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Friday, 12 February 2016

I Am Not Odejimi - My Evolution (series 2)

It's of this same land we are using as a medium to survive. I wonder what would have happened if that land wasn't my mother's own. Probably I wouldn't have decided to come their way. Of course they say there's no leaf that falls without God's knowledge of it. I know my existence through them wasn't also a mistake. Just that painful thoughts won't stop coming.
I exceeded their expectations and I was so happy because I worked for my own extra income.

Each time I'm at the farm, I always have this pleasure drawing. Not by using any paint or brush or even a cardboard. There's always a stick I would sit on and use leaf branches to draw on the floor. Whenever I'm tired and decide to take a break. It started by drawing indefinite things till I was able to draw a cocoa tree which was always adjacent to where I sat.

Ajoke had passed with her friends and only her was able to sight the drawing on the floor. I was so shy I pretended no to have heard what she was saying. I answered her sharply and immediately went back to my duties. I remember making extra income that faithful day. On her way back from there goings out, she decided to branch the farm and buy fresh potatoes. I was surprised at her accent.

She was so fluent with her command of English. Very bold and elegant lady. Her long hair was so noticeable and dark enough to be flaunted. I couldn't help to engage my eyes through the other necessities God has endowed her with. Well I guess she came there to engage me with words. It was so obvious! Her friends paved way for her behind while she do the forceful buying.

Two things came across me. If I was to use my influence on her, she would actually fall for me. So I thought. My influence not as the son that comes from a rich family but due to my little fame in the village.
"That's the intelligent boy" mostly I hear from groups of ladies whenever I'm coming back from the farm.
And immediately, I remembered my father's advice. "Ladies can be deceitful and at the same time useful" those were his words like food to me everyday.
" You know when they see you're a very bright lad and you're also well to do, they will flock you."
"Not for any other thing than to cause distraction. It only takes the one with the inner eye to know which is which with good intentions. Moreover, your priority now isn't to be after ladies"

"But baa mi how will I just tell them no? I don't want to offend any of them at all" I asked him back
"You see my son. Achieving one's dream is the first priority. Though I couldn't due to my own condition"
"Baa mi. I know now." I said smiling and flapping my aso oke like one who's under fire.
"Just tell them politely and watch out for their advancements. It's very easy. Just don't get too attached to any of them and don't make promises you can't keep"

I don't know how exactly how those words reprimanded me at that time within a short period of time. By the time I was set free from the mistiness, she was done picking the potatoes.

We engaged in a little conversation and I could tell I liked her. Her smiles are touching. Oh! She has dimples. I couldn't stop comprehend at that moment. We ended the conversation and it looked like we had talk for just half a second. I gladly took my baskets and headed for home after a very long day.

Was I too lazy to have noticed her? Probably I was too busy to know such beauty existed in the village. My mood that day was different.

Time passed and we seldom hang out together. I immediately found her path and started crossing her. Just as I love to do. Surprises are my favourite. I would surprise her in any way.
There was a particular day I dress all in leaves. Fresh cocoa leaves scared her so bad. Luckily, she was the only one returning from the river.
I scared her she almost lost control of the water pot on her head.
I quickly undressed myself and handed myself to her like one who's caught up by the police.
She was actually glad to see me and we walked off home before we parted ways.

Baa mi has seen me but kept his cool. Days later, he called me and spoke at length to me. He also gave elderly advices to me which I find so helpful to me. I prostrated flat on my belly and thanked him for his time. Not just for that, for him not even shouting and raising his voice at me. I seriously hate that and he knows.

Years later, I was done with the elementary school and passed exams into Federal univerisities. Prestigious univerisities was every parents dream for their children.
Luckily for me I was admitted on merits. And not just that alone, on scholarship too. I had done sciences when back then.
What branch of science would I love to continue with? That question, I can't answer.

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