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Tuesday, 2 February 2016

You and your Teen PART TWO

This morning at about 6am, I was up. Awake and just decided to lay back on the bed trying to plan my day. And just then my Mum came in and asked me to perform a task for her. Just immediately that she left the room, she came back and said didn't I hear what she said?

Guys, you know that moment when you are awake and you just need to chill. Obvious reasons. Of course I heard her and she was thinking I should have followed her immediately. Like I should have even finished the task before she vacates my room.

While she was standing at the door, I was trying to give her signs why I can't get up immediately. She totally forgot about that. Our early morning erection. Could I have gone out immediately like that? NO! I need to package now.. LOL

Minutes later after I performed the task she thanked me and I was glad she did. You know how our mothers can decide to be difficult. They just decide to do anything cos they know there are limits to which we can question them.

Now your personal relationship between your SEED and you determines a lot. If you decide not to praise him/her after what they've done. Your personal relationship will judge and vice versa.

This is what nagging does.

How Nagging Harms Relationships

There are a number of ways nagging harms parent-child relationships.

Nagging Harms Communication

Listening is part of family communication. If your loved ones stop listening, family communication falls into disrepair.

Nagging Harms Closeness

Nagging harms the closeness you and your children experience with each other.
If your child is constantly being harassed, this shuts downs communication. Instead of being responsive to your requests, kids, and actually, all humans, will turn a deaf ear to protect themselves.

Nagging Produces Anxiety and Stress

Nagging produces chronic stress on the entire household because it is a constant source of conflict. A study reported by the BBC found that husbands were twice as likely to die earlier from nagging due to the constant stress and conflict in the home.
If chronic stress caused by conflict is that damaging on adults, it’s even more so for children. As Princeton University found, stress has real, physiological and psychological effects on children. Children are affected in areas of memory, concentration, and focus. With chronic stress, such as the stress produced by constant nagging and harassment, can “permanently alter” children’s biological balance by disrupting the body’s endocrine system, which is the part of the body in charge of the stress response.
Constantly creating stress for your children will also cause long-term, emotional issues, such as anxiety, overwrought with guilt, not having a healthy self-identity, and a lack of self-esteem.

Nagging Produces Resentment

Nagging could cause resentment in the parent-child relationship. This is not hard to follow. If someone constantly followed you around and said the same thing over and over again to the point you feel harassed, and this happened every day for a number of years, wouldn’t you feel resentful? Kids are no different.

What to Do Instead

Nagging is sometimes seen as part of a cultural norm. Does it have to be?
As parents, we have a responsibility to our children to improve upon our parents’ techniques.

Is it possible to have a high-achieving child and a happy child? Some people say no. However, as a parent of two very bright, driven, ambitious, top-performing children, life is almost always fun, we have a low-stress household free of harassment and abuse, and we always draw upon our strength and closeness when life gets tough to help us get through. And because we created this environment, we all flourish.

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