't available, they begin to look for outside friends. And they might fall into the wrong hands of friends. This is where peer pressure and bad influences take a walk and sit like a chairman.

Parents, remember the way you can earn your child's trust is by scolding them alongside praising them. Praising and encouraging them has done more good than harm.
Whenever you're in a gathering of high class society, always praise them and let them know you will always have their back no matter what it might be. Scold your children in the private and not in the public. Don't get me wrong here please. It's very simple. Heavy scolding should be done in your closet and always avoid calling them names.

The stigma you inflict on them, you can't imagine the Way it will bounce back at you later. Be very careful the way you expose your teenagers to different things and different cultures. Cultures of dressing, talking, appearance, thoughts etc

Remember to play the basketball in its courts


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  1. Another brilliant write-up. More grease to your elbow, fam