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Monday, 8 February 2016

What Better Way To Tolerate

I never had any idea the year 2016 would be extra ordinary awesome. Obviously I knew the year would be better than the previous one. But with half way into the first quarter of the year, it all seems like there's more than just to sit and stay idle. Controversies here and there and zero chill pill for nobody. You fire a shot, multiple shots will be fired back at you.

If you recall well. It started almost officially leading the way into the new year with the "almighty king of rap" Vic O having a beef with Falz. When he tagged him as the most controversial of 2015. Well he responded by saying he will release a diss track which we are still yet to hear.

And now on the first, the "mainland" and the "island" clashed on the most prestigious award ceremony when a representative didn't win as expected and the party to who didn't win felt his thoughts should be aired went on stage and vomited more than he ate. It's very nice when you feel cheated and probably you think something is wrong somewhere. It's very very okay to let it out, say your opinion and bare all that's in your mind out. I'm okay with that. But passing the message in a very wrong medium.

That's where I detest the whole scene. Kanye came on stage and he said what he felt later apologised for coming on stage that way. I'm not going to sit here and judge both parties. All I will be saying here is there are better ways to let out your mind without anybody getting hurt. Now that we have zero chill from critics. Everyone would hide behind their social media and spit rubbish on another person. I'm a supporter of peace and those who knows me can't actually pull an incident where I've had issues. I don't really think so.

Everyones dream is to be great in whatever field of choice he has made. We all want to have money and power so we earn respect. We all want to be famous and by all priorities, make Heaven. If all these aren't on your everyday list, then I guess it's time for you to continue sleeping. And when we eventually get to that comfort zone, there will always be that thing you aren't doing right or that things that you are doing too much that needs to stop. That's where the wailing critics begin to appear.

I really don't blame some people though. Some would say reasons for their reckless life spendings is beacuse they've seen first class poverty. And they think going back to that is nothing. So they just enjoy their moment and think of nothing.

Incase you don't know, if you don't remember, you can't be humble. The humility of a man is tested when he has everything. That's very true. You begin to be humble beacuse you need something and then when you get it, you forget how you had to beg for that position that you're now. Well, that's that about that.

Violence isn't the best way to say whatever opinion we have. It's this same mouth that we will use to reject what shouldn't be ours and possess what's ours. Violence has done more damages than any other acts. Violence varies in several ways.

Emotional violence

Physical violence

Financial violence

Marital violence

Sexual violence

Psychological violence

Spiritual violence

Cultural violence

Verbal violence

Neglect violence

All these are so dangerous. I don't think there's actually one violence better than the other. If you aren't satisfied by whatever actions are take towards you, say it out. You can't sit their and assume the other party will realise their errors. By so doing you begin to act cold and snub. That's mostly leads to psychological violence.

In my next post, I will be treating each violence accordingly. You sure don't want to miss it.

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