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Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Friendship And Relationship - The SHIP you can't do without

I see almost everywhere love birds hanging out, hand hooked with themselves and forms of PDA and it always want me to fall in love and even get married immediately. You see, all these are good. But how do they start? That's the important question.

The mistakes many make is confusing infatuation with love and even lust. Love, lust and infatuation are three different emotions mostly mistaken through wrong misconceptions. You see a handsome young guy and you immediately say its love at first sight. Yes love at first sight is one good way of falling in love but if you aren't patient, you will have gone far before you know what's happening.

Infatuation is an intense short lived passion or admiration for someone or something. Take for instance, you see a very beautiful bag with someone and you immediately fall in love with it. But there's something stopping you from acquiring that bag almost immediately. Money. If you had money that instant you probably would have gotten it.
But then, you get home and you see that there are even other things you needed to pay attention to or you Even saw another quality bag than that.
Then your attention slowly begins to drop for the previous bag. That's infatuation. Love at first sight.
Now, imagine you had gone for the bag and after few weeks, you notices the bag wasn't as quality as it seemed. Then you begin to look for another quality bag elsewhere. That's how infatuation works.
You weren't patient enough to have checked through, examine the bag and even check for other qualities. What you saw initially was what caught your attention.

That's a practical example of how we seldom fall into the wrong arms thinking it was LOVE.

Lust is an emotion or feeling of intense desire in the body. Lust can take any form as such; lust for sex, lust for expensive objects or lust for power. Lust is a psychological force producing intense wanting for an object, fulfilling the emotion.
Lust is the graduated brother of infatuation. You want to acquire and fulfill the emotion at all means. Not minding the positive or negative circumstances. Your flesh wants sex, power, wealth and other things at that moment. And the funny thing about lust is everything seems too right to believe it's wrong.
I won't be dwelling much on lust as it's another topic for a good day.

Back to the main Topic. You might ask me. What is a SHIP?
A ship is a very very large vessel that conveys a lot. It is often called a carrier. A ship is a country on its own. She's often referred to as that.

Does this mean you have each other on Facebook? Or do you see each other every specific occasion? What does it mean to be labelled as a friend?
In order to consider someone has your friend, he or she has to believe in you. This can be tricky because we sometimes have a different idea of what friendship is. Some instantly trust someone so much and for people like this when the otherwise happens, they blame themselves.
Friendship is a type of relationship between two people who care about each other. But such a dry definition doesn't do well. A friend is the first person you want to call when you hear good news. A friend remembers that you don't like shawarma. A friend knows that whenever you're asleep, you really don't like to be disturbed. A friend will accompany you on the most boring errands and make them seem fun. In other words, friendship is wonderful. Friendship isn't easy to make as it seems. It takes a duration. In exchange, a friend can provide an immense amount of support and comfort in good and in bad times. I would have love to dig further but let's do that another day.

In the literal terms, relationship is a way in which two or more people are connected or the state of being connected.
Being in a relationship means being happy together, celebrating the differences and enjoying the team work.
The most important part of a relationship is friendship. These two can't go without the SHIP. A ship has many crews in it and for the cruise liner we have all manner of beings there with different attitudes. That's why you need a friendship before a relationship.
I will be discussing how to do this and how it affect love in the next series.

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