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Friday, 12 February 2016

I Am Not Odejimi - My Evolution series 3

After much tosses, I decided to go for mechanical engineering. I wanted to make myself proud and also my parents. I loved the way Odejimi whisks into the village like he own the village. The flashy cars and the way he hosts the village festivals. It almost seem like there can't be any of his type again in the village.
I decided to break that camel's back. I will be like him and even surpass him. After all, he doesn't have two heads.

I was so eager to resume school I worked more than I can imagine to earn more to feed myself and cater for all other personal needs. There's only little my parents could do. Old age is already telling on them. And for my mother, she's the only one I worry about so much. Her health status keeps deteriorating and we keep preparing herbs for her.

The day for school resumption finally came and as usual, there's just one way out. Wake up early enough to meet up or else, you wait for another good day.
I could see the tears at the bossom of my mother's eyes as she tried to hide it very well. I can actually detect her moods. Her happy time and otherwise. She prayed for me and prayed till she finally let out those tears. It was more than I could bare just as I joined her too in the sharing of tears. Mine was more than hers as she started consoling me.

I couldn't hold my tears back not because I was going to miss her most, but on how they will survive when I'm gone. The little my father can do is to harvest. Who will sow?
These were the thoughts that were playing slowly in my head when Baa mi came out of the room and saw our present condition.

"It's okay my dear. My Akanni will do so well. I'm so sure of that" these were the soothing words from my father.

Apparently I don't think he saw my own condition.
"Aahh. You too you're crying?"

We finally headed out with my big brown metal box. That box was passed from one generation to another to another which finally found its way to me. If you had carried that box, you will know it was almost empty.
How many of my clothes were there? There was nothing like designer shirts and shoes. I just had my normal aso oke. I was even taking my mat before I changed my mind. I hate loads or anything that makes me inconvenient. Especially when I'm travelling.

Well, the usual talk between father and son engaged while we walked our way with an headlamp through the dark route leading to the bus park. The "remember the son of who you are" and all advices didn't stop. Don't join gangs.
My affirmative to all he said.

After hours of long journey that almost looked like it won't end finally came. The driver halted and I could see everyone alighting from the bus.
"That's the final bus stop. Let's get down".
We trekked for another hour I think before we boarded another bus. This time I thought we were almost exhausting the money we had. I was so curious I took note of every thing that happened while we journeyed. I normally don't sleep while travelling. This is all because of my nerves.

I was so thirsty I quickly reached to buy water at the gate entrance. The water was so different. Normally, what I learnt in school was that water doesn't have taste. But there's something different from this and the river water we drink in the village. Particularly, the river water was very cold and it would immediately quench your thirsts.
But this was like I haven't even drank anything at all. Instead my thirst was doubled.

Something was quite different as we approached the administration office. The way we dressed and looked was very very different from others. Their eyes were fast fixed on us. Some even jested but then I didn't focus my attention. I suddenly started feeling uncomfortable with the metal box on my head.

I quickly resulted to lifting it with my hands. My father laughed briskly as he looked at me from the corner of his eyes. I actually don't know the reason for that but I think it's cos of the way we were jested.
The administrative block towards us was fast approaching. We finally asked one of the students there and he said he too doesn't know. So we practically became a blind person being led by another blind man.

Well, it didn't take us time as we saw the bursar coming out of his office. We were startled at his image and mightiness. We asked where we could register and do the neccessary, he immediately ordered us and in less than half an hour, we were done.
I would say in my own case, it was so easy and natural! I was quickly allocated to an hostel and I was so happy.
While my father was with the bursar talking like they've known each other from childhood, I was outside the office surveying everywhere like I was the minister for education.

Something caught my eye. Something unusual and familiar. At first, I thought it was my imaginations. I went back into the office and sat on the reception bench for a while and decided to return to that spot.
It was still the same thing. Or was I dreaming?
Minutes later, their talk was over. He was actually asking if he could stay with the bursar while he waits for 2 days for the next bus returning to the village.

Two days was finally over and before I knew it, he was already on his way. I didn't even get to say goodbye and send my regards to my mother. But he left me a note.
I was called to the bursars office only for him to know he has automatically become my guardian.
"Guardian you say sir?" I was startled at his words
"Yes I am. Trust me, tertiary school isn't as easy as you think. So you don't want to mess up with the bad guys on the campus" I was calmed but I don't like it.
I don't like when I'm been monitored. Why can't I live my life to my pleasures? Atleast this is a new atmosphere and environment and I want to enjoy every moment is comes with.

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