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Tuesday, 2 February 2016

You and your teen PART ONE

No matter how we try to listen to critics, we all have EGOS. We want to feel our own selves even when its obvious we are wrong. And that's why when we do something that exceeds our own expectation, and we don't receive showers of encouragement, there's a switched that has been turned off. We just find ourselves wallowing in what we don't like.

A very good example is the BPL team we all know were doing perfectly fine last season and all of a sudden tables shifted downwards. Sincerely speaking, when I noticed their poorly performance game in game out, I knew there was a list of connection between the players and their boss. It's either he isn't doing something right or they aren't doing something right. It seemed to me like the players were not encouraged enough.

What causes most of our switch over is NAGS. Yeah we all don't like just as our creator too. Obviously we were created in his image so it's bound to happen that way.

What are Nags?
Nag is repeated words over and over said in what seems like a rude way. Its not pleasing to the ears at all. And when you receive nags, you close your ears. So you see?
"Please throw off that trash for me" and the you come back "when are you going to wash my cloths" and then you come back again "remember to wash the dishes".
I TOTALLY HATE THAT. And when you nag and an action isn't taken immediately it almost seem like you weren't heard and then you have to keep repeating till there's a drastic action to that.

And this happens mostly to the teenagers. I've heard of cases where a teenager was so forced to talk back to her parents. How surprising is that? Well maybe not too surprising cos it now almost seem like a "normal thing" to do and parents often don't have control over them when such happens.

Both parties here are involved. The Nagger and the nagged.

Parents, how often do you encourage your teenagers?

How often do you check them up and not checking them up so constantly cos we like to have our own privacy.
Do you praise your teen no matter how well he didn't get the task right? These and many more we will be treating in the next chapter of the series.

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