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Friday, 5 February 2016

Be Careful And Know What You Want

A REBOUND means to bounce back through the air after hitting something hard. To recover in value, amount, or strength after a decrease or decline. When you have an unexpected adverse consequence for someone especially the person responsible for it.

A rebound based on what on relationship is going from one relationship to the next right away to avoid the pain of breakup.
Hooking up with someone shortly after being dumped or jilted by someone else so that you still feel wanted.

I could tell you that the subject on my previous post can have like three guys in the space of half a week. Thank God she listened and followed the routine I gave her then and now she's doing fine.

"The best way to get over someone is to get under someone else" that's a statement that's common. You do this because you want to the previous person to know you can actually do without them in many ways. You want them to know you can be fine without them. It's best for you to cry over the breakup and not be fine in months which you will get over than to cry for years whenever your mind dwindles over them. Give yourself plenty of time after a break up and even be more vigilant on the next one. You don't know how vulnerable or calm the next person is.

Do you even know that after a break up and if you ever become a victim of rebound, you're doing yourself more harm than good? This is so beacuse you will be so extra careful with the person you're with so as not to allow another break up. You didn't allow yourself to be known before falling for him which means you also don't know him. That way, you will careful with your thoughts, actions and even with your cooking. You don't want to lose him or her and by that, you will always feel insecured.

You don't know what they do with their leisure. The moment you don't see their call or message, you begin to feel they are giving other attention to someone else. To worsen it, you call and they are busy. On another call. That's when you become restless.

Take for instance, maybe the reason for your previous break up was because you were cheated upon and that's mostly the reasons for break up. The moment you see your new partner having some good time with an ordinary friend of the opposite sex, you begin to flashback to what happened in your previous break up. And by so doing, you begin to vent your anger on them. That's insecurity at the highest order.

People who go into rebound relationships don't always go into them with the intention of using someone or hurting someone else. They usually think they are helping themselves. That's why rebound is so tricky.

Most rebound relationships do not last beacuse:

The emotional stability lingered feelings like I explained above will always find itself creepy into your actions. When this happens, your relationship begin to struggle and maybe eventually end. But if you've given yourself a lot of time and you've gotten over the pain of the break up, you will be so happy to explore and enjoy yourself with your next partner.


An ex may have eventually moved on from you before you even entered a new relationshop. And if two people genuinely have a good connection and are open and honestt about their baggage from a just ended relationship, these new love birds can do a last.

I listed some reasons why you need time after a break up before entering a next bus.

In my next post, I will be talking more on that and how to avoid a rebound relationship.

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