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Tuesday, 2 February 2016

How often do you JERK and CHECK?

We all sleep one form or the other. Even those who suffer from insomnia still find themselves sleeping. Obviously your next action is to wake from your sleep or nap. Two things are involved here. It's either you wake and get ready for the days activities or you lay back and tighten up your seatbelt for another safe ride into the land of sleep.
At the most times, we have jerked one thing or even ourselves. And we've found ourselves on jerking position. Oh! No. Please don't be a pervert. Back in high school days, you remember this "jerk" dance when you lean backward a little and then you begin to skip your kegs like one who's on a roll gym machine. That's action there.

Each time we wake, our minds are relaxed and we feel at ease. In fact it's at this moment you see some people like you've never seen them before. They are more effective than those who even take coffee before work in the morning. It's at this time their adrenaline is very high. I'm a testimony to that.

However you've ever woken up and you feel very very uncomfortable? Yes that's the negative side of stress. We work 9-5 and on some occasions we have to work extra hours. We will all make this money. No doubt.
Remember while making this money, don't leave out God in your day-to-day activities. With him all things will be easier for us. God has worked right from the time of creation and rested for just a day. And he's still working through the Holy Spirit in us. It can't be any easier than that. Fine you rush up your breakfast and even pay little attention to the kids. That's the Women now. The gorgeous Neck of the house.

But so you still find time at work to even say a 5 mins prayer at least? The Holy Spirit is just there, hands on cheek watching you and wishing you knew how helpful he is to you. Have you ever driven a car on reserve fuel? You sure don't want to try that for any crazy reason.
When I say MORNINGS ARE FOR JERKINGS, it's also for checkings. What are the things you need to jerk off? Stress is one major battle we need an over active Axe to fight with.
As women; your kids, your husband and even house cleaning too. Now that's a whole and then facing your boss and if you're a boss of your own, good! What are the things you need to CHECK and JERK?

How often do you make a list of your activities during and after the day? Yes! It helps a lot. Were you able to meet your set goals? You find an everlasting peace when you try that. And where you weren't able to meet your set goals, you carry them over till next day or a scheduled time.

1. Check your stress level. How often do you yell? Your boss is on your neck and you need to meet office deadlines which often gets you to yell indefinitely. And when you get home, the kids are demanding and you hump into the kitchen again. Will be analyzing how husbands can help later.
>>This is what you need to JERK off here. Jerk off every possible way you feel infuriated. Anything that makes you tempered easily. Fins things that gives you pleasure or you could even him that your favorite song while working.

2. Do you feel at peace with yourself? Yes! I have heard ladies talk about HATE for their job and even for themselves. Gosh! Where on earth did you get that feeling from? Hate for yourself? Then why are you existing? Well I'm here to give few tips and not to accuse.
>>This is what you need to JERK off. What is that past you can't get off? You know, if you want to cut a grass or even a tree and make it not grow again, you take it down from the root.
You need to go back to the root and see what causes that hatred. You don't like your job, why not try another one? You're tired of less sleep hours? Be a boss of your own. Try out new business ideas and be an entrepreneur. There's nothing you can't do without consistency, hard work and prayer for divine direction.

For Men, we are always fortunate and blesses to have an outstanding wife. A beautiful and hard working one at that. We pity our wives and wish we could help. Sure! We can help in many ways.

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