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Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Teenagers and DATING

I'm a fan of love birds. I mean if I ever have to date you, I'm so going to publicly display my affections. But don't you feel awkward when your hands are intertwined at just age 13, 14 and above. When I say above I'm talking about 17 and even 18.
I included 18 because that's the legal age in some countries where they refer to you as an adult.

But don't get the message wrong. You can be cool but that shouldn't be your major priority as at that age. You will have a very very long way to go. Have you a career? Mind you, your profession is totally different t from your career.
The thing with teenagers is, environment issues. We believe oh! He's so cool, cute and charming definitely he's the right one for me.
On the other hand, she sings so well, she is a chorister in church. She minister and even coordinate well. Those assumptions are so right at that moment.

They are right because your level and environment aren't well exposed. You believe there won't be nobody elsewhere to match her. You believe any cute guy other than him is just wasting his time.

This is often caused by the INFATUATION SYNDROME
Infatuation has caused many damages than what love has caused. It's through infatuation you begin to have useless commitments. Commitements by oaths and by sex. Who does that? I talked about infatuation and lust in my previous post.

Infatuation makes you have countless dreams about the person and you think they are the right person. You think it's God communicating through the dreams. My highest form of pity for you. If you don't go on your knees and ask for the meaning of such dreams, you're on your own back to back.

I give you an instance. Someone shared online how infatuation caused her to never marry till now. She had such dreams about marriage and even to the extent of having sex in the dream. Now that's a spiritual attack.

What she never had on a normal day started happening. Infatuation led her flesh to start lusting after the guy. She felt having sex with him would make him committed and stay with her. Sex as the symbol of even getting married. To cut the long story short, the guy is married and she's still there waiting on like she's not going to see a better option.


Sex is never a symbol of commitment in any way showing love. Even those that are married and were virgins till marriage, some still go outside and commit adultery.
If you've committed yourself to infatuation through sex and then you move from your location probably to the island or even abroad. There you meet another good guy. You totally forget about your infatuated love.

Sex signifies a lot. Its goes beyond the natural.

Here are little advices for parents

> Teenagers shouldn't have serious dating relationships. No 14 year old needs to have an intense boyfriend or girlfriend. What do they know? Even those that are married now and they meet during childhood always have a break for tears before reconnecting back to each other.

>Don't allow your teenager to close the bedroom door when someone of the opposite sex is over. This should be a nonnegotiable rule. Why would you even come to visit my daughter and you think the best place to discuss is her bedroom. If that's the case, I think the best place to read my papers is also in her bedroom.
I know, you might ask me. What about if the parents is not around. That's why we need to have God. I believe if we have the moral and upright bringing, nothing of such negative idea should pop up.

> Talk with your teenager. The more conversations you have, the less likely he/she will be to get into trouble. If you've always kept the door open for discussions, your child will be more likely to come to you with questions or problems.

> Don't just forbid certain activities, explain why you forbid them. Doing this will help your teenager understand that you are not merely trying to be bossy or imposing arbitrary rules.

> As a parent, it's your job to teach your teenager the importance of self-worth. Teenagers who value themselves as they are won't need to "find themselves" in other people.
When you know your Teen as you should, there's not going to be any room of mischief or doubts anywhere.

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