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Sunday, 14 February 2016

Valentine - The V And The D

I so much love this beautiful RED season or should I say DAY of LOVE and I've been seeing beautiful concepts and give away packages. The "perfect" time to go down on that one knee and hold that little box. Head tilted up a bit and mouth muttering words to propose to her.

Obviously, it's VALENTINE'S DAY. The history about how Valentine's day came along can't be more emphasised.

Valentine is a card sent often anonymously on St.Valentine's Day, being the 14th of February to a person one love or is attracted to.
Valentine's day, also known as St. Valentine or the feast of Saint Valentine, is a celebration observed on February 14th each year.

Wouldn't like to dwell much on that. The question here is, Valentine's day, 14th or more?
I know your answer is a NO. Shouldn't just be celebrated on the 14th alone. We should show love everyday to everyone right?
Of course, that's so easy to say. But how well are we living by what we preach?
As a matter of fact, most relationships are re-kindled and almost seem like its on fire straight away. And ironically, some relationships just get broken few days before the D-day. They refer to those as the "poor" boyfriends.

Valentine goes a very very long way down the road. It goes beyond the sharing of boxers and pants. It's even at this moment I think for teenagers especially who are in a relationship begin to flock outlets and even joke about their partner's breasts.

Older folks use this moment to remember the displaced persons, less privileged, orphanage home helping with whatever they can. If you ask for my honest opinion, that's one of the best idea ever.
As it looks so good and encouraging to do so, it shouldn't be once a year. Oh! And on Christmas day which makes it twice a year.

I read an article months ago how one of the duos in the music industry here in Nigeria was planning to celebrate his Wife's birthday and didn't even know how to celebrate it. Probably he just wanted a small gathering.
But his wife said she wanted him to, instead of the money he will spend on gifts, they should contribute it to a dying boy who has cancer of the eye. He was so shocked according to the article I read. Eventually he did as his wife wanted and she was so happy. I tracked the news and eventually the boy died after the successful operation due to the pains. He couldn't bare the pains. For a very young boy less than 12 years.

That alone melted my heart and I'm sure melted the boy's parents too.
Random help at anybody and you will feel so fulfilled trust me.

The first letter of Valentine and Day. The V and the D. You might be wondering what that means. It's so easy to decode. So easy!
Sharp dudes already smiling.
The slangs they use is Vayjay and Dick. Which means Vagina and the Dick.
When others choose to celebrate the Valentine season with loved ones and with the less privileged, and other ways, some choose to go extraordinary.

I'm directing this to teenagers. Valentine is not that day where you get laid down. Valentine is not that day your "boyfriend" needs to prove his love to you. Don't let the movie life get into your head. You still have a very long way to go. Lot of things to accomplish in the nearest future.

Fine, you want to get them a card. Go ahead. But don't choose to have sex that day. You sure don't want to be a disgrace to yourself and your parents.



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