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Tuesday, 9 February 2016

If This Isn't Your Reality - Then Keep Sleeping

"I don't care who you are. Where you from and what you do. Just as long as you're chasing money do what's right and never give up on it."
That's a very powerful chorus from a popular duo musician in Nigeria.
And it continues
" matter how many times you ever fall. Just keep your head up high and standing tall"

There's actually no profession or career that nobody hasn't succeeded in right now. Do you want to talk about massive crowds in stand up comedies? Or the massive attention to blockbuster movies? Definitely they are good actors in such movies.

Perhaps you're thinking of churches. For those who have gone the extra mile and turned God's kingdom to "business" which is bringing them good profits. Or internet marketing, e-commerce and blogs. Name a whole lot more and see if you won't find successful people who have been in the game for long.

But once you're determined, consistent, hardworking and prayerful, surely your path of greatness is sure. Whoever God blesses, no one can curse. It doesn't matter how long they've been in the game and how they've been enjoying the fame and all. You too can surpass them and be at the top of your game. Once you trust God and you follow his directions and you let him be the lamp unto your feet, every road which seems rough will be straighten before you.

Remember that no matter your field of choice, you will always have critics, haters. You can't please everyone at the same time. And it goes vice-versa too. How do you let the jabs they throw at you have much effect on you?
There are even good critics that they know exactly what they will say that will get your attention. You obviously camt turn deaf ears to all.

But you definitely will pick the best of all and work on them. It's not neccessarily you reply all stones thrown at you.

If you believe you can succeed without people trying to pull you down, then you have to wake to the reality. If that's not your reality, then keep sleeping.

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