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Tuesday, 16 February 2016

I Am Not Odejimi - My Evolution. Series 4

I was so expectant and ready to explore. I walked out of the office and I stared at the usual corner. I saw the same view I saw days back.
I wanted to be sure so I walked myself downstairs to approach and confirm. After all, they say seeing is believing. Well to me right at that moment touching is believing.

Lo and behold. My eyes weren't actually deceiving me. They had to just concur to what I saw. I immediately called out her name and she turned. It was Ajoke oo.
"Are you also here?" She said confidently like she has seen me before waiting to ask me.

"Yes. I'm here on scholarship and I just finished my registration some days ago. My father just returned early this morning." I replied her back ignoring the environment I was. Still holding my aso oke firmly.

I noticed her smiling and I was wondering why. I asked her why she was. And this time around she graduated from smiling to laughing.
"Don't tell me you're still using those village mentality here"
"What do you mean by that?" Trying to sit next to her.
This time, I saw here eyes walking all over me from my head to my toe like the modern scanning machine.

"Can't you see what you are wearing? See what I'm wearing. You just look so different here. In fact, in the whole of this campus." Clapping her hands the way girls do when they want to gossip.

How was I so blind to see what she was wearing. I didn't even notice. Maybe I was blinded by her love. This I thought.
"You can't blame me now! Can you?" Wait did I just ask her in that manner? Okay. The shy village boy is actually moving with the flow. He's exploration has started. Let's see how it will end.

I gave her reasons. She laughed again and pretended like she was going to class. She wasn't with any book. Obviously she was trying to avoid me. She branched another place that didn't look like a class. Maybe that was a class. How would I know? I'm still yet to know everywhere.

"This girl didn't even wait for me to ask her what she was doing here" I sat there with my hands supporting my cheek like the hands holding the globe.

While I was still staring into the space daring myself to enjoy myself, I saw a tall lady. Apparently, taller than me. That was because I was sitting and she was standing.
I strayed her from down upwards and saw the face. Now I thought she had come to harass me or even make fun of my dressing. Whatever it was, I just wasn't ready. When I couldn't handle the person I know that just walked out one me, how would I even address you that I don't even know your lineage and how your generation existed.

"Are you AgbaAkin by name?" I love her accent. I immediately adjusted like one who's ready to give a presidential speech.
"Yes I am" oh! My accent to is good. Trust me.

I was asked by the bursar to take you on a tour.
Did she just say tour? What does that even mean? My secondary school teachers didn't open their learning dictionary to teach me words like that.
Suddenly, I don't know how the meaning of the word she spoke came about. Tourism. Yes! I know the meaning. Now, remove the suffix ism and find out for yourself.

She has spoken almost half page of an higher education note before I came back to reality. Thank God she didn't ask any question.
What I heard was "Can we go now? Are you ready for the tour?"

"Y..y..ess I'm ready" that was what I was able to mutter back following her like I just arrived.

She wasn't bad at all. Her complexion was just so on point. Golden brown. Her hair flawless. It almsot looked like Ajoke's own. Hers is even darker than Ajoke's. Her walking steps, like she was walking on gold. She was just so beautiful, gorgeous and charming. Yes she charmed me and I was caught up. The baba that did that charm for her to prison me tried.
Remember I was behind her. Definitely I was thanking God for his wondorous works and his devoted time on this lady.
She shouldn't be younger than I am in age. I guessed at that moment that she was the same age with me.

We walked and walked and I was eager to ask her something as a novice just the way it came to my mind.


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    1. The Wealthy Mind, you have to be patient and wait for it. Keep your fingers crossed. Soon, the continuing series will be out.

      Thanks for visiting and reading. I do hope you come back anytime and anyday.

  2. AgbaAkin, the charm is effective indeed ÷}