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Thursday, 4 February 2016

What Are You Built For

You've ever being to a workshop before? Or any art gallery? Woah! You can't seem to get enough as you wish you can just cart away with those sculptures and displays. It doesn't take too long for the artiste to know what he wants and how he goes about it. That's beacuse he has the idea and trained for it. So you see why they are so beautiful.

There are two things here. Once the artiste knows the purpose for choosing that piece, then he/she can define what it's going to be used. How the image will be portrayed.
Let's now relate this to our human race and life.

When God started creation, he got to the point of creating humans just like him. And I'm so glad he did. Look beside you and see how amazing that lady is. And the cuteness on that dudes face. God moulded us so carefully that we aren't in anyway hurt. While he was doing this, he put in us so many things.

So huge and beautiful that when we discover and explode, the world wouldn't be able to contain us. An example is crude. When crude is extracted, there are so many other components in it. The gasoline, kerosene, PMS and all. When they are refined and exported, it fetches lots of cash and revenue. There's no typical difference between humans and that illustration. Just that we can talk and we control it. That's it.

Same way God control us if we allow him to. He won't come down and directs us on what to do. Rather he will use your very own self. Like I said earlier on, when he created man, there are many follow come attributes. There's no reset default for that. Its normal. I believe no matter how useless a being is, he's still useful in one way or the other. He has a purpose and plan for everyone he created and he knows us by our name. Isn't that awesome?
How many of our primary school mates can we remember by their names in full?

How do we know what we are created for? What we are built for? That mandate he gave to us?
If you check your palm, you see some lines there. Check your siblings palm and you see they might look alike but they can't be exactly the same.
Though we might have same talents but the way I will execute mine is different from others.

What is your purpose?
The reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists. Your sense of resolve and determination. The purpose of a spanner is different from a sledge hammer.
There's no way you know your purpose without definition. You have to define what your purpose is. How you define your purpose is not different from how you portray it.
The purpose of a teacher is to teach and impart knowledge. What's the definition?
You define that purpose by carrying out the task diligently with all forms of joy. And you leave outsiders to wonder in awe.
The most dirtiest job, do you know? What's that thing you can never do?

Let me give you an instance. We go to supermarkets a lot and even markets generally. We see this wheel barrow pushers here and there. Well that might be their purpose but they aren't defining it well. There's a case of a pusher like that in Kano. He helps customers with their heavy loads in markets to their cars. The way he dresses won't make you not want to call for his service. During his service to a woman, right at that spot, he received three calls from his customers all saying they are waiting for him to help them with their goods. Now how good is that?

Your purpose and calling is to sing. For the fact that others have successfully built mansions, ride in expensive cars through that same platform doesn't mean you too can't make it. Once you know your purpose and you can define it well.. I GUARANTEE YOU THAT THE SKY IS JUST YOUR FOUNDATION TO SUCCESS

How do you know your purpose? Go on your knees and ask God. For me, I have discovered mine a very long time. Right from child hood. But the definition and the way to go about it was misconstrued. That's a story for another day. Find your strength in your weaknesses. That the best way.

Go ahead and ask God for the real purpose why you're here selling. There's a song that says "Aye loja" life is a market. Heaven is home. When you discover your purpose don't forget that life is a stage. And you can imagine how big life is. Make use of that stage now!!!

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