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Friday, 12 February 2016

I Am Not Odejimi - My Evolution

Past and present rolled in as I couldn't Settle for less. Nevertheless, I was not tabled for the yet to come. I could only not see beyond the wrong deeds, but also not to neglect the pain inflicted on me when I was nothing hunting for jobs. The down moments when I had to go as far as a mile to get contacts and contracts.
There was nothing like telephone or even mails to send. The only way I could do this was get up from bed as early as 3a.m.
If I don't catch the 5a.m bus, then the day is all a waste. But how? Is it when my meal per day is 0-0-1? Obviously nothing in the morning. I couldn't feel it because the excitement I get from the morning could take me till afternoon before I begin to feel the clash of the titans.
I am so used to it whenever I feel the hunger, I quickly dismiss it. Even when I'm offered snacks at the receptions or on some occasions, taking it in makes me awkward. Still there was no job.

I just finished as a first class degree holder in mechanical engineering. That's a very good grade. At least for my parents. They rejoiced so well and were so affirmative in me getting good job. They had gone on several hunger strikes just because of me their only son. Well, now I'm in the same shoes. I almost thought of other monetary alternatives as I asked myself "Is this meant to be a generational lineage of sufferings?"
If my answer could be yes, then there's no need why I had to have studied in the university. The money spent on me then, I could have used it to buy a good land and secure it at least before coming up with a very good business plan.

Mind you, I'm a very good Christian at most I attend Sunday services. That's all. If God was never asleep, I wouldn't have been born into this poor lineage let alone be born. Thoughts like this never stopped raging in me daily. I studied for a different passion. The passion and dream of my parents was for me to also be like Odejimi who had started buying cars for his parents when he was barely 30. I hear he works in an oil company as a part time while studying. I also heard he studied Mechanical Engineering.
I am half the age of Odejimi. Odejimi is the local champion in our community. At first when I noticed him, I was on my way from the farm and been tired after cutting woods I saw this red huge car. Never knew it as a jeep.
Zoomed passed me like a flash. I also heard chantings as they followed him. I got home and ask baba mi.
"Who is that person they are chanting after?" You know, being a very reserved person, naturally, exquisite things don't get at me. Though I admire them and always wished to have them but what could I do? To continue building castles in the air. I was apparently the only village boy that didn't rush in good sight.

While I was there asking baba mi, he asked me back and said "Haaaa...hahaha... Why didn't you also follow them and touch the car? Don't you also want to have one?" He said based on his belief.

"Well he is Odejimi and he's the son of the great hunter. He comes once in a while to pay homage and as you can see, the cars this father is using, he was the one that bought it for him"

"Baa mi!"
"Yes my son!" He replied back while taking the bench made of bamboo and covered with palm leaves.
"Does touching the car mean I will have one? And you said he comes once in a while."

"Yes once you have good intentions towards him, and you have faith you will have a car like that. Yes once in a while and most times you're always at the farm working"
My mother couldn't follow me to the farm this very day. She was ill and recuperating well.
I made up my mind I was going to be like him. I was already lost in deep thoughts as I didn't even pay attention to what baa mi was saying any longer. He had called my name countless times as I was standing with my hands folded thinking of how I will start.
I got into the house and discussed with my mother and she was so happy with me. I also assured her I will henceforth come out with good grades in school. Not like our school was a modern one. With the help of this same Odejimi, we had benches to sit on and tables to write upon. The environment was well conducive I think at least not to attract any unpalatable behaviour from anyone.

Later that night, my mother discussed with baa mi while having our supper that night. You know what they say "the way to a man's heart is his belly". Well not in my own case. Where's the meal? Is it not when you have hope that food is somewhere you will be happy?
My father's case was very simple. "The way to baa mi's heart is his beautiful and loving wife. Her words and her intelligence". That's the main reason why baa mi married my mother.
Her words to my father made him give another extra 100% support towards my education. Being a very intelligent, brilliant and smart child, I was likable by more than half of the community. Well why won't they?
My people will say "A ki i ri omo Oba ki ma ri ami dansaki lara re'" which means you can't see a prince or a princess without the sign of a royalty.
I portrayed such traits from my mother most especially. My man-like voice was from my father and also his stature.
My intense hard work on the farm was doubled. Not because I was told to do so, but because I needed to earn extra money and start fending for myself. Honestly, seeing my parents sometimes makes me want to do more in everything.

The farm belongs to my mother. She's actually not from a very rich family but if you're counting responsible parents and homes, her family can't be opted out. Being the first child as many see it, she's the next after her older brother who passed away when he was just 3 years of age. But nobody knows.
Abike has she was fondly called by everyone had a lot of well reputable and rich boys coming after her. Asking her hand in marriage. She could have said yes to any of them but she decided to say yes to baa mi. What was it she saw as a good trait in my father that she decided to settle for him. His character! That's all. My father isn't from a rich family at all.
Even when she told her parents and said she's has seen the man after her heart, there were lots of disagreements here and there.
"No you will never marry from a family like that. You're a woman. And do you expect to be the man in your home?" Her mother would tell her pulling her ears.
Eventually her will was done but before her father died, he willed his land to his daughter and blessed their union. And other valuable properties to her siblings, my uncles.
Their union brought about me.

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